Bradford White vs State Water Heaters [Which is Better?]

Quick comparison table between Bradford White Vs State water heaters:

FeatureBradford WhiteState
HeadquartersNiles, MIAshland City, TN
Year Founded19471946
Manufacturing LocationsUSAUSA
Product RangeGas, electric, tankless, heat pump, solarGas, electric, tankless
Available Sizes4-100 gal (residential) 20-1205 gal (commercial)6-100 gal (residential) 30-500 gal (commercial)
Tank MaterialsGlass-lined steel, stainless steel, stone-linedGlass-lined steel, stainless steel
Energy Factor Range.60-.98 EF (gas)
.90-.95 EF (electric)
.53-.67 EF (gas) .89-.93 EF (electric)
Warranties6-12 years6-10 years
Price Check Latest PriceCheck Latest Price
Key FeaturesHigh efficiency, modulating gas valves, powered anodes, advanced diagnosticsBasic reliable construction, glass-lined tanks, multiple anode rods
Tank StylesStandard, lowboy, tall boy, horizontal, heat pumpStandard, lowboy, tall boy
Venting OptionsAtmospheric, direct vent, power ventAtmospheric, power vent
Smart ControlsOptionalNot available
Installation FlexibilityGood – multiple venting configurationsGood – flexible power venting
Main AdvantagesHigh efficiency, broad model selection, innovative featuresBudget-friendly pricing, reliable performance
Best ForMaximum efficiency, demanding hot water needs, premium featuresBudget buyers, standard hot water needs

Overview of Bradford White

When it comes to reliable and efficient water heaters, Bradford White is one of the most well-known and trusted brands on the market. Founded in 1947, Bradford White has over 70 years of experience manufacturing water heaters. The company offers a full line of residential and commercial water heaters including gas, electric, tankless, and solar models.

Bradford White water heaters are designed and engineered in the USA. 

Their products are known for their quality craftsmanship and high performance. Bradford White uses advanced technology and innovative features in their water heaters such as HydroJet total performance system and Defender safety system. They use quality components and materials in their construction.

The Bradford White residential line includes a variety of energy efficient gas and electric models in both tank and tankless styles. Their commercial water heaters come in high efficiency condensing and non-condensing options. Bradford White water heaters range in capacity from 4 gallons up to 1000 gallons to meet the hot water demands of any home or business.

Bradford White has an excellent reputation for manufacturing durable and long-lasting water heaters. They have an extensive network of trained technicians and contractors that provide professional installation and service. Bradford White water heaters typically have a longer than average warranty. This shows the company stands behind their products.

Overview of State Water Heaters

State Water Heaters is another leading American brand of residential and commercial water heaters. State Industries, the parent company of State Water Heaters, has been in the water heating industry since 1946. All State water heaters are designed and built in the United States.

The State water heater line includes a variety of energy efficient gas, electric, and tankless water heater models. State offers both conventional and power vented tank water heaters with capacities ranging from 6 to 100 gallons. State Water Heaters are available in short, medium, and tall heights to accommodate different installation spaces.

State Water Heaters focuses on building quality, durable products. They use premium grade components and corrosion resistant materials. State tank water heaters feature thick insulation to maximize heat retention and energy efficiency. State Water Heaters come with multiple anode rods for added tank protection.

State Water Heaters are sold through plumbing contractors and local distributors across the United States. They have a good reputation for quality construction, reliable performance, and excellent customer service. State offers some of the best warranties in the industry on their water heating products to give peace of mind to customers.

Key Differences Between Bradford White and State

While Bradford White and State both offer quality American-made water heating products, there are some notable differences between these two brands. Here are some of the main ways that Bradford White and State water heaters compare:

Efficiency Ratings

One of the biggest differences is in energy efficiency ratings. Bradford White gas water heaters have higher Energy Factor (EF) ratings ranging from .60 EF to .96 EF across their residential models. State gas water heaters span from .55 EF to .67 EF ratings. So Bradford White edges out State when it comes to maximum energy efficiency offered.

Bradford White electric heaters range in efficiency from .90 EF to .95 EF. State electric models go from .89 EF up to .93 EF on select models. For electric water heaters, the efficiency ratings are closer between the two brands. But Bradford White still rates slightly higher.

Higher EF ratings translate to greater energy savings for homeowners and businesses. Bradford White’s line includes more energy efficient options for those wanting to save on energy costs.


The warranties on Bradford White and State water heaters also differ. Bradford White offers warranties ranging from 6 years to 12 years depending on the model. This includes 3 years on parts and either 6 or 9 years on the tank itself. State Water Heaters come with warranties from 6-10 years depending on the series. State offers 3 or 5 years coverage on parts.

Bradford White tends to have a slight edge when it comes to length of warranties. They offer up to 12 years tank coverage versus State’s maximum of 10 years. Longer warranties give more peace of mind and protection.


State Water Heaters are generally more budget friendly in terms of upfront cost. Bradford White heaters are usually priced at a moderate to premium price point. State Water Heaters are typically $100-$300 cheaper on comparable models.

The lower prices of State Water Heaters make them ideal for homeowners looking for quality on a budget. Bradford White offers more premium features and technology to justify the higher prices.

Availability of Models

When it comes to selection, Bradford White offers a wider range of models and types than State Water Heaters. Bradford White has over 100 different residential water heater models encompassing tankless, heat pump, solar, and condensing designs. They offer more high efficiency and specialty options.

State Water Heaters has a solid but more limited product range of around 60 models focused on reliable standard efficiency units. Bradford White gives you more versatility if you need a specific capacity, fuel type, venting arrangement or performance level. State Water Heaters covers all the basics effectively.

Brand Reputation

Both brands have excellent reputations for quality, durability, and performance. In consumer surveys, Bradford White and State Water Heaters are consistently ranked as top choices for their categories.

Bradford White often comes out ahead in reputation due to their technological innovations, broader range of high efficiency models, and excellent technical support and service. But State also receives high marks for solid construction and reliability.

When it comes to brand reputation, homeowners feel confident choosing either Bradford White or State for their hot water needs. Both companies stand behind their products and deliver reliable hot water.

Which Brand is Better for What Situation?

Based on the differences between Bradford White and State Water Heaters, you can determine which brand is the better choice for specific homeowner needs:

Bradford White Pros and Cons


  • Higher energy efficiency ratings
  • Longer warranties available
  • Broader range of models and technology
  • Excellent reputation for innovation


  • Higher upfront costs
  • Limited budget models

Bradford White is ideal for:

  • Homeowners who value maximum efficiency to save on energy costs
  • Those needing a specialized model (tankless, solar, heat pump, etc)
  • People wanting the latest technology and features
  • Those who prefer a longer warranty for peace of mind

State Pros and Cons


  • Lower upfront costs
  • Simple, reliable designs
  • Efficient budget models
  • Good value for money


  • Lower efficiency ratings than Bradford White
  • Shorter warranty terms
  • Less model versatility

State Water Heaters are ideal for:

  • Budget shoppers wanting quality at lower prices
  • Standard efficiency meets needs
  • Smaller households with basic hot water needs
  • Those wanting a straightforward, no-frills unit

Recommendations Based on Need

For maximum energy efficiency, Bradford White is the best choice. If budget is a concern, State Water Heaters provide excellent value at lower prices.

Homeowners who want the latest technology, conveniences, and a broad selection will prefer Bradford White. For simple reliable hot water on a budget, State Water Heaters fits the bill nicely.

Those wanting easy maintenance and longer coverage will appreciate Bradford White’s longer warranties. Homeowners needing basic hot water can save money with State’s budget-friendly models.

In summary, Bradford White is ideal for those who prioritize efficiency, features, and selection. State Water Heaters appeal to budget shoppers wanting reliable performance at lower prices. Both make quality water heaters that effectively deliver hot water. Choose based on your key priorities.


Where are Bradford White water heaters made?

Bradford White designs, engineers, and manufactures all of their water heaters in the USA. The majority are made at their facilities in Middleville, MI and Niles, MI.

Do Bradford White and State water heaters qualify for rebates?

Yes, many of their models meet energy efficiency qualifications for rebates and tax credits from utility companies, municipalities, states, and the federal government. Check database listings on

How do I flush my Bradford White or State water heater?

Locate the drain valve at the bottom of the water heater and connect a garden hose. Shut off cold water supply and open the drain valve, allowing water to flow out into a bucket or drain. Flush until water runs clear.

What maintenance do Bradford White and State water heaters require?

Flushing annually, draining and refilling every 6 months-2 years, inspecting anodes and replenishing them as needed. Also check pressure relief valves, piping for leaks, and venting paths. Review manual for full schedule.

Where can I buy parts for Bradford White or State water heaters?

Bradford White and State both have networks of wholesale distributors that stock replacement parts like valves, anodes, switches, etc. You can also order direct from their websites or contact their customer service teams for part inquiries.

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