American Standard vs Kohler Tubs
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American Standard vs Kohler Tubs [Which is the Better Bathtub Brand?]

When it comes to bathtubs, two of the biggest and most well-known brands are American Standard and Kohler. Both companies have been manufacturing high-quality tubs for over 140 years. With such similar histories and reputations, it can be tough deciding between the two when you’re shopping for a new tub.

In this article, we’ll compare American Standard and Kohler bathtubs to help you determine which is the better brand for your bathroom remodel or new construction project. We’ll look at key factors like durability, features, styles, prices, warranties, and more.

Here is an in-depth comparison table between American Standard and Kohler bathtubs:

FeatureAmerican StandardKohler
HistoryFounded in 1875, 140+ years in businessFounded in 1873, 150+ years in business
ReputationKnown for reliable, long-lasting productsKnown for innovative designs and luxurious style
Types of TubsAlcove, corner, drop-in, freestanding, soaking, air baths, whirlpools, walk-inAlcove, corner, drop-in, freestanding, soaking, air baths, whirlpools, walk-in
Popular ModelsCadet, Cambridge, Colony, PrincetonArcher, Underscore, Tea-for-Two, Devonshire
FinishesVikrell, acrylic, enamel, fiberglassEnameled steel, enameled cast iron, acrylic
Colors10+ colors from white to bisque to black10-15 colors from white to thunder grey
DurabilityDurable Vikrell material resists scratches/stainsEnameled cast iron extremely durable; acrylic less so
ConstructionVikrell composite and acrylic focusMore cast iron and steel options
Comfort FeaturesErgonomic designs, lumbar support, armrests, slip-resistant floorChromatherapy, aromatherapy, heated massage
Ease of CleaningVikrell resists stains/mold; routine cleaning easyAcrylic, enameled, and cast iron wipe down easily
Technology/InnovationsStrong whirlpool jets, air bubble massageBluetooth, touchscreen controls, pre-programmed baths
WarrantiesLimited lifetime more extensive than Kohler’s1-5 years limited, more exclusions than American Standard
Price Range$300 – $5000+$400 – $7000+
Luxury LevelAffordable reliability over elite luxuryHigher-end materials, tech features, designs
Best ForBudget-friendly qualityTech innovations and luxury

American Standard Tub Overview

American Standard has been producing bathroom fixtures and tubs since 1875. The company is known for making long-lasting, reliable, and attractively designed products that are backed by some of the best warranties in the industry.

Types of Tubs

American Standard offers a full assortment of bathtub types and styles:

  • Alcove tubs
  • Corner tubs
  • Drop-in tubs
  • Freestanding tubs
  • Soaking tubs
  • Whirlpool tubs
  • Air baths
  • Walk-in tubs

Popular Models

Some of their most popular tub models include:

  • American Standard Cadet tub – affordable, versatile alcove tub
  • American Standard Cambridge – elegant, curved apron-front
  • American Standard Colony – dual slip-resistant surface
  • American Standard Princeton – contemporary free-standing tub

Finishes and Colors

Tubs come in a range of glossy or matte finishes like acrylic, enamel, fiberglass, and Vikrell. Vikrell is American Standard’s proprietary solid-surface acrylic material. There are 10+ color options from white to black and several shades of bisque, linen, and silver.

Features and Innovations

American Standard tubs feature:

  • Vikrell material – durable, stain-resistant, easy to clean
  • Slip-resistant tub floors – textured or dual-molded surfaces
  • Comfort depths – deeper soaking areas
  • Integral aprons – sleek built-in look
  • Ergonomic designs – curved and contoured
  • High gloss/matte finishes – stain resistant and easy to clean
  • Whirlpool jets – powerful, adjustable hydromassage


Their tubs come with limited lifetime warranties that cover leaks, stains, and gloss fade. Certain models also have 5-10 year limited warranties on whirlpool operation and finish flaws.

Price Range

American Standard tubs range from $300 – $5,000+. More affordable acrylic models are around $300-600. Higher-end models with air baths, whirlpools, and custom sizes can cost anywhere from $2,000 – $5,000+.

Kohler Tub Overview

Kohler is another highly regarded brand that has been producing luxury bath products since 1873. They are known for beautiful designs and innovative features.

Types of Tubs

Kohler Tubs
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Kohler’s selection includes:

  • Alcove tubs
  • Corner tubs
  • Drop-in tubs
  • Freestanding tubs
  • Soaking tubs
  • Whirlpool tubs
  • Air baths
  • Walk-in tubs

Popular Models

Some of Kohler’s most popular tubs include:

  • Archer: classically-styled alcove tub
  • Underscore: curved, ergonomic soaking tub
  • Tea-for-Two: dual-person whirlpool
  • Devonshire: freestanding clawfoot tub

Finishes and Colors

Kohler offers glossy acrylic, enameled steel, and enameled cast iron surfaces. Their tubs are available in classic white plus 10-15 on-trend hues like biscuit, sandbar, black, thunder grey, and cashmere.

Features and Innovations

Kohler’s tub features include:

  • Comfort depths and contoured designs
  • Textured slip-resistant floors
  • Integral aprons and tile flanges
  • High-efficiency Ultrajets
  • BubbleMassage air bath technology
  • Adjustable chromatherapy lighting
  • Ergonomic Armrests and lumbar support


Most Kohler tubs have limited lifetime warranties covering defects. Enameled cast iron tubs have 3-5 year limited warranties.

Price Range

Kohler tubs range from $400 – $7,000+. Simple alcove tubs cost $400-800. Whirlpool models run $1,500-$3,000. High-end options like air baths and custom sizes can cost $4,000-$7,000.

This covers a general overview of the types of bathtubs American Standard and Kohler offer, along with their key features, prices, warranties, and more. Now let’s compare some of the most important factors between the two brands.

Comparison of Key Factors

Now that we’ve provided an overview of American Standard and Kohler’s tub collections, let’s directly compare some of the most important factors you’ll want to consider when choosing between the two brands.

Durability and Construction

In terms of durability, both brands construct their tubs to last. American Standard uses a thick, proprietary Vikrell material that resists chips, scratches, and stains. Kohler utilizes enameled steel, enameled cast iron, and solid acrylic to create strong, lustrous surfaces.

Kohler’s cast iron tubs are extremely durable, while Vikrell and acrylic are lighter, cheaper, and easier to install but not quite as indestructible. Both brands back their tubs with decent warranties.

When it comes to construction, Kohler offers more high-end options like cast iron and steel. American Standard focuses more on Vikrell composite and acrylic. So Kohler may have a leg up for durability while American Standard offers great value.

Style Options

American Standard and Kohler provide similar selections of alcove, drop-in, corner, freestanding, and walk-in tubs. Kohler offers a few more vintage clawfoot and ornate freestanding styles. American Standard has more options for whirlpools and air baths across various models.

Overall, both brands provide a versatile range of classic, contemporary, and traditional bathtub silhouettes with similar size options. Kohler may have a few more high-end, luxury styles while American Standard caters more to affordability.

Comfort Features

Both companies aim to provide an ergonomic bathing experience. Most tubs feature contoured designs, lumbar support, armrests, and slip-resistant floors.

Kohler offers some higher-end options like heated bubble massage, adjustable whirlpool jets, chromatherapy mood lighting, and in-tub aromatherapy. American Standard also has strong water jets and air bubble massage features, just not quite as advanced.

If you want all the bells and whistles, Kohler takes the lead on luxury features. But American Standard still provides therapeutic relief and a soothing soak.

Ease of Cleaning/Maintenance

American Standard’s glossy Vikrell material is highly stain, mold, mildew, and bacteria resistant. Routine cleaning is easy. Kohler’s surfaces like enameled steel, acrylic, and cast iron also wipe down easily and resist moisture buildup.

Both brands are fairly easy to maintain as long as surfaces are kept dry between uses to prevent slippery residue. American Standard’s Vikrell may have a slight edge with antimicrobial properties.


Kohler offers the latest innovations like Bluetooth sound systems, pre-programmed bathing experiences, and touchscreen water temperature controls. American Standard also has advanced whirlpool and air bath technology but focuses more on value and reliability over luxurious high-tech features.


American Standard generally provides better tub warranties. Their limited lifetime warranties are more extensive than Kohler’s 1-5 year limited warranties that have more exclusions. However, each are fairly strong and cover defects well.


In terms of price, American Standard tubs tend to cost $200 – $800 less on average than comparable Kohler models. Here are some examples:

  • Basic 5 ft. acrylic alcove tub:
    • American Standard Cadet: $350
    • Kohler Archer: $575
  • Whirlpool tub:
    • American Standard Princeton: $1,200
    • Kohler Underscore: $1,600
  • Air bath:
    • American Standard Epic: $3,000
    • Kohler Escale: $3,800

While Kohler offers more elite designs and advanced features, American Standard provides great quality at more affordable prices.

Which Brand is Better Overall?

Overall, Kohler may edge out American Standard when it comes to premium materials and luxurious innovations. However, American Standard tubs are extremely durable, comfortable, and affordable. So the better brand comes down to your priorities:

Choose Kohler if you want:

  • Top of the line luxury
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Unique vintage styles
  • Prestigious brand recognition

Choose American Standard if you want:

  • Great quality for the price
  • Best value and warranty
  • Proven reliability
  • Strong hydrotherapy options

Either brand is an excellent option. American Standard offers comparable quality and performance to Kohler at more budget-friendly price points. But Kohler provides some higher-end materials, features, and aesthetic options.

Consider which is more important to you – price or luxury enhancements. That should steer you towards the better brand choice for your needs.

FAQs about American Standard and Kohler Bathtubs

How do American Standard and Kohler tubs compare in durability?

While both brands produce durable tubs, Kohler’s cast iron and enameled steel tubs have the longest lifespan. But American Standard’s Vikrell material is highly scratch and stain resistant. Overall, each will last 15-20 years or longer with proper care.

What do American Standard and Kohler tubs typically cost?

American Standard tubs range from $300 – $5,000 while Kohler tubs range from $400 – $7,000. You’ll pay a premium for Kohler’s higher-end designs and extra features. American Standard provides more budget-friendly options.

What sizes are available?

Both brands offer alcove, corner, and freestanding tubs in standard sizes from 60 – 72 inches long and 30 – 42 inches wide. Kohler has more custom sizing options for a perfect fit.

How long are the warranties?

American Standard has better warranties (limited lifetime) compared to Kohler’s 1-10 year limited warranties. Each covers defects well but American Standard has more coverage years.

Which provides a better bathing experience?

Both can provide a therapeutic, spa-like bath with massaging jets, air bubbles, contoured seats, and lumbar support. Kohler offers chromatherapy, Bluetooth, and other advanced features American Standard lacks. It comes down to your preference for luxury vs affordability.

And that covers the key differences between American Standard and Kohler bathtubs! For an in-depth look at specific models, features, prices, and more, visit each brand’s website.


American Standard and Kohler both manufacture excellent bathtubs that will enhance your bathing experience for years to come. While the brands are comparable in many ways, Kohler offers more premium materials, innovative tech features, and upscale designs for a higher price.

American Standard provides outstanding quality at more affordable rates if you’re on a budget but still want a durable, attractive tub. Focus on which factors matter most – budget, features, warranties, brand prestige, etc. This will help you decide whether American Standard or Kohler is the right tub brand for your bathroom.

Whichever you choose, be sure to explore all the styles and options available. There are plenty of designs and sizes to give your bathroom the perfect focal point. With proper care, your new American Standard or Kohler tub can provide a spa-like soak for decades.

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