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5 Best Broan-Nutone Bathroom Fans [Ultimate Guides]

When it comes to bathroom ventilation fans, Broan-Nutone is one of the most trusted names in the industry. With years of experience manufacturing high-quality ventilation products for home and commercial use, Broan-Nutone has built a reputation for their reliable, efficient, and quiet bathroom fans.

Having a properly working bathroom fan is important for moisture and humidity control. Excess moisture in a bathroom can lead to a number of problems such as mold growth, peeling paint and wallpaper, rotting cabinets and other wood surfaces, and an increase in airborne allergens. A good bathroom fan clears away steam and other humidity during and after showering to allow your bathroom surfaces to properly dry out. This prevents moisture damage and health hazards.

Quicke comparison table for the “Top Broan-Nutone Bathroom Fan Picks” 

ModelVentilation PowerNoise LevelSize/FitSpecial FeaturesRating
Broan-Nutone AE80BL80 CFM – moves air well for bathrooms up to 85 sq ftUltra quiet at 0.8 sonesCompact yet powerful fanBuilt-in lighting included*****
Broan-Nutone 772HFL110 CFM – great for bathrooms up to 110 sq ftVery quiet 1.5 sone operationDesigned to fit most bathroom ceilingsNightlight, auto moisture shutoff****1⁄2
Broan-Nutone 67850 CFM – suitable for smaller bathrooms up to 50 sq ftNoisier 2.0 sone ratingSmaller unit, easy fitBasic features at budget price***1⁄2
Broan-Nutone QTXE08080 CFM – efficient ventilationExtremely quiet at just 0.3 sonesLow profile designHumidity sensing auto shut-off****1⁄2
Broan 15760 CFM – solid midsize performanceReasonable 1.5 sone noiseOnly 3-1/4″ depth – great for tight fitsLow cost model***

When shopping for a Broan-Nutone bathroom fan, there are a few key specifications to consider:

Ventilation Power:

Measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute), this determines how quickly your fan can circulate air to remove humidity and odors. Look for a CFM rating adequate for the size of your bathroom.

Sones Rating:

This measures the noise level produced by the fan. The lower the sones number, the quieter the fan. Most quality fans have ratings around 1.0 to 2.0 sones.

Size and Fit:

Make sure to choose the appropriate fan size to properly fit over your bathroom space. Measure to ensure proper coverage.

Special Features:

Many Broan-Nutone fans come with useful features like built-in lighting, nightlights, humidity sensors, and more. Consider which features would provide the most value for your needs.

With all of that in mind, here is an overview of three of the best Broan-Nutone bathroom fan options to keep your bathroom fresh, moisture-free, and healthy.

Top Broan-Nutone Bathroom Fan Picks

1. Broan-Nutone AE80BL

The Broan-Nutone AE80BL is a powerful, energy efficient bathroom fan that stands out for its quiet operation and long-lasting quality. With a ventilation rating of 80 CFM, this fan is designed to work well for bathrooms up to 85 square feet.

Key Features:

  • 80 CFM ventilation rating
  • Rated for bathrooms up to 85 sq. ft.
  • 0.8 sones noise level rating for ultra-quiet operation
  • Durable polymeric blade and motor design
  • Built-in lighting with two 13W CFL bulbs included
  • Polymeric duct fitting with 4-inch opening


  • Very quiet fan operation
  • Powerful 80 CFM ventilation clears humidity efficiently
  • Durable construction for long fan lifespan
  • Great value for performance


  • Automatic humidity control would be a useful added feature
  • Bulky size may make installation challenging in some spaces

Ideal For: The ultra quiet but powerful Broan-Nutone AE80BL is perfect for standard bathrooms where strong moisture control is needed without excessive noise. It offers great quality and performance for the price point.

2. Broan-Nutone 772HFL

If you’re seeking a feature-packed bathroom fan with integrated lighting and night light functions, the Broan 772HFL is an outstanding choice. With robust ventilation power and very quiet 1.5 sones operation, it’s ideal for keeping larger bathrooms fresh and moisture-free.

Key Features:

  • 110 CFM ventilation rating
  • Recommended for bathrooms up to 110 sq. feet
  • 1.5 sones noise level rating
  • Two 20W incandescent bulbs included
  • Integrated 7W nightlight
  • Polymeric blade, galvanized steel housing


  • Powerful 110 CFM ventilation
  • Ultra quiet at only 1.5 sones
  • Nightlight and lighting included
  • Moisture-sensing auto shut-off capability


  • Bulb changing can be tricky
  • Significant airflow but still quiet

Ideal For: The Broan 772HFL shines in both large and average bathrooms needing robust moisture control. The nightlight, auto shut-off, and quiet power make it very feature-rich.

3. Broan-Nutone 678

The Broan-Nutone 678 offers reliable, cost-effective performance perfect for smaller bathrooms. Although light on features, its durable 50 CFM operation excels at keeping bathrooms up to 50 square feet ventilated.

Key Features:

  • 50 CFM ventilation rating
  • For bathrooms up to 50 square feet
  • 2.0 sones noise level rating
  • Galvanized steel housing
  • Sturdy 4-inch ducting


  • Effective 50 CFMs ventilation
  • Affordable option
  • Straightforward installation


  • Noisier than other models
  • Very basic with no lighting or auto features

Ideal For: This affordable Broan-Nutone fan delivers reliable ventilation well-suited to powder rooms and smaller bathrooms on a budget.

4. Broan-Nutone QTXE080 Ultra Silent Series

If an ultra-quiet bathroom fan is your top priority, the Broan-Nutone QTXE080 is an excellent choice. With a noise rating of only 0.3 sones, it operates very silently while still offering 80 CFM ventilation power.

Key Features:

  • 80 CFM rating
  • Extremely quiet at 0.3 sones
  • DC brushless motor technology
  • Polymeric blade and housing
  • 4.5″ ducting


  • Virtually silent operation
  • Efficient and long-lasting brushless motor
  • Moisture-sensing auto shut-off ability


  • Auto humidity feature can be overly sensitive
  • Nightlight not included

The QTXE080 works great for both large and standard bathrooms where quietness is very important. It clears humidity efficiently while running whisper-quiet.

5. Broan-Nutone 157 Low Ceiling Bath Fan

For bathrooms with limited installation space, the Broan-Nutone 157 offers quality ventilation in a compact fit. With 60 CFM capabilities packed into a smaller unit, it’s a great solution where ceiling space is at a minimum.

Key Features:

  • 60 CFM rating
  • Low-profile 3-1/4″ depth
  • 1.5 sones noise rating
  • Galvanized steel housing
  • Fits ceilings as low as 7 feet


  • Good ventilation in tight fits
  • Quality construction and performance
  • Cost-effective option


  • Lacks some convenience features
    -visible exterior ducting

With its shallow 3-1/4″ body, the Broan-Nutone 157 can install in cramped bathrooms with low ceilings under 8 feet tall. It packs reliable ventilation into a smaller package.

Key Factors To Consider When Buying A Bathroom Fan

When selecting a bathroom fan, there are a number of key factors to weigh based on your bathroom size, layout, and needs. Keep these in mind while shopping:

broan nutone bathroom fan
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Ventilation Power

The CFM rating determines how much air a fan can move to exchange air and remove humidity from your bathroom. Most bathrooms require 50-110 CFM for adequate control. Consider your bathroom square footage and shower size. More steam requires higher CFMs. Look for high-quality motors and blades that provide reliable airflow over years of use.

Noise Level

Bathroom fans should operate quietly to maintain comfort. Look for options rating 1.5 sones or less. Quieter fans like Broan-Nutone’s Ultra Silent Line rate around 0.3 sones. If replacing an existing bathroom fan, pay attention to noise output to identify issues.


Today’s fans come in array of finishes like classic white, almond, or black to match various decors. Select an exterior housing material and style fitting your bathroom. Many Broan-Nutone models offer integrated lighting or nightlights allowing the fan to pull double-duty.


Bathroom fan pricing runs $50 on the very low end up to $250+ for larger fans packed with features. Set a budget while keeping quality as the priority. A reliable fan saves hassle and maintenance expense over time. Energy efficient models also cut electric costs.

Ease of Installation

Consider DIY skills vs. hiring a handyman. Look for features like pre-wiring, snap-in mounting, and included hardware that simplify installation. Low-profile, compact fans fit smaller spaces. Pay attention to ducting which can complicate the process if walls must be navigated.

FAQs About Broan-Nutone Bathroom Fans

Are Broan-Nutone bathroom fans difficult to install?

Most Broan-Nutone fans feature thoughtful designs focused on simplified installation. Most include mounting brackets and hardware in the box. Brands like Broan also offer instructional videos online demonstrating the install process for DIYers. Just be sure to carefully measure your space first.

How long should a quality bathroom fan last?

Top bathroom fans like Broan-Nutone are designed for longevity, typically lasting 8-15 years with proper maintenance. Key lifespan factors are using the correctly sized fan for your bathroom’s square footage and having it wired properly with adequate amperage by a professional.

What CFM rating is best for a bathroom?

The ideal CFM rating depends on the square footage of your bathroom. Here are common recommendations:

  • Smaller 25-50 sq. ft. bathrooms = 50 CFM
  • Average 50-85 sq. ft. bathrooms = 80 CFM
  • Large 85-120 sq. ft. bathrooms = 110 CFM

Match the bathroom’s size and shower/tub size to the rated airflow capacity.

Should I run my bathroom fan constantly?

Constant 24/7 exhaust can end up pulling too much conditioned air from your home. Instead, set an automatic timer, humidity sensor, or occupancy sensor to operate the fan 20-60 minutes after bathroom use. This sufficiently clears humidity without wasting energy.

Why choose Broan-Nutone over other bathroom fan brands?

As market leaders since their founding in 1932, Broan-Nutone built their reputation through commitment to innovation, high-performance, quality engineering, and top-rated customer service. They focus research on optimizing fan airflow, sound, longevity and efficiency. With millions of installations over nine decades, they’ve earned trust as the go-to bathroom ventilation brand.


Installing a high-quality Broan-Nutone bathroom fan brings invaluable health and maintenance benefits through moisture and humidity control. Key perks include preventing mold growth, blocking mildew smells, minimizing cleaning needs, and protecting surfaces, cabinetry, and building integrity from moisture damage over time.

Choosing the right Broan-Nutone fan model means properly weighing factors like bathroom size, necessary airflow (CFMs), sound rating preference, available space for the unit, budget, and convenience features. Top-rated picks like the AE80BL, 772HFL and 678 move air efficiently while operating durably and quietly.

Visit Broan-Nutone’s website to comparison shop ratings, features, warranties, sizes and styles to find your perfect fit. Investing in the right fan saves money over time while promoting better indoor air quality and comfort. Keep your next bathroom project smooth and moisture-free with Broan-Nutone.

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