Moen 1222 vs. 1222HD Shower Cartridge [With Pros & Cons]

Moen is a leading manufacturer of faucets and other plumbing products. The company’s products are known for their quality and durability. Moen faucet cartridges are no exception. These cartridges are designed to last for years, providing reliable performance and leak-free operation. Moen faucet cartridges are available in a variety of styles and finishes to match … Read more

10 Best Bathroom Faucets For Seniors -in 2022 [Complete Care For Aging-Adult]

best bathroom faucets for seniors

Watching your parents get old is one of the ruthless truths in this world. Most of our 90s parents have already crossed 60.  They are having the following problems: dementia, skin sensitivity, visual deficiency, and more. These problems sometimes lead to accidents. Here is a common scenario. Your dad wakes up and goes to brush … Read more

Mesh vs Plastic Shower Caddy -Which One is Better?

Mesh VS Plastic Shower Caddy

You are about to leave your home for graduation, travel, or research in a remote area. Packing your bags and everything. Suddenly, you feel, “oh crap! I forgot to buy shower caddy.” Then you promptly fired up google and hit for that. The search result then puzzled you. You are now confused and asking: mesh … Read more

Top 5 Best Brushed Nickel Shower Head Reviews-2022

You know the benefits of brushed nickel. Still, it’s tough to find the right shower head. Why? Because you are considering the following checklists. Design Water bills Water pressure Installation Energy safety certification Customer service Safe for health And the list will go on. To satisfy the demanding checklists, you might be browsing different forums … Read more