Bradford White Water Heater Vs Rheem
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Bradford White Water Heater Vs Rheem [Which One Has The Best Return Of Investment?]

Installing a water heater costs $1,170 on average. This is just an average cost; it can be fluctuated based on the location and plumber cost.

So, your hard-earned cash needs very good care. What is that? A good return on investment. No matter whether you are buying a heater for your home or business -It’s your money. 

And I am here to guide you to get a better ROI. For that, I picked the most arguing question. That is Bradford white water heater vs. Rheem – which one is the best/ which one has the best ROI?  

Yes! Reddit, Quora, and other forums are flooding over this burning thread. I will solve the thread through this article. You will get an answer about which one is best with a guide of ROI.

By the way -Don’t miss the FAQ. There are 6 unsolved questions that you have been searching for for a long time!

Bradford White Water Heater:


Bradford is a Pennsylvania based water heater company. Their goal is to invest in America, which means America will be their first priority.

To make sure, the company hired 1,500 highly skilled employees. The team is consistently improving service through innovation. 

For example, the Bradford white international technical center is oriented to develop new technology. Here the researchers are investing their talent to stand out in every area. 

Bradfords last 20 products are the successful result of this team. Let see what their electric or gas water heater offers.

Availability & Water pressure:

Since the goal is to serve America, they have enhanced their shop all over the continent. They have a list of dealers; it will help you to find the authentic one. 

Apart from the availability, Bradford has fantastic water pressure. Their product can hold around 150 PSI. This is documented. Still, you can check the details.


Stay relaxed for 7 to 10 years. Yes! That’s what the people say about the brand. If you get any defect within this year, go complain. They have amazing customer service with a highly qualified repair team. One more thing; Bradford users prefer to flush the heater once or twice a year. It will enhance the lifeline.


This brand is the mother of 7 technologies. Here the name of them with a short detail:

  • Hydrojet: It protects the heater from sediment build up. The sediment is a major reason for decaying the heater. 
  • STEADISET Technology: Tankless Water heater has this technology. The invention keeps the water hot without a conventional external tank.
  • Infiniti Tankless SRT: Most tankless water heaters start to decay after a year. Why? Scale build-up. This technology protects the heater from scale build-up. 
  • Eco-Defender Safety System: This technology reduces 75% of NOx emissions. To do that, Bradford uses an external burner.
  • The Defender Safety System: Bradford designed this to save your flammable properties. This is a patented technology to protect your belongings from burnings.. 
  • ICON System™ Gas Control Technology: Gas water heater has this technology for durability and reliability. 
  • Vitraglas Tank Lining: it protects your water from harmful corrosive elements. 


The cost of installation is less than the usual water heater. Bradford White offers the best instruction. So it also takes less time to get installed.

Energy efficiency:

Bradford creates the most electric efficient water heater. According to their claim, their electric water heart consumes only 958KWH per year. 

Editorial Recommendation:

Bradford White BWC RE350T6:

Based on the user experience, This model seems pretty good. It is electric efficient and has a long-lasting service promise. Especially the tube; It has a self-cleaning feature for the HydroJet technology. 

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Rheem Water Heater:


In 2025, Rheem is planning to celebrate its 100 years of service. Wow! For the last 95 years, Rheem appeared globally.

The brand has thousands of employees with a highly qualified researched team. This team is continuously developing the product with innovation. For example, smart monitoring for leakage made them exceptional. Let’s learn more about them.

Availability & Water pressure:

Rheem is available in every box store near you. You will find that even from their official dealer lists. I think this will be the smartest way.

You can also check the water pressure from the official websites. For example, their RTEX offers 150 psi water pressure with wall mount facilities. I found this in the authentic source.


The manufacturer offers 10 years of warranty with a year of labor-warranty. Sounds cool! 


So far, they have the best smart technologies, but not as good as the Bradford white. Here are what they offer:

  • EcoNet Monitoring: you can monitor the heater from your mobile. It has a leakage alert, which will be sent instantly to your mobile.
  • Leaksense: it has an extra channel to sense the leak. You will find it on the LED monitor if there is any leak.
  • InnoFlue Flex Venting: An advanced system that can work either in the direct vent or power vent. 


50 gallons of Rheem water heater installation costs $950 to $1700. It depends on the area and plumber. I know the price might be high, but it can ensure 10 years of ROI. The total installation procedure takes 1 hour approx.

Energy efficiency:

Rheems offers the hybrid electric saver mood. It means the heater will work when it is needed. This will reduce a good amount of electric bills.

Editorial recommendation:

Rheem RTEX-24:

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The model offers a decent GPM for a busy home. It’s around 5.9 pm; experts certified this rate as the best water pressure. This means you can perform your daily work efficiently. Plus, you can monitor the total heating status with an LED monitor. 

Bradford White Water Heater Vs Rheem: Which One Has The Best Return Of Investment?

Time to answer all the doubts. So here it is. If you want the best return on investments, I will prefer to go for Bradford White.

There are some firm reasons to refer to this. Number one is their technologies; it is proven and certified by numerous experts. Number two is efficiency, and the final one is durability. Now the choice is yours.


What brand of water heater is the most reliable?

There are tons of water heater brands out there. It’s tough to go for a specific one. Here are my top 3 picks. AO Smith Bradford and Rinnai. 

How long does a Bradford White gas water heater last?

Bradford White gas water heater lasts at least 10 years. Their anti-scale build-up technologies and product materials ensure this. 

Which water heater is better, Rheem or AO Smith?

I prefer to go for the Rheem. They are comparatively better because of their technologies and energy efficiency. Rheems Energy saver mood is outstanding. It consumes electricity when it is needed.

Should you flush an old water heater?

Yes, you should flush the water heater once a year. No matter if it is new or old, the process will reduce the sediment build-up and enhance the lifetime. 

What is the longest-lasting water heater?

It’s tough to speak about the lifespan of a water heater. Usually, the renowned brand offers 7 to 10 years of warranty. But after the specified time, it depends on the maintenance. If you can maintain it properly, your heater will last more than 15 years.

How much does a Bradford White 40 gallon water heater cost?

Bradford White 40 gallon water heater starts from $600 ( best quality). The price may differ. 

Final Words:

I promised to introduce the best ROI generator. I hope you now know the answer. So, the most burning debate has come to an end. You now know Bradford white vs. Rheem – which one is better? Now share this content with your friends. 

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