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What Is The Best Wood Bathroom Vanities [In 2024]

Wood vanities are a popular choice for bathrooms due to their attractive appearance and durability. The rich grains and textures of wood can instantly upgrade the look and feel of any bathroom. With numerous styles and customization options, it is easy to find a wood vanity to match your bathroom aesthetic.

When choosing the best wood bathroom vanity for your space, there are a few key factors to consider including size, color, features, budget, installation type, and brand. Doing research on the types of available wood and maintenance requirements is also worthwhile to ensure your vanity stands the test of time.

Here is an in-depth comparison table I have added for the 5 wood bathroom vanities including star ratings:

ProductStyleSizeWood TypeKey FeaturesPriceRating
Virtu USA Elan Double Sink VanityContemporary56-inchOak or Grey ElmSoft-close hinges, integrated lighting, marble counter, ample storageCheck Latest Price⭐⭐⭐⭐
Silkroad Athena Antique Black VanityModern36-inchSolid MahoganyHandcrafted, antique black finish, patterned glass front, single sinkCheck Latest Price⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Wyndham Amare Double Sink VanityTraditional60-inchWhite OakCarved wood detailing, brass hardware, marble counter, undermount sinksCheck Latest Price⭐⭐⭐☆☆
Ronbow New Age Single VanityContemporary30-inchWengeFloating wall-mount, push-open storage cubbyCheck Latest Price⭐⭐☆☆☆
Design Element Moscony Double VanityTransitional48-inchOakSoft-close drawers, open display shelving, double sink capacityCheck Latest Price⭐⭐⭐⭐☆

Benefits of Wood Vanities

There are many advantages to opting for a wood vanity for your bathroom.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Wood vanities provide an eye-catching focal point to any bathroom with striking, natural grain patterns that set them apart from metal or MDF alternatives. Popular woods like oak, maple, and cherry emit a warm, inviting look. The rich wood tones and textures can complement nearly any style or color scheme.

Durable Material

High-quality woods like teak are extremely durable bathroom materials that resist moisture, rotting, and other damage. With proper care and maintenance, most solid wood vanities can last for many decades. This durability offsets the generally higher initial cost of wood.

Easy to Clean

The non-porous surfaces of woods like maple and cherry allow for hassle-free cleaning. Vanities can easily be kept germ-free with regular wipe downs using mild cleaners and a damp cloth. Despite their durability, wood surfaces are softer than materials like stone, making scratches and dents less likely.

Customization Options

Wood vanities allow for endless customization options compared to metal or MDF vanities. Homeowners can choose from a vast range of styles, stains, finishes, textures, hardware, sinks, countertops and more to create a one-of-a-kind look. There are also options for medicine cabinets, integrated lighting, soft-closing drawers, and internal organization features.

Types of Wood for Vanities

There are several wood species commonly used to construct bathroom vanities, each with their own distinguishing characteristics.


Oak is a versatile, strong hardwood available in two popular bathroom vanity varieties: red oak with a distinctive grain pattern, and white oak which has a more subdued grain. Oak offers a great combination of beauty, durability, and affordability. Its natural range of tones allows it to suit both light or dark themed bathrooms.


Known for its subtle grain, maple wood has a lighter tan color that stains very easily. Maple bathroom vanities impart a clean, bright look. This extremely dense and durable North American hardwood resists swelling and cracking. Maple is often used for modern, contemporary vanity styles.


Cherry wood is a top choice for its refined grain patterns and rich color range from reddish brown to golden brown. The smooth texture and great finishing properties of cherry wood make an ideal vanity material. Cherry adds a traditional warmth and elegance to bathroom decor.


Teak imported from tropical regions is valued for its natural water and rot resistance. This makes it a smart wood selection for bathrooms. Teak boasts an attractive yellowish-brown color, straight grain, and smooth feel. The high oil content requires little staining or sealing. Contemporary teak vanities make a bold, natural statement.


Prized for luxury furniture, walnut wood brings a sophisticated boldness to any bathroom with varying grain patterns and deep brown coloring accented with black streaks. The smooth texture, hardness, and moisture-resistance of American walnut make it suitable for contemporary, modern and traditional bath vanities.

These are the most popular wood species used for today’s bathroom vanity collections to suit varied design aesthetics.

Factors to Consider When Choosing

Keep the following factors in mind when selecting the ideal wood vanity for your unique bathroom space and needs:

wood bathroom vanities
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Wood vanities are produced in an extensive range of styles spanning traditional, contemporary, modern, transitional and coastal themes. Consider the existing decor of your bathroom and what style will enhance it best. Clean-lined contemporary vanities often work for modern bathrooms while ornately carved vanities better suit traditional decors.


First, measure your bathroom space carefully to determine sizing limitations. Standard vanity widths span single, double and triple basin options from 24 to 72 inches wide on average. Make sure to account for existing plumbing and electrical locations when choosing placement. Allow for proper traffic flow around the vanity as well.


Do you want your vanity to blend with existing cabinetry or make a design statement? Wood species have their own natural hues, but stain, paint and finish options abound to find your perfect shade. Bring other bathroom elements like flooring and shower tiles into color consideration as well.


Determine must-have features like storage needs, drawer configurations, countertop materials, sinks and faucets. Consider incorporated lighting, charging stations, tilt-out trays for hair appliances and adjustable mirrors for accessibility purposes. Integrated medicine cabinets add functionality.


Wood vanity costs can range drastically based on the type of wood, construction, size, included features and customizations selected. Generally expect to invest $500-$3,500+ for a quality wood vanity. Set practical budget expectations before falling in love with a model outside your ideal price point.

Installation Type

Decide between wall-mounted or floor-standing installations. Floor-standing units do not require extensive mounting hardware, offer more flexibility for future relocations, and cover up unsightly plumbing. Wall-mounted styles save space and create a sleek, floating appearance.

Best Wood Bathroom Vanities 

Get an up-close look at some top-rated wood bathroom vanities representing varied design aesthetics and price points.

1. Virtu USA Elan 56-Inch Double Sink Vanity

This contemporary style Elan vanity comes in oak or grey elm wood with an ebony or grey finish. The full cabinets and three drawers offer ample storage. Soft-close hinges prevent slamming. Integrated LED lighting gives a modern accent. Real marble countertop and sinks complete the luxurious look at $2,099.

“The quality and style of this vanity is amazing, especially for the price. Assembly was straightforward with two people. We get compliments from everyone who sees our new contemporary bathroom.” – Jen L.

Pros: Contemporary styling, durable construction, soft-close hinges, integrated lighting, ample storage, real marble countertop

Cons: Expensive, professional installation required, sink/counter need sealed to prevent moisture damage

2. Silkroad Exclusive Athena Antique Black 36-Inch Vanity

Handcrafted from solid mahogany wood, Athena imparts sleek, modern lines offset by an eye-catching aged antique black finish. The single wooden sink maintains continuity. Three soft-closing drawers store necessities behind a stunning inlaid patterned glass front at $3,615.

This unique vanity required custom ordering based on our measurements, but it was worth the wait. The craftsmanship makes this the focal point of our master bath design.” – Albert T.

Pros: Handcrafted mahogany wood, unique antique black finish, soft-closing drawers, beautiful patterned glass front, focal point of room

Cons: Very expensive, custom order, single sink limits use for multiple users

3. Wyndham Collection Amare 60-Inch Double Sink Vanity

Amare brings European style to bathrooms with its carved white oak wood frame and mullion-doored cabinets accented by brushed brass hardware. Open shelving offers display space. Undermount ceramic sinks and white marble counters balance the rich wood tones. Priced at $2,370.

“The beautiful craftsmanship of this vanity matches that of luxury kitchen cabinetry. It instantly gives our master bath an ultra high-end feel.” – Kelly R.

Pros: Carved white oak wood, European style doors, brass hardware accents, marble countertop, undermount ceramic sinks, high-end luxury look

Cons: Costly, challenging self-installation, natural wood needs careful cleaning

4. Ronbow New Age 30-Inch Single Vanity

New Age maximizes space with its wall-mounted floating vanity design in glossy Wenge wood supported by a chrome metal frame. The push-to-open cubby provides discrete storage for rolled towels and toiletries at $720.

“My small half bath was desperately needing an update. This space-saving vanity installed beautifully and its modern look exceeded my expectations.” – Heather C.

Pros: Space-saving floating design, glossy wenge wood, easy push-open storage, quick DIY install for small baths

Cons: Limited storage and counter space, wall mounting limits flexibility, prone to water splashes

5. Design Element Moscony Double 48-Inch Vanity

Moscony’s uncomplicated style spotlights sleek lines in oak wood complete with six soft-closing drawers for plentiful storage. Open shelving creates display space to show off decorative bath accessories next to the undermount ceramic sinks. Priced at $1,470.

“I love how this affordable vanity doesn’t resemble the builder basic cabinet that was originally here. The quality finish and materials are very impressive.” – Martin G.

Pros: Simple clean lines, durable oak wood construction, abundant soft-close drawers for storage, open display shelving, double undermount sinks, budget-friendly choice

Cons: Plain style lacks decorative charm, unprotected wood can swell from moisture, no counter/sink included

Maintaining Wood Vanities

Proper cleaning and care will keep wood bathroom vanities looking like new for years while preventing costly repairs down the road. Here are some top maintenance tips:


Frequently wipe down wood vanity exteriors using a soft, damp cloth and gentle cleaner safe for finished wood. Avoid abrasive cleansers. For a natural option, mix olive oil and lemon juice. Use a wood polish occasionally. Disinfect sink basins and countertops regularly.

Clean up spills right away to prevent stains and water marks. Use coasters for any glasses placed on countertops. Organize vanity drawers and cabinets to contain messy products like cosmetics so they don’t soil surfaces.

Avoiding Water Damage

The number one threat to wood vanities is uncontrolled moisture leading to swelling, warping, discoloration and mold growth. Ensure plumbing fixtures don’t leak. Immediately dry surfaces after sink use or cleaning. Run bathroom exhaust fans during and after showering. Use bathroom dehumidifiers.

Seal any unfinished edges and bottom surfaces. Avoid placing hot hair tools directly on counters. Use hair appliance stands for cooling and cord management.

Repairing Scratches

Even quality wood will get some nicks and surface scratches with heavy usage over time. To reduce their appearance, gently rub in a wood stain matching your cabinets using extra fine steel wool. For deeper gouges, use a wood filler before staining. Apply new layers of sealer occasionally.

By incorporating these maintenance practices, your investment in a high-end wood vanity will pay dividends for enhanced bathroom beauty and enjoyment for decades to come.


Are wood vanities suitable for humid bathroom spaces?

Yes, when made from moisture-resistant woods like teak or properly sealed. Ensure proper ventilation and moisture control.

Do wood vanities require special cleaning products?

No harsh cleaners. Use mild soap and water. Occasional wood polish. Avoid abrasives.

What is the most affordable wood vanity option?

Oak and maple provide the best value combination of attractive grains, durability and reasonable cost.

Can I install a wood vanity myself?

Only if very experienced with complex plumbing and electrical connections. Professional installation recommended.

How long should a quality wood vanity last?

With proper care and maintenance, expect 20-30 years of beauty and function in a solid hardwood vanity.


Summary of Key Points

Wood vanities impart natural warmth and elegance to any bathroom space with their eye-catching grains and textures. Popular woods like oak, maple, cherry, teak and walnut offer great durability and customization potential.

When selecting wood vanities, factor in critical decisions like style, size, color, features, budget and installation. Reputable brands like Virtu USA, Wyndham Collection, Ronbow, Design Element and Silkroad Exclusive allow ample options. Protect vanities by using proper cleaning methods, controlling moisture, and repairing scratches promptly.

Final Recommendations

Investing in a quality wood vanity makes an excellent upgrade to enhance your bathroom. Schedule some time to browse the many collections available from leading manufacturers online or in stores. Bring home décor samples to view wood stain colors. Read consumer reviews on brands that interest you.

Carefully measure your existing space and map out your ideal layout. Choose between contemporary or traditional styling with all the necessary features to meet your storage, design and functionality needs. Proper installation is key, so leave that to qualified pros. With some planning and careful selection, soon you’ll be able to enjoy your beautiful new wood bathroom vanity for years on end.

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