Hot Tub Brands to Avoid
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Hot Tub Brands to Avoid In 2023 [Save Your Money and Time]

Hot tubs are small tubs or pools that are useful for hydrotherapy in any form. That includes massage, spa, or bubble bath. Previously, hot tubs were used mostly by people from winter-based countries. These days even summer regions are fascinated by its amazing facilities.

Although it has not lost its charm for a cold environment, taking a relaxing bath in the hot tub after a cold swim is very much soothing. Nevertheless, these are such heavy purchases. 

Despite many popular brands adorning their respective hot tubs with modern technologies to provide you with the best experiences, some brands do not translate what they claim. Here is peeking to the hot tub brands to avoid:

Worst Brands 2022

Top Alternative 2022

Recommended Hot Tub Price 

Hot Spring Spas


Life Spas


Caldera Spas


Hydropool hot tubs
Arctic Spas and Spas

Review of 5 hot tub brands to say no to:

Hot Spring Spas:

This brand has been very well known in the list of providing hot tubs with good features. They sell quality products that come with a long-time warranty. But what they do not have is a customer service system that satisfies the customers.

Hot Spring does not have a customer service that lives up to the customer’s expectations. There has been plenty of complaints about Hot Springs hot tubs service so far. One of the worst was, they often try to argue back to the customer without paying any attention to their problems.

Even after the warranty was over, the customer service did promise to check the product if any issue arises. But they avoided fulfilling that promise by completely ghosting the customer as well. A brand that sells such good products becomes so much disappointment when they offer customer service like that.

Life Spas:

It does not come with as many good features as Hot Springs. Life Spas target fulfilling people’s wishes on a budget with their mediocre fitting parts for the hot tub. But the issue lies with their customer service yet again. It also does not play a key role in customer satisfaction.

The reason why their service is needed most often is due to their hot tub’s heating issue. The water in the tub does not get heated even after turning it on for the whole night. It is almost impossible to keep such a tub when the temperature hits minus degree. In other words, the hot tub does not do the job it is kept for.

There were also complaints of the heating plug getting burnt. It is a brand that does not give good customer service even after providing faulty products. As the customers mentioned on their brand review page, definitely keep an eye before buying from them.

Caldera Spas:

There were times when this used to be the top brand in people’s recommendation list for buying inflatable hot tubs. But times have changed. Even after furnishing hot tubs with modern technologies, Caldera Spas do not hit the mark anymore.

The main reason behind this is the heavy repair it needs that too time to time. Water leakage is a common problem in their hot tub. Adding salt to the wound is not even possible to repair by oneself due to its complex structure. Most often, people could not even locate the leakage.

The shower jets also get clogged too often. Naturally, the shower speed gets super low regularly. All of these complaints could be easily resolved only if they had high-class customer service. But even that is weaker than most other brands.

Hydropool hot tubs:

Among all the other brands on the boat of being avoided by customers, this brand should be the leader. People have such bad reviews regarding their product that it makes you turn your car away immediately from them. In other words, if you make the mistake of buying from them once, you will not make the same mistake ever again.

Along with having horrible customer service, they intentionally sell broken hardware to their customers. Their hot tubs are supposed to come with water filters. But most of the time, the filters are broken to the lowest limit.

Even after coming with a long-time warranty, they deny replacing products if they are faulty. Talk about dreadful customer service. You will lose money by buying their expensive hot tubs and losing another chunk due to heavy maintenance. If there were one brand to avoid them all, this would be it.

Arctic Spas and Spas:

It is a brand that sells cheap products at a higher price. They have a reputation for selling from high-end retailers because their products only target customers from a particular class. If you think of buying something budget friendly with great features, this brand is a big no for you.

Arctic Spas have good marketing reviews. But they try to return the money spent on marketing and PR from their customers. So, you are paying for both the mediocre parts they install in their hot tubs and their marketing campaign when you are buying from them.

A high price can be paid happily if it rewards with a long-lasting product. But their product does not translate what it claims into reality. It is a brand that only takes out a big chunk of money from the purse by promising high-end things, yet does not do the job in reality.

The ultimate buyer’s guide:

Most often, people come across guidelines that they need to follow to purchase a product. But this time, we are furnishing this article with keynotes that raise a red flag before buying a hot tub. 

If you see any of the alerts mentioned below associated with a brand name, abort the brand and its hot tubs right away. You will know which hot tub brands to avoid by following the keynotes here:

No warranty:

As mentioned earlier, hot tubs are heavy purchases. It is something very easy to replace now and then. So, check the warranty card before buying it. The higher the guaranteed years, the better the service.

As soon as a brand comes up with a no warranty tagged hot tub, rest assured, that should not be a go-to product to stay inside the safer margin.

Bad customer service:

It is kind of a tricky key point to understand. How do you know if a brand has a bad reputation in serving customers? Before you have already been through that? The easy solution is to look up the mass review and ratings for the brand online. 

Most of the online reviews are generated by people’s personal experience with the brands. If you find out people complaining about customer service that invalidated their problems or ghosted them, then you know what to do.

Recurrent repair:

Since hot tubs are equipped with many convoluted technologies, it is not easy to repair them. Hot tubs can create a fuss with water leakage that is not even trouble-free to locate. Electric wires can often shut down without warning.

If a brand promotes products that come with such hassle, avoid them immediately because hot tubs are for relaxing purposes, not showing off someone’s engineering skills.


There are some confusions people face both before and after installing a hot tub. Here we are trying to answer some of the common ones:

How often should a hot tub be checked?

There are many things to maintain in a hot tub if you want a healthy bath in it-the pH of water, the chlorine level and other sedimentation rates, the temperature process, and so on.

A hot tub should be checked three times a week, for that matter. These may seem quite frequent numbers, but heavy things do need proper maintenance.

Should Chlorine be put in a hot tub every day?

Chlorine is generally used for swimming pools. But hot tubs are no exception since many people use it. It is mainly used to avoid bacterial growth. Too little Chlorine will assist the bacteria.

Again, too much Chlorine is not good for health either. So, it should be indulged in water every other day according to the usage. Before putting it in the water, make sure to check the Chlorine range. If the Chlorine range is at a level that does not harm the skin and also does the job, then you are good to go.


Winter season is already on the go. Winter or not, nobody can avoid the soothing feeling of taking a bath or massage in a hot tub. Going to a massage parlor to enjoy these facilities is not always possible due to our busy schedule.

It is only clever to go with the popular hot tub brands that sell products with the lest defect possible. You do not want to buy a product that is for relaxing purposes to be annoyingly stuck with. As much as it is necessary to know about the buying criteria, it is also needed to be aware of the ones with alerts.

The purpose of this article lies with the same cause. Hopefully, it has sent out the message for hot tub brands to avoid before going for the best ones.

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