American Standard Arctic vs. White Toilets
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American Standard Arctic vs White Toilets [Which is Better?]

American Standard is one of the most popular and recognizable brands when it comes to residential toilets. With over 140 years of experience in the plumbing industry, they have built a reputation for making high-quality, stylish, and innovative bathroom fixtures. Two of their most popular toilet models are the Arctic and White toilets. But what exactly are the differences between these two models, and how do you choose between them? This article will compare and contrast the Arctic and White in terms of design, performance, dimensions, pricing, and other factors to consider so you can determine which is better for your needs.

The Arctic and White models share similarities in being made by American Standard and offering efficient, powerful flushing systems. However, they have distinctive visual appearances and some variances in specific features. As two of the brand’s top-selling toilet models, the Arctic and White compete for popularity amongst homeowners, contractors, and architects looking for a reliable American Standard toilet. Understanding the nitty-gritty differences between them will ensure you select the right model for your bathroom.

Quick Comparison Table

FeatureArctic ToiletWhite Toilet
ColorArctic (Blue)White
DesignContemporary, rounded one-pieceTraditional elongated one-piece
Flushing TechnologyVorMax (3″ valve, 2-1/8″ trapway, siphon action)Speed Connect (4″ piston valve, 2-1/8″ trapway)
Flushing Power1000 grams solid waste600 grams solid waste
Water Usage1.28 gpf (EPA WaterSense)1.6 gpf
Toilet Dimensions27-3/4” L x 15-1/4” W x 30-1/2” H30” L x 20-1/4” W x 30-1/2” H
Tank Dimensions17-3/4” W x 28-1/4” H17-1/4” W x 27-1/2” H
Seat Height16-1/2 inches16-1/2 inches
Rough-In12 inches12 inches
Trapway Size2-1/8 inches2-1/8 inches
ADA CompliantYesYes
WarrantyLimited 5-yearLimited 5-year

Main Differences Between the Models

Appearance and Design

The most obvious difference between the Arctic and White models is their visual appearance.

Arctic colors and style

As the name suggests, the Arctic has an icy, modern blue color scheme. The one-piece toilet body and tank are both colored in a blue hue that American Standard calls Arctic. This cool tone creates a soothing, spa-like aesthetic.

In addition to being blue, the Arctic toilet has a sleek, rounded contemporary design. It is a one-piece toilet with a seamless, elongated bowl and a compact tank. The ergonomic seat and polished chrome trip lever match the sophisticated styling. Overall, the Arctic toilet has a hip, contemporary look.

White colors and style

The White toilet lives up to its name with a bright, clean white color. It has a glossy white finish over the vitreous china toilet body and tank. This pristine white color gives it a classic, timeless look.

Unlike the curvier Arctic, the White toilet has a more traditional elongated bowl design. It is still a sleek one-piece configuration. But the straight lines and understated shape give it a standard style. It pairs well with most bathroom color palettes and decors.

So in summary, the Arctic offers a bold dash of color and modern flair, while the White provides an understated, classic white appearance.

Flushing Systems

An efficient, effective flush is imperative for any quality toilet. Both the Arctic and White models feature excellent flushing systems, but with some differences in specifications.

Arctic flushing power

The Arctic toilet uses American Standard’s powerful VorMax flushing technology. This involves a large 3-inch flush valve, 2-1/8-inch trapway, and a jetted siphon action to create a strong, cleaning flush. It effectively clears waste in a single flush, with a capability of up to 1000 grams.

American Standard Arctic vs White Toilets
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White flushing power

The White toilet is equipped with American Standard’s Speed Connect technology. This uses a 4-inch piston action Accelerator flush valve to flush water into the 2-1/8-inch wide trapway. The wide path and pressurized water provide solid flushing performance. However, it may not be quite as powerful as the Arctic’s VorMax system.

So when maximum flushing capability is needed, the Arctic may be the better choice. But the White still offers impressive flush power too.

Water Efficiency

In addition to flush power, water conservation is also key. Here is how the two models compare:

Arctic water usage

The Arctic toilet is EPA WaterSense certified, meeting strict criteria for water efficiency. It uses only 1.28 gallons per flush (GPF). This makes it about 20% more water-efficient than the standard 1.6 GPF toilet.

White water usage

The White toilet uses 1.6 GPF, which is the industry standard. While not the most minimal water use, this is still relatively efficient. However, the Arctic does surpass it in water conservation.

So if saving as much water as possible is your goal, the Arctic may be the better pick over the White. But the White is still relatively water-efficient compared to older, outdated toilet models.


The toilet’s physical size is another point of difference between the two models. Here are the measurements:

Arctic dimensions

The Arctic toilet has a compact elongated bowl design that takes up less space. It measures 27-3/4 inches long, 15-1/4 inches wide, and 30-1/2 inches high. The tank is 28-1/4 inches high x 17-3/4 inches wide. This petite footprint can fit in small powder rooms and other tight bathroom spaces.

White dimensions

The White toilet has larger dimensions, with an elongated bowl measuring 30 inches long x 20-1/4 inches wide x 30-1/2 inches high. The tank is slightly less wide at 17-1/4 inches wide x 27-1/2 inches high. The White toilet requires more clearance space all around.

If you are working with limited square footage, the Arctic’s smaller footprint may be the better pick. The White works well for larger bathrooms that can accommodate its larger size.


Not surprisingly, pricing differs somewhat between the two models.

Arctic price range

The Arctic toilet retails between approximately $340 – $530. This places it on the higher end for residential toilets. The sleek styling and advanced performance features account for the higher price tag.

White price range

The White toilet sells for approximately $180 – $370, placing it in the mid-range for toilet prices. This more affordable option still delivers quality and functionality. The standard styling lends itself to the lower prices.

So the Arctic is the more expensive model overall. But the White provides a decent value toilet option.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Them

When deciding between the Arctic and White toilets, keep the following factors in mind:

Bathroom aesthetics and color scheme – The bold Arctic color makes a style statement. The White pairs well with any decor. Choose what matches your overall bathroom design best.

Budget – The Arctic costs more. But the White provides quality at a more affordable price point.

Water efficiency needs – If saving water is critical, the EPA WaterSense Arctic may be worth the investment over the White.

Flushing power requirements – The Arctic’s VorMax system offers the strongest flush, while the White also flushes solidly. Assess your needs.

Space constraints – The petite Arctic fits tight areas better than the larger-dimensioned White. Double check measurements.


 Is the Arctic toilet really blue in color?

Yes, the Arctic toilet lives up to its name with a vivid blue color. The glossy Arctic-colored finish covers the entire one-piece toilet body and tank. This icy blue hue gives it a unique, bold look.

Do both models come in different colors?

No, the Arctic is only available in the Arctic blue color. The White toilet as the name suggests only comes in a white finish. Neither is offered in additional color options.

Which flushing system is more powerful?

The Arctic’s VorMax flushing system delivers more power and higher efficiency than the White’s Speed Connect system. The Arctic’s larger flush valve, combined with jetted siphon technology, provides its superior flushing capability.

Is the Arctic toilet ADA compliant?

Yes, the Arctic toilet meets the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements for accessibility with its elongated bowl design and 16-1/2″ seat height. This makes it compliant for both residential and commercial bathrooms needing ADA-accessible fixtures.

Can the White toilet fit in a small powder room?

The White toilet may work in some smaller spaces, but the compact Arctic is the better choice for tight powder rooms. The Arctic toilet’s smaller footprint takes up less floor space with its petite dimensions.

Conclusion and Recommendations

In summary, the Arctic and White toilets share certain strengths – their brand reputation and powerful flush. But the Arctic offers more contemporary style, maximum water efficiency, and smaller size at a higher price point. The White delivers classic, affordable quality with standard water usage and dimensions.

Ultimately, choosing between American Standard’s Arctic and White toilets depends primarily on your bathroom design tastes, budget, and specific performance needs. If bold style, ultra-high efficiency, smaller size, and strong flushing are must-haves, then the Arctic is likely the better choice despite the higher price tag. But if you want basic, quality functionality in a classic look for less, then the White hits the marks as a solid standard toilet option. Carefully weigh the differences highlighted here against your own bathroom and budget to pick the ideal American Standard toilet model for your needs.

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