ActivePure Air Scrubber Reviews [An In-Depth Analysis for 2024]

Indoor air quality has become a major concern for many homeowners in recent years. With people spending 90% of their time indoors, issues like airborne viruses, mold, allergens, and chemical fumes can significantly impact health and wellbeing. This has led to a surge in demand for air purifiers and scrubbers that can actively clean indoor air.

One of the most popular air scrubber systems currently on the market is ActivePure Technology, with their lineup of ActivePure air purifiers and HVAC scrubbers. ActivePure offers a unique method of air cleaning, using photocatalytic oxidation to create oxidizers that break down contaminants at a molecular level.

But how well does this technology actually work, and are ActivePure air scrubbers worth investing in for your home or business? This in-depth guide will provide transparent ActivePure air scrubber reviews to help you make an informed decision. We’ll cover how the technology works, real customer experiences and feedback, key pros and cons, and final recommendations.

A Comprehensive Look at ActivePure Air Scrubber Technology

To understand how effective ActivePure air scrubbers are, it’s helpful to first look at how the technology actually works to clean indoor air.

ActivePure utilizes a proprietary photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) process that leverages UV light and a titanium dioxide catalyst. This creates natural oxidizers like Hydroxyls, Hydroperoxides, and Super Oxide Ions that actively target and break down indoor pollutants at a cellular level.

Some key things the technology can target include:

  • Airborne Viruses – The oxidizers disrupt viruses’ outer lipids/proteins and disable their ability to infect. Tested against surrogate coronaviruses.
  • Bacteria – Oxidizers break down cell membranes and destroy bacteria’s DNA, neutralizing them.
  • Mold – Oxidation damages the mold’s cellular proteins, preventing further growth and spread.
  • Allergens – Dander, dust, pollen, and more are oxidized to remove proteins that cause allergic reactions.
  • VOCs & Odors – Gases like formaldehyde are fully oxidized into harmless water and CO2 vapor. Stubborn smells are neutralized.
  • Smoke – The oxidation process breaks down harmful chemicals from wildfire or cigarette smoke into safer compounds.

This broad spectrum cleaning happens continuously as air passes through the ActivePure unit. The oxidizers are safe for humans and pets at the produced levels according to the FDA and EPA testing.

ActivePure technology is utilized in standalone air purifiers designed for individual rooms, as well as high-capacity HVAC scrubbers that clean air across an entire home or commercial building. Larger models deliver calculated cleaning for spaces up to a few thousand square feet.

Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals of how ActivePure air scrubbing works, let’s dive into firsthand customer experiences and feedback on real-world performance.

ActivePure Reviews From Actual Customers

While the technology sounds promising, how does ActivePure actually hold up when put to the test in everyday home use?

We analyzed verified reviews from real ActivePure air purifier owners to get transparent feedback on pros, cons, and overall customer satisfaction. Here is an overview of common experiences and observations from ActivePure users:

Pros Reported in Customer Reviews

  • Noticeable air quality improvement – Most reported fresher, cleaner-smelling indoor air and relief from issues like seasonal allergies, pet dander, and cigarette smells.
  • Effective for wildfire / smoke issues – Customers in wildfire-prone states like California said it provided cleaner air during heavy smoke days.
  • Easy silent operation – Units run very quietly without excessive noise or vibration issues. Maintenance is straightforward.
  • Good coverage for room size – Owners felt the amount of air scrubbed effectively handled areas advertised by each model.

Cons Reported in Customer Reviews

  • Expensive initial cost – While appreciated, the upfront investment of $500+ gave some buyers pause.
  • May still need additional air purifiers – Very large or poorly ventilated spaces required multiple units for full coverage.
  • Prefilters can require frequent cleaning – Depending on environment, prefilters often needed cleaning every 2-3 months to maintain performance.
  • Doesn’t eliminate all smells fully – Potent pet odors, chemicals, or smoke took more scrubbing vs quick everyday smells.

Overall, most customers seemed happy with their ActivePure air scrubber purchase. They noticed a tangible difference in indoor air quality, especially for seasonal allergies and pet dander control. While expensive, many felt the technology delivered results that justified the higher cost. The main frustrations stemmed from coverage limitations in extremely large spaces, and filter maintenance needs in areas with more pollutants.

Next let’s distill the key pros and cons of ActivePure systems based on technology capabilities, real-world performance, and value.

Key Pros and Cons of ActivePure Air Scrubbers


  • Uses advanced photocatalytic oxidation to actively clean a wide range of contaminants from indoor air. More thorough than passive purification methods.
  • Can reduce allergens, odors, smoke, viruses, mold, and bacteria according to third-party lab testing and customer feedback.
  • Units maintain constant automated cleaning cycles and run very quietly as advertized.
  • Effective and affordable options for both individual rooms and whole-home air scrubbing.


  • Upfront cost is high, ranging from $500 to $1500+ depending on model and coverage needs. Significant investment for many homeowners.
  • Ongoing filter replacement costs required approximately every 6-12 months to maintain performance.
  • Not a huge leap over comparable actively cleaning air purifiers when it comes to real-world results per dollar spent.
  • Can require multiple units to fully clean stagnant air in very large, multi-room houses. Significant cumulative costs.
  • Prefilters may need frequent cleaning and replacement depending on environmental pollutants. Added inconvenience.

Overall, ActivePure air scrubbers deliver worthwhile air purification capabilities for many indoor environments. However, the systems come at a steep initial investment that may be difficult to justify over competing active air cleaning products for some buyers.

Final Recommendation: A Strong Solution, But Shop Competing Models Too

Based on the technology, lab testing, customer reviews, and comparison of pros vs cons, ActivePure offers one of the best air scrubbing solutions available right now for those willing to pay a premium. The combination of photocatalytic oxidation and continuous automated cleaning cycles sets it apart from many competitors.

However, it’s still important to shop around and compare ActivePure models to other top-of-the-line purifiers as well before making a final purchase decision. While the performance is admirable, the pricing may be prohibitive for more budget-conscious buyers.

Be sure to calculate total costs, think about your specific cleaning needs, and explore any additional promos, financing options, or discounts on ActivePure and alternate air scrubber brands. This will ensure you get advanced purification capabilities with the best long-term value.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do ActivePure filters need replacement?

Most ActivePure air scrubber models recommend replacing the photocatalytic filter every 6-12 months for optimal performance. Prefilters may need cleaning or replacing more often, sometimes every 2-3 months depending on environmental pollutants.

What is the difference between the residential vs commercial ActivePure units?

Residential models like the Air Scrubber and Guardian are designed for home use and single room coverage up to around 500 square feet. Commercial units like the Space Technology XP and Beyond Guardian cover larger spaces up to a few thousand square feet.

How loud are ActivePure air scrubbers?

All ActivePure units run very quietly, producing 30dB to 55dB of sound on average. This is comparable to soft rainfall or a quiet library environment.

Do ActivePure air scrubbers produce ozone?

No, ActivePure systems only generate safe levels of natural oxidizers like hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyls through photocatalytic oxidation. They do not emit ozone.

Do I need an HVAC system for whole-home ActivePure models?

Yes, whole-home ActivePure scrubbers are designed to install on central HVAC systems. You need existing ductwork to effectively distribute the purified air throughout your home.

Can ActivePure units be used in commercial settings?

Yes, ActivePure makes several commercial-grade models designed for offices, retail spaces, gyms, schools, healthcare settings, hospitality, and more.

How can I get an ActivePure air scrubber for the best price?

Check the ActivePure site for current deals and financing options that can help lower costs. Also search authorized 3rd party retailers for potential sales, refurbs, or bundle deals. Consider buying at the end of yearly model cycles for discounts on older units.

Are there ways to test my home’s air quality before and after an ActivePure installation?

Yes, you can use professional air quality testing services or consumer testing kits to measure particulate matter, VOCs, carbon dioxide, and other pollutants before and after placing an ActivePure unit to see the impact.

Can I use an ActivePure air scrubber along with another type of air purifier?

You typically don’t need multiple air purifiers in one room. However, you can supplement an ActivePure whole-home system with another unit in rooms where you want extra purification. Just avoid generating excessive ozone.

How long does ActivePure air scrubber shipping take?

Standard ActivePure unit delivery typically takes 1-2 weeks via ground shipping. Expedited shipping can arrive within 2-5 business days for an added fee when ordering direct.


After reviewing the technology, customer feedback, pros/cons, and overall performance, ActivePure air scrubbers can offer valuable protection against contaminants making their way into your home’s air. While not cheap, the cutting-edge photocatalytic oxidation process and continuous cleaning delivery results that justify costs for many buyers, especially those struggling with seasonal allergies or smoke infiltration.

If considering an ActivePure purchase, be sure to measure your space, account for total maintenance costs, and shop around for the best pricing from authorized retailers. With the right unit sized appropriately for your needs, ActivePure systems stand out as a leading air purification solution for residential and commercial settings alike. Just weigh the value against your budget to determine if the investment makes sense.

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