American Standard Champion vs Champion 4 [Which Toilet is Better?]

If you’re in the market for a new toilet, you may be considering the American Standard Champion line. This popular toilet series contains both the original Champion model and the updated Champion 4 version. But what’s the difference, and which one is right for your bathroom?

In this in-depth comparison, we’ll look at the key factors that distinguish the Champion and Champion 4 models. We’ll examine their flush performance, design, features, pricing, and ideal usage scenarios. Let’s dive in and decide whether the Champion or Champion 4 is the best choice for your home!

Quick comparison table for the American Standard Champion vs Champion 4 toilets:

FeatureChampionChampion 4
MaP Score (grams)10001300
Trapway Size2-3/8″4″
Flush TechnologyPowerful siphon jet flushFAST siphon jet flush
Water Usage1.6 gpf1.28 gpf
Bowl DesignElongatedElongated
Rim Height16.5″16.5″
Overall Height30.75″30.25″
Toilet SeatElongated seat includedComfort Height elongated seat with soft-close included
Special FinishesNoneEverClean antimicrobial finish and specialty glaze
Ergonomic FeaturesNoneRight Height bowl, slow-close lid
Warranty5 years10 years
Average Price$265$320

Introducing the American Standard Champion Toilets

The Champion and Champion 4 represent American Standard’s flagship toilet models. They both utilize a powerful siphon jet flush system and large trapway to maximize flushing capability.

With sleek, contemporary designs, these high-efficiency toilets are intended to clog less often and provide years of reliable use. They come in a range of colors to match any bathroom décor.

Now let’s look specifically at each version of the Champion toilet.

The Original Champion Toilet

The original Champion model was first released in 2005. It uses a standard sized, elongated bowl design with a 2-3/8″ trapway inside the vitreous china.

This toilet has a wide, fully-glazed flush valve that allows a faster and more powerful siphon jet flush. The large trapway helps minimize clogs.

The Champion toilet meets the EPA WaterSense criteria, using only 1.6 gallons of water per flush (gpf). It’s designed for a household with a heavy load.

The Updated Champion 4 Toilet

In 2018, American Standard updated the Champion line with the release of the Champion 4. This newer model contains several enhancements.

Like the original, the Champion 4 has an elongated bowl design and fast, effective siphon jet flush. But it now has an even wider 4″ trapway andFLUSH technology, making the flush faster and more powerful than before.

The Champion 4 uses 1.28 gpf, an improvement over the original’s 1.6 gpf. This exceeds WaterSense standards for high efficiency and water conservation.

That covers the basics of each model. Now let’s do a detailed comparison of their features and performance.

Comparing the Champion and Champion 4 Models

To help you determine whether the original Champion or Champion 4 is better for your bathroom, we’ll look at four key factors:

  • Flush performance
  • Design and dimensions
  • Special features
  • Price and warranty

Let’s explore how the two models differ in each category.

Flush Performance

The biggest distinction between the Champion and Champion 4 is in flush power and effectiveness.

The original Champion already has an industry-leading 1000 gram MaP (Maximum Performance) score, meaning it can flush 1000 grams of solid waste in a single flush.

But with its wider 4″ trapway and faster flush time, the Champion 4 earns an unrivaled MaP score of 1300 grams. That’s 30% more flushing capability than the original Champion and the highest rating on the market.

If you want maximum flushing strength to handle large loads with no clogs, the Champion 4 is the clear winner.

Design and Dimensions

While the Champion 4 made major upgrades to flushing performance, the external design and dimensions stayed largely the same.

Both models have a contemporary, chrome-accented trip lever and standard height elongated bowl. The bowl shape is identical, with modeled contours at the sides.

The Champion 4 is slightly shorter overall, but has the same 12″ rough-in size. Either toilet will fit in the same footprint a standard elongated bowl occupies.

If you have a smaller bathroom, the original Champion’s slightly shorter height may work a little better. But both models should suit most standard elongated toilet spaces.

Special Features

The Champion 4 builds on the original model with some useful extra features.

The Champion 4 has an antimicrobial finish that inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew on the toilet’s surface. This helps maintain a cleaner bowl.

It also has a specialty glaze that prevents debris, mold, and waste from sticking to the ceramic. This EverClean surface makes the toilet easier to keep clean with less manual scrubbing.

The Champion 4 is designed with a Right Height bowl that puts the seat at a chair-height position between 16-19 inches. This makes sitting down and standing up easier for most adults.

Another ergonomic feature is the Comfort Seat with soft-close hinges included with the Champion 4. The lid closes slowly and quietly without slamming.

Finally, the Champion 4 has a 10 year limited warranty, twice as long as the original Champion’s 5 year warranty.

Price and Warranty

The Champion 4 costs a little more than the original Champion since it’s the newer model with extra features.

On average, the Champion 4 retails around $320, while the original Champion costs approximately $265. The difference is just $50-60 for a significantly stronger flush.

As mentioned above, the Champion 4 also doubles the warranty period to 10 years compared to 5 years for the original. This provides more long-term protection on your investment.

Overall, both Champion models provide excellent value. But you’ll get more features, a longer warranty, and superior performance if you opt for the Champion 4.

Which Model Is Right For You?

Now that we’ve compared the American Standard Champion and Champion 4 across several categories, let’s summarize when each toilet makes the most sense for your household.

For Powerful Flushing – Champion 4

If you want the strongest flush on the market, the Champion 4 is the clear choice. Its 1300 MaP score means this toilet can handle years of heavy use without clogging. The 4″ trapway and FAST flush technology deliver maximum power.

For Affordability – Original Champion

If you want American Standard’s proven flushing system at the lowest cost, go with the original Champion. It’s nearly identical to the Champion 4 in bowl design and functionality but costs $50-60 less.

For Smaller Spaces – Original Champion

With its slightly shorter overall height, the original Champion may be the better fit if you have a tiny bathroom. But the Champion 4 occupies about the same footprint, just with 2 inches extra height.

For Lots of Special Features – Champion 4

The Champion 4 includes many bonus features like an antimicrobial finish, specialty glaze, ergonomic seat height, soft-close lid, and 10 year warranty. If these extras appeal to you, choose the Champion 4.

That concludes our in-depth comparison of the key differences between the American Standard Champion and Champion 4 toilets. Both models offer excellent performance and value, but the Champion 4 provides more power, amenities, and long-term protection.

Consider how much flushing capacity you need, what dimensions fit your space best, and which special features would improve your experience. Then select the Champion toilet that’s right for your home and bathroom needs. With either model, you’ll gain a superbly designed, highly effective toilet from a leading brand.


How much water does the Champion use per flush?

The original Champion uses 1.6 gallons per flush (gpf). The Champion 4 is more efficient at just 1.28 gpf.

What toilet seat is included with each model?

The original Champion just includes a standard elongated seat. The Champion 4 provides an ergonomic Comfort Seat with soft-close hinges.

Can I purchase the Champion 4 seat separately to use on the original Champion?

Yes, American Standard sells the Comfort Seat as a standalone accessory that can retrofit onto the original Champion.

What is the rough-in size?

Both the Champion and Champion 4 have a standard 12″ rough-in size.

How much clearance do I need in front of the toilet?

American Standard recommends leaving 18-21″ of clear space in front of the toilet.

What type of flush mechanism is used?

These Champion models use a very effective siphon jet flush that propels water into the bowl from both sides.

What is the warranty?

The original Champion has a 5 year limited warranty. The Champion 4 warranty is twice as long at 10 years.


When choosing between the American Standard Champion and Champion 4 toilets, there are several factors to consider.The Champion 4 stands out for its ultra-powerful 1300 MaP flush score, wide 4″ trapway, and FAST flush technology. These features allow it to clear 70% more waste per flush than conventional toilets.

But the original Champion still provides robust flushing performance in a more affordable package. The elongated bowl design is essentially the same between both models.

The Champion 4 adds useful extras like an antimicrobial finish, specialty glaze, soft-close lid, higher seat height, and 10 year warranty. But these may not be must-haves for every household.

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