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Best 2 Handle Shower Faucets [Easier to Use]

A 2 handle shower faucet, also known as a dual handle or double handle faucet, has two handles to control hot and cold water flow separately. This allows for more precise temperature control compared to single handle faucets.

2 handle shower faucets come in a wide range of styles, finishes and price points to suit most bathrooms. Many offer additional features like scald protection and flow limiters for safety and water efficiency.

When shopping for the best 2 handle shower faucet, key considerations include valve type, materials used, special features and aesthetic appeal to complement your bathroom décor. We’ll explore these factors and review some top-rated options to simplify your search.

Our top 5 picks

ProductPriceRatingKey Features
Moen Posi-Temp Shower FaucetCheck Latest Price⭐⭐⭐⭐– Lever handles
– Posi-Temp pressure balancing
– Brass construction
– Various finishes
Delta Lahara Monitor Shower FaucetCheck Latest Price⭐⭐⭐⭐– Stainless steel finish
– TempAssure valve monitoring
– MagnaTite docking system
– DIAMOND Seal Technology
Kohler Devonshire Shower FaucetCheck Latest Price⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐– Classic cross handles
– Brass & ceramic disc valves
– Variety of finishes
– Matching accessories available
American Standard 1660.575.002 Shower FaucetCheck Latest Price⭐⭐⭐⭐– WaterSense certified
– TempAssure thermostatic valve
 – Corrosion-resistant brass
Pfister Pasadena Shower FaucetCheck Latest Price⭐⭐⭐⭐– Decorative cross handles
– Advanced ceramic disc valve
– Brass/zinc construction
– Lifetime guarantee
Hansgrohe Axor Starck Shower FaucetCheck Latest Price⭐⭐⭐⭐– Minimalist modern design
– AirPower smooth handle control
– QuickClean lime removal
California Faucets Veneto FaucetCheck Latest Price⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐– Cast brass construction 
– 30+ finish options
– PULSE shower system
– Lifetime warranty
Premier Faucet Sanibel FaucetCheck Latest Price⭐⭐⭐– Solid brass handles
– Spot resist stainless steel
– Water conserving 2.2 GPM
 – Smooth lever handles


There are several reasons why 2 handle shower faucets are popular choices for many homeowners:

Precise Temperature Control

The two handles allow you to find your perfect water temperature by adjusting the hot and cold water flow separately. This is especially useful if there are multiple household members with different temperature preferences.

Easier to Use

Two handles provide more control and are often easier to turn on and off compared to single handle models. This makes them well-suited for children, seniors and those with limited dexterity or strength.

Stylish Design

2 handle faucets come in a vast array of styles, from traditional to modern and transitional. Their elegant form can enhance your bathroom’s look and feel. Paired with the right tub and shower accessories, they can really elevate the décor.

Now that we’ve reviewed some of the key upsides, let’s look at what to keep in mind while shopping.

Things to Consider When Buying a 2 Handle Shower Faucet

Here are some important factors to guide your 2 handle shower faucet purchase:

Type of Valve

There are a few common types of valves used in 2 handle shower faucets, each with their own pros and cons:

Compression Valve

One of the most affordable options, these incorporate rubber washers to control water flow. While effective, the washers wear over time and must be replaced.

Cartridge Valve

Cartridge valves use a plastic or brass cartridge with small inlet holes to regulate the flow. They generally last longer than compression faucets before needing repairs.

Ceramic Disc Valve

Ceramic disc valves have rotating ceramic discs with precision-cut holes to allow water flow. They are extremely durable, providing reliable drip-free performance for many years. However, they come at a higher price point.

Finish and Material

Common materials used in shower faucet construction include:


Solid brass faucets are durable, resistant to scratches and withstand moisture well. Polished, brushed and oil-rubbed finishes are available to suit varied aesthetics.

Stainless Steel

Known for its shine, hardness and water resistance, stainless steel makes for a practical faucet housing that is easy to clean and maintain.


A smart option for coastal areas, bronze holds up well against corrosion. Its handsome, golden sheen feels both traditional and refined.

The finish not only impacts look but also pricing. Generally, polished and enameled finishes are more expensive.


2 handle shower faucets range widely in price from about $50 on the very low end to $700+ for high-end designer models with the latest innovations. Know your budget upfront to narrow options with the features and look you desire.

Top 8 Best 2 Handle Shower Faucets

After considering the key factors, here is a closer look at some of the best-rated and most popular 2 handle shower faucet options currently available:

1. Moen Posi-Temp Shower Faucet

Moen is one of the most recognized and trusted faucet brands. The Posi-Temp model earns high praise as an affordable, reliable option made with quality craftsmanship.


  • Lever handles allow easy water adjustment
  • Features Moen’s Posi-Temp pressure balancing technology to prevent sudden water temp spikes
  • Brass construction with various finishes like chrome, bronze and brushed nickel
  • Reasonable price point between $150-250


  • Plastic valves may need occasional replacement
  • Some installation difficulties reported

Overall, the Posi-Temp offers excellent value with useful safety features. The Posi-Temp cartridge keeps water temperature consistent even when flushed.

2. Delta Faucet Lahara Monitor Shower Faucet

For those seeking more contemporary styling, Delta’s Lahara line features clean lines and ergonomic lever handles. It also uses an innovative valve monitoring system.


  • TempAssure valve monitors temps for added safety
  • Bright stainless finish for modern bathrooms
  • MagnaTite docking holds cartridge firmly in place
  • DIAMOND Seal Technology for leak-free longevity
  • ADA compliant lever handles


  • On the pricier side around $325+
  • Chrome finish shows waterspots

Backed by Delta’s lifetime limited warranty, the Lahara Monitor model is a strong choice if you prefer contemporary designs and high-tech functionality.

3. Kohler Devonshire shower Faucet

Kohler is a leader in luxury kitchen and bath products. The Devonshire line reflects traditional styling popular in many homes.


  • Classic style with cross handles
  • Durable brass & ceramic disc valves
  • Available in polished chrome, oil-rubbed bronze and other finishes
  • Matching accessories and fixtures available
  • 1.2 GPM flow rate conserves water


  • Expensive investment around $600+
  • Lever handles easier for some to grasp

For those seeking a coordinating, traditional look backed by Kohler’s sterling reputation, the Devonshire two-handle shower faucet is a fine selection.

4. American Standard 1660.575.002 shower Faucet

This Energy Star certified American Standard shower faucet touts excellent water savings along with convenience and reliability.


  • WaterSense certified to use 30% less water
  • TempAssure thermostatic valve keeps water temp constant
  • Porcelain lever handles for easy grip
  • Corrosion-resistant brass spout and handles
  • Affordably priced under $200


  • Not as stylish as some models
  • Lever arms seem short to some users

If water efficiency and safety are your top concerns, American Standard’s affordable 1660.575 model is a practical pick. The thermostatic cartridge maintains steady temps to prevent scalding.

5. Pfister Pasadena Shower Faucet

Pfister make a range of well-performing shower faucets at reasonable price points. The Pasadena model stands out for its charming traditional styling.


  • Decorative cross handles on arched spout
  • Brass/zinc construction with various finishes
  • Advanced ceramic disc valve technology
  • Covered under Pfister’s lifetime guarantee
  • Value-priced under $150


  • Traditional look not for all decors
  • Spout reach somewhat short at 5 3⁄4 inches

If replacing an old two-handle faucet with a similar style, the sturdy Pasadena model makes an excellent quality choice. Pfister’s top-rated ceramic valves assure drip-free and maintenance-free performance for years to come.

6. Hansgrohe 04120000 Axor Starck Shower Faucet

For contemporary styled bathrooms, this Axor Starck model from premier brand Hansgrohe is a standout choice.


  • Minimalist square handles and spout
  • Available in brushed nickel, matte black or white/chrome finish
  • AirPower technology for smooth handle control
  • QuickClean anti-lime system for easy maintenance
  • Flow rate limited to save water


  • Very expensive at $700+
  • Lacks safety scald protection

With its unique appearance and innovative technologies, the Axor Stark faucet makes a striking statement piece to build your bathroom design around.

7. California Faucets 940-520 Veneto Two-Handle Faucet

California Faucets is respected for luxurious, customizable fixtures made from quality solid brass. Their Veneto line channels old-world Italian elegance.


  • Cast brass with authentic architectural styling
  • Choose from over 30 finish options
  • Chemical-resistant PULSE shower system controls flow
  • Works with standard US plumbing connections
  • Covered by lifetime function and finish warranty


  • Starts around $1200, so very upscale pricing
  • Traditional look not to all tastes

For those who desire high-end, bespoke bathroom wares, California Faucets delivers exceptional Italian craftsmanship and endless customization choices.

8. Premier Faucet 52061-SS Sanibel Two-Handle Faucet

Premier Faucet manufactures well-built faucets to suit smaller bathrooms and powder rooms. The Sanibel model maximizes value.


  • Solid brass spout and handles
  • Spot resist stainless steel finish
  • Water conserving 2.2 GPM flow rate
  • Smooth rotating lever handles
  • Budget-friendly under $100


  • Limited finish options
  • Basic style less decorative

While simply styled, the Sanibel two-handle shower faucet boasts quality construction that looks much pricier than its bargain cost. It’s an excellent economical choice.


Here are answers to some common questions around 2 handle shower faucets:

Is it hard to install a 2 handle shower faucet?

While it’s often best to have them professionally installed, the job can be DIYed by those fairly handy with tools. Be sure to carefully follow all enclosed manufacturer instructions. If you don’t feel equipped for the task, do opt for hiring a plumber.

How can I keep my 2 handle faucet clean?

Use mild soap and water to wipe handles clean as needed. For chrome and stainless steel fixtures, wipe down with a soft cloth occasionally. Avoid harsh cleaners or chemicals that could degrade finishes.

Why does my shower water temperature fluctuate?

Temperature fluctuations usually result from failing pressure balance units or outdated plumbing systems. Installing a reliable thermostatic or pressure balanced shower valve should help stabilize temperatures and prevent scalding.

What finish is best for bathroom faucets?

Chrome and stainless steel finishes resist water spots and corrosion well in bathrooms. Oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel and matte finishes also hide waterspots fairly well. Stay away from polished brass that requires frequent cleaning.

Should I choose ceramic or compression valves?

Ceramic valves last significantly longer, but compression valves are more affordable. Choose compression for replacing existing compression faucets or if on a tight budget. Splurge for ceramic if you want the most durable, maintenance-free option that will last over 20 years.


With their easy water adjustment and range of style options, it’s no wonder 2 handle shower faucets remain ever-popular choices to incorporate into contemporary and classic bathroom designs alike.

By carefully considering factors like valve type, safety technology, special finishes and flow efficiency, you’re sure to find your ideal fit whether designing a master suite oasis or main family bath. Taking the time to properly install and maintain your new 2 handle faucet will help ensure optimal performance and keep your bathroom space relaxing and inviting for years on end.

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