American Standard Champion Pro vs Champion 4 Comparison

American Standard has long been one of the most recognized and trusted brands in the plumbing fixture industry. The company offers a range of high-efficiency toilets designed to suit different needs and budgets. Two of their most popular models are the Champion Pro and Champion 4 toilets.

The Champion Pro represents American Standard’s newest innovation in toilet flushing technology. It uses a 4-inch piston action accelerator flush valve to deliver a faster, more powerful flush than a standard 2-inch flapper. The Champion 4 uses a more traditional flapper flush valve but still provides excellent waste removal in a water-efficient design.

Deciding between the Champion Pro and Champion 4 largely depends on your priorities in a toilet. Performance, design, ease of installation, and price point vary between the two models. This article will compare the key specifications and features of the Champion Pro and Champion 4 to help you determine the better choice for your bathroom.

Here is an in-depth comparison table for the American Standard Champion Pro vs Champion 4 toilets:

SpecsChampion ProChampion 4
Bowl ShapeElongatedRound Front or Elongated
Tank Capacity1.6 GPF1.6 GPF
Flushing Technology4″ Piston Valve3″ Flapper
Flushing Power1000 grams1000 grams
Water Usage1.6 GPF1.6 GPF
Colors/FinishesWhite, Linen, BoneWhite, Linen, Bone
Flushing PowerSuperiorStandard
Waste Removal20% BetterGood
Clog ResistanceExcellentModerate
Noise LevelSlightly LouderQuieter
Bowl Height15-1/2″16-1/2″
Toilet SeatElongated Slow-CloseRound/Elongated Options
InstallationEasier with GasketStandard Wax Ring
Warranty10 Years10 Years
Ratings4.7 stars4.5 stars
Best ForHigh Traffic BathroomsSecondary Bathrooms


The Champion Pro and Champion 4 share some core specifications but also have some distinct dimensions and design differences:


  • Champion Pro: 30-3/4″ x 15-3/4″ x 30-1/2″
  • Champion 4: 30-3/4” x 17-3/4” x 30”

The Champion 4 toilet has a taller bowl height than the Champion Pro. This results in a more comfortable seated position for most adults.

Tank Capacity

  • Both models: 1.6 gallons per flush

Bowl Shape

  • Champion Pro: Elongated
  • Champion 4: Round front or elongated

The Champion 4 offers the choice of a round bowl or elongated bowl. The Champion Pro is only available with an elongated bowl.

Flushing Technology

  • Champion Pro: 4″ piston action accelerator valve
  • Champion 4: 3″ flapper flush valve

The Champion Pro’s accelerator valve provides faster, increased water flow compared to the standard flapper valve on the Champion 4.

Flushing Power

  • Champion Pro: 1000 grams
  • Champion 4: 1000 grams

Both toilets share the maximum flushing capability to clear 1000 grams of waste in a single flush.

Water Usage

  • Both models: 1.6 gallons per flush

The Champion Pro and Champion 4 are both WaterSense certified high-efficiency toilets, using 20% less water than a standard 1.6 gpf toilet.


  • Both models: White, Linen, and Bone colored finishes

American Standard offers the same neutral colored finishes on both the Champion Pro and Champion 4 models to match any bathroom decor.


The biggest performance distinction between the Champion Pro and Champion 4 lies in the flushing power and efficiency.

Flushing Power

The accelerated flush valve and increased water flow on the Champion Pro provide it with faster, superior flushing capability compared to the Champion 4. The Champion Pro completely evacuates the bowl in just one flush, even removing difficult waste and minimizing streaking. Some reviewers indicate the Champion 4 may occasionally require two flushes to fully clear waste from the bowl.

Waste Removal

The Champion Pro’s increased flush pressure results in 20% better waste removal on each flush according to Maximum Performance testing. This means the Champions Pro provides a cleaner bowl after every use.

Clog Resistance

The Champion Pro’s 4″ valve opening and faster flush make it much more difficult to clog compared to a standard flapper flush toilet like the Champion 4. The larger flush valve on the Champion Pro resists obstructions, allowing the full volume of water to pass through with each flush.

Noise Level

Some users note the Champion Pro has a slightly louder flush noise than the Champion 4 due to the more powerful piston action. However, neither toilet produces an excessively loud or disruptive noise during flushing.

Water Savings

Both the Champion Pro and Champion 4 offer significant water savings by using just 1.6 gallons per flush. This makes them ideal choices for eco-conscious homeowners looking to reduce their environmental impact and water usage.


The Champion Pro and Champion 4 share a few design similarities but also have some noticeable differences:

Bowl Shape

As noted above in the specifications, the Champion Pro bowl is elongated while the Champion 4 offers both elongated and round front bowl options. Elongated bowls provide more comfortable seating position for most adults.

Tank Lever

The chrome tank levers on each model have different styles. The Champion Pro has a curved, slope-front lever while the Champion 4 has a more angular, flat front tank lever design. This gives the models slightly different aesthetics.

Toilet Seat Options

The Champion Pro only comes with an elongated slow-close toilet seat in white. The Champion 4 gives you color options for the seat, like black, white, or bone, and allows you to 

choose between round or elongated.


Both models come in the American Standard colors of White, Linen, and Bone to suit any bathroom decor. The finishes help resist chips, scratches, and staining over time.

Ease of Installation

American Standard designed both the Champion Pro and Champion 4 for easy installation and replacement of old toilets.


The common 12″ rough-in for both models accommodates the majority of residential bathroom toilet installations.

Bowl to Floor Height

The Champion 4 sits about an inch taller off the floor than the Champion Pro. It has an ADA compliant bowl height of 16-1/2” from floor to bowl rim.

Wax Ring vs Gasket

The Champion Pro comes with an Easy Install gasket that seals the toilet to the floor flange with just hand tightening. The Champion 4 uses a standard wax ring for sealing.

Additional Parts

No additional parts, hardware, or specialty tools are required to install either toilet. All parts are included. The gasket and bolts allow for quick tool-free installation of the Champion Pro.


As American Standard’s newest premier toilet, the Champion Pro does come at a higher price point than the Champion 4.


  • Champion Pro: $320
  • Champion 4: $290

Average Retail Price

  • Champion Pro: $235 – $270
  • Champion 4: $210 – $240


The Champion Pro’s superior flushing performance and innovative valve design justify the slightly higher price over the Champion 4 for some homeowners. It’s a worthwhile investment for the added power and efficiency.


American Standard provides excellent protection for both these toilet models.


The Champion Pro and Champion 4 both come with a limited 10-year warranty. It covers defects and failures in materials and workmanship, including porcelain cracks or breaks.


The decade-long warranty provides long-lasting peace of mind and support from American Standard if any issue arises with your toilet.


Normal wear and tear, misuse, improper care, and commercial use are excluded from the warranty coverage. It only applies to original residential owners.

Customer Reviews

Both the Champion Pro and Champion 4 are highly rated by homeowners who have installed these toilets.


  • Champion Pro: 4.7 out of 5 stars with over 1,300 reviews
  • Champion 4: 4.5 out of 5 stars with over 3,200 reviews


Customers praise the Champion Pro for its incredibly powerful flush, water-saving design, easy installation, and quality construction. For the Champion 4, customers appreciate the affordable price, taller bowl height, quiet operation, and reliable flushing performance.


Some Champion Pro owners wish the toilet sat slightly higher off the floor. A few Champion 4 users say it may require double flushing debris on occasion.

Best Uses

The Champion Pro’s superior flush makes it the better choice for higher traffic bathrooms that need to handle substantial waste removal after every flush. The Champion 4 suits secondary bathrooms or powders rooms well with its simpler but still relatively robust flushing abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the Champion Pro and Champion 4 toilets look the same?

They share a similar overall toilet style and the same color finish options from American Standard. However, there are some visual differences in the bowl shapes, tank lever designs, and seat options.

How loud is the flush on the Champion Pro compared to the Champion 4?

The Champion Pro does have a slightly louder flush noise due to the more powerful piston valve flow. But neither toilet is excessively noisy or disruptive during flushing.

Can the Champion Pro and Champion 4 bowls be cleaned the same way?

Yes, American Standard recommends using mild, non-abrasive cleaners and a soft cloth to clean the toilet bowls on both models. Avoid abrasive cleansers which may scratch the finish.

What is the rough-in distance for installing the Champion 4 and Champion Pro?

Both toilets have a standard 12” rough-in distance from the finished wall to the toilet flange center. This accommodates most residential bathroom toilet replacements.

How much water do the Champion 4 and Champion Pro use per flush?

Both models are high-efficiency 1.6 gpf toilets, using only 1.6 gallons of water per flush. This provides significant water savings over older 3.5 gpf models.


The Champion Pro and Champion 4 both represent excellent toilet options from the respected American Standard brand. The Champion Pro stands out for its state-of-the-art flushing system utilizing a 4” piston valve to deliver unparalleled flush power and efficiency. Its faster, increased water flow and wider valve clear waste in bulk after each and every flush. While the Champion 4 uses a more standard flapper valve, it still provides relatively strong flushing performance in a more affordable package.

Ultimately, the Champion Pro is the clear recommendation if you want the absolute best in class flushing efficiency, speed, and waste removal. Its superior valve technology justifies the slightly higher price tag for most buyers. However, the Champion 4 remains a quality choice for secondary bathrooms or budget-conscious shoppers looking for reliable flush power. Either American Standard toilet will serve you well for years to come.

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