American Standard vs Mansfield Toilets [Choosing Between Two Top Brands]

When it comes time to purchase new toilets, homeowners are often faced with the decision between going with a major national brand like American Standard or a regional manufacturing company like Mansfield. Both companies have been producing high-quality sanitary wares for over a century and offer a range of toilets to meet different needs and budgets.

This article will compare American Standard and Mansfield’s reputations, toilet types, designs, flushing systems, water efficiency, pricing, and warranties. Whether you prioritize style, performance, or value, this guide will help you determine which brand’s toilets are the right fit for your home.

Here is an in-depth comparison table for American Standard vs Mansfield toilets:

FeatureAmerican StandardMansfield
Reputation140 year history, known for high quality and performanceRegional brand known for value and reliability
ReliabilityDurable with 10-20+ year lifespans reportedDurable with 10-15+ year lifespans reported
Toilet TypesOffer one-piece and two-piece models; various bowl types and flush systemsOffer one-piece and two-piece models; various bowl types and flush systems
Specialty ToiletsMany specialty options like comfort height, ADA, space saving, etc.Some specialty options like comfort height and ADA compliant
StylesRange from traditional to contemporary; curved, elegant designsSimplified, streamlined look inspired by mid-century modern
ColorsWhite, Linen, Black availableWhite, Bone available
Flushing PowerExcellent, effective bowl clearing with little double flushing neededExcellent, effective bowl clearing with little double flushing needed
Water EfficiencyNumerous high efficiency 1.28 gpf or lower modelsNumerous high efficiency 1.28 gpf or lower models
Top OneCheck Latest PriceCheck Latest Price
ValueHigher pricing but excellent quality and performanceLower pricing with very good quality and performance
WarrantyLimited lifetime on chinaware, 5 years mechanicalLimited lifetime on chinaware, 1 year mechanical

Brief History of American Standard and Mansfield

American Standard has been manufacturing bathroom fixtures since 1875, when the Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company was first founded in Pittsburgh. They’ve built a reputation for high-end quality bathroom products, including toilets, faucets, bathtubs, and other fixtures. Although American Standard has factories worldwide today, most of their vitreous china toilets are made in the U.S.

Mansfield Plumbing Products was established in 1929 in Perrysville, Ohio. Unlike the national reach of American Standard, Mansfield operates as a regional manufacturer, focusing largely on the Midwest region of the U.S. They specialize in toilets and other sanitary wares for both residential and commercial applications. Mansfield prides themselves on making quality products that are American-made.

Overview of Comparing the Two Brands

When trying to choose between American Standard and Mansfield toilets, there are a number of factors that come into play. Key considerations include:

  • Reputation and reliability – How well-known is the brand and how trusted are their products? Do the toilets stand the test of time?
  • Toilet types – What kinds of toilets do they offer (one-piece, two-piece, etc.) and what bowl shapes and flushing mechanisms are available?
  • Design – How do the styles and aesthetics compare? What finish and color options are there?
  • Flushing performance – How well do the toilets flush and how water efficient are they?
  • Price – What is the cost range for each brand and how does value measure up?
  • Warranties – How long is coverage offered against defects?

Looking at all of these factors together can help homeowners zero in on which brand best suits their toilet needs and preferences. The following sections will explore each of these areas of comparison in more depth.

Reputation and Reliability

When investing in new toilets, most homeowners want the peace of mind that comes from choosing a brand with an established reputation for quality and reliability. American Standard and Mansfield have built up their reputations over many decades.

American Standard’s Reputation

With 140 years in the plumbing industry, American Standard has cultivated a reputation for high-end, stylish bathroom fixtures. They are known for manufacturing toilets and other products that blend performance and aesthetics.

Many of their toilets have won design awards and they are associated with quality engineering. While American Standard does produce some lower priced models, much of their brand identity stems from being a premium product.

Their widespread availability across home improvement stores gives them broad consumer familiarity as well. Overall, American Standard is trusted as a reliable brand that produces durable toilets.

Mansfield’s Reputation

While not as nationally ubiquitous as American Standard, Mansfield has earned an excellent reputation regionally in the Midwest for manufacturing quality toilets.

Homeowners and plumbers in this part of the country are quite familiar with the Mansfield name and think highly of the brand. They are known for making affordable and dependable toilets.

Part of Mansfield’s reputation also comes from their focus on American-made manufacturing. Many homeowners appreciate supporting U.S. jobs by purchasing Mansfield’s domestically produced toilets.

Reliability of Each Brand

In terms of reliability, both American Standard and Mansfield make toilets that can easily last for decades with proper care and maintenance.

American Standard often wins praise from consumers for making durable toilets that stand the test of time in residential settings. Many homeowners report their American Standard toilets functioning smoothly for 15-20 years or longer.

While Mansfield does not have quite as long of a track record yet as the 140-year-old American Standard, homeowners report very good reliability from Mansfield toilets bought in recent years. Their toilets commonly operate problem-free for 10-15 years, reflecting their quality manufacturing.

So while American Standard edges out Mansfield slightly in terms of reputation, both brands produce reliable toilets. Homeowners can expect either brand to deliver years of dependable performance.

Toilet Types Offered

From round-front bowls to low-flow flush mechanisms, American Standard and Mansfield offer homeowners a variety of toilet types and technologies. Comparing the sorts of toilets available from each brand can help match buyers with their ideal toilet.

One-Piece vs Two-Piece Toilets

One of the basic decisions to make when selecting a new toilet is whether to get a one-piece or two-piece model. One-piece toilets have the tank and bowl as a single molded unit, whereas two-piece toilets have a separate tank that attaches to the bowl.

Both American Standard and Mansfield offer one-piece and two-piece toilet options across their product lines. One-piece toilets have a smoother, more modern and seamless look. But two-piece models may allow for easier transport and installation since the tank and bowl are lighter separately.

Within both the one-piece and two-piece categories, the two brands offer comparable choices. So buyers are able to select whichever toilet construction type makes the most sense for their bathroom space and needs.

Types of Bowls and Flushing Systems

In addition to one-piece vs two-piece configuration, American Standard and Mansfield provide homeowners with options when it comes to:

  • Bowl shape – Elongated or round-front bowls are available from both brands. Elongated bowls offer more comfortable seating, while round-front bowls may allow for more compact bathroom dimensions.
  • Bowl height – For greater comfort and accessibility, both companies sell toilets with chair height or right height seated positions closer to 18‚ÄĚ high.
  • Flushing mechanisms – Gravity-flush, pressure-assisted, and low-flow high efficiency flush systems are all produced by both American Standard and Mansfield. This allows buyers to select options like 1.6 gpf high efficiency toilets to help conserve water usage.

Having choices across these toilet types and technologies allows homeowners to hone in on the perfect toilet that matches their bathroom layout, ergonomic needs, and water efficiency goals.

Specialty Toilets

Beyond basic toilet models, both brands also provide specialty toilet options:

  • Comfort height – Extra tall toilets that mimic chair height for easier sitting down and standing up
  • Compact/space saving – Smaller toilets designed for tight bathrooms
  • ADA compliant – Toilets meeting the Americans with Disabilities Act standards for accessibility. These include proper toilet height, grab bars, and flush mechanisms.
  • Wall-mounted – Toilets that attach directly to the wall and have concealed plumbing
  • High efficiency – Toilets that flush using 1.28 gpf or less, some even as low as 0.8 gpf
  • Touchless flush – Motion sensor operation allows flushing without needing to physically touch the lever

The wide range of specialty toilet types from both brands allows buyers to get a toilet tailored to their unique needs. From comfort height for aging-in-place to touchless operation for sanitation and convenience, the options are plentiful.

Design and Aesthetics

Toilets are part of a home’s style and design, so aesthetics often play a major role in homeowners’ decisions. American Standard and Mansfield offer distinct looks when it comes to their toilets.

Style and Look of American Standard Toilets

American Standard toilets cover the gamut from traditional to contemporary in style. Many of their most popular models fall into the transitional category, with gently curved lines and understated decorations. The overall look leans more modern than old-fashioned.

Their products showcase the higher level of detail possible with vitreous china construction. Design elements often include subtle patterns, graceful shaping, and small embellishments. Finishes tend toward polished and sleek.

While offering a broad range of looks, American Standard toilets share an elevated, subtly sophisticated aesthetic that sets them apart from basic builder-grade toilets. Their products align with current trends of clean, crisp design in bathrooms.

Style and Look of Mansfield Toilets

Mansfield toilets exude simplicity in their pared down, understated designs. They have a straight-forward, durable sensibility that focuses on function over form.

These toilets take inspiration from classic mid-century modern cues. Their streamlined silhouettes and lack of ornamentation give Mansfield toilets a modest, timeless look.

The plumbing is concealed inside the toilet, which adds to the seamless profiles. Their design aesthetic fits well with many contemporary, vintage, cottage, and farmhouse style bathrooms.

Color and Finish Options

Homeowners can find toilets from both American Standard and Mansfield in classic glossy white as well as a few other color choices:

  • White – Bright, clean white is available from both brands in a glazed finish that resists staining and is easy to clean. This versatile color suits any style of bathroom.
  • Bone – Mansfield produces toilets in Bone, an attractive off-white bisque shade with warm undertones. The slight color adds depth.
  • Linen – American Standard’s popular alternative color is Linen, a creamy ivory shade that provides a soft, relaxed look.
  • Black – For a bold, dramatic effect, American Standard offers many of its toilets in a deep Black color. This dark, glossy hue makes a statement.

While white remains the go-to, homeowners who want a touch of color have some appealing options from both brands to introduce more personality into their bathrooms.

Flushing Performance and Efficiency

A toilet’s flushing performance is one of the most important factors for homeowners to consider. Key aspects to compare are flushing power, effectiveness, and water usage.

Flushing Power and Effectiveness

Having sufficient flush power to clear the bowl thoroughly in one flush is imperative for any high functioning toilet. Both American Standard and Mansfield excel when it comes to flushing performance and minimizing the need for double flushing.

American Standard offers a range of different flushing mechanisms like the reliable Champion 4 system, which delivers robust flushing power. Mansfield also incorporates proprietary siphoning action technology into many of their models to create strong, highly effective flushing.

User feedback indicates that both brands engineer toilets that rank among the best when it comes to getting the bowl clear each flush. Homeowners report rarely needing to flush twice with toilets from either American Standard or Mansfield.

Water Usage and Conservation

In addition to performance, water efficiency is a priority for many homeowners as well when shopping for toilets. Both brands offer models that conserve water usage without sacrificing flush power.

American Standard has various high efficiency toilets that flush using only 1.28 gpf or lower. Many meet EPA WaterSense criteria using 20% less water than a typical 1.6 gpf toilet.

Mansfield also produces WaterSense labeled high efficiency models that use 1.28 gpf or less. Like American Standard, their low flow models still deliver robust flushing thanks to well-designed tanks and bowls.

For those wanting to save water and money on their utility bills, American Standard and Mansfield both provide plenty of high efficiency toilet options that reduce water usage while maintaining full flush functionality.

Price Considerations

Budget is often a concern for homeowners when investing in new toilets. Both American Standard and Mansfield offer products at various price points to accommodate different budgets.

Price Range for Both Brands

American Standard toilets range widely in price from a couple hundred dollars up to $700+ for more luxurious models:

  • Budget – Around $200 – $250
  • Mid-range – $300 – $450
  • High-end – $500 – $750+

Mansfield also provides a good spectrum of pricing:

  • Budget – Around $150 – $250
  • Mid-range – $275 – $350
  • High-end – $400 – $550

As would be expected, the more basic builder-grade toilets fall at the lower price points while toilets with more features, higher style, and advanced performance command higher prices for both brands.

Value Compared to Cost

For the most part, both American Standard and Mansfield toilets offer excellent value for money across the different price tiers.

Many homeowners feel American Standard provides a noticeably higher degree of quality and performance versus other brands with similarly priced toilets, especially for mid-range models. The brand commands a bit of a price premium but delivers accordingly.

With Mansfield, buyers consistently report getting comparable performance and quality to more expensive brands but at lower price points. So Mansfield presents outstanding value, delivering capabilities beyond what the prices would suggest.


To protect against defects and issues down the road, American Standard and Mansfield back their toilets with the following warranties:

  • American Standard – Limited lifetime warranty on chinaware, 5 year warranty on mechanical parts
  • Mansfield – Limited lifetime warranty on chinaware, 1 year warranty on mechanical parts

American Standard provides longer coverage for internal workings, which could be a factor for buyers wanting that additional peace of mind. But both warranties cover replacement of defective chinaware for as long as you own the toilet.


Are American Standard or Mansfield toilets easier to clean and maintain?

Both brands make toilets from vitreous china that feature a ceramic glaze coating. This glass-like finish prevents stains, odors, mold, and mildew from accumulating and makes cleaning easier. So American Standard and Mansfield toilets are equivalently easy to keep clean with regular wiping, scrubbing, and disinfecting as needed.

Do American Standard or Mansfield have smart toilets with high-tech features?

American Standard offers a handful of high-tech smart toilets. These include models with touchless flushing, heated seats, LED lighting, automatic opening/closing lids, personalized cleansing, and digital remote controls. Mansfield focuses more on reliable performance at lower prices rather than fancy gadgetry.

Are American Standard toilets quieter when flushing?

In general American Standard and Mansfield toilets are close in terms of operational noise levels. Both brands engineer their tanks and flushing mechanisms to minimize extraneous noises as much as possible. So you can find relatively quiet flush toilets from either brand.

Do plumbers prefer installing one brand over the other?

Professional plumbers are very familiar with both American Standard and Mansfield toilets. They often recommend Mansfield to homeowners looking for quality at more affordable pricing. But plumbers also trust American Standard’s engineering and installation is straightforward for either brand.

Which brand has more bowl and tank choices?

With its broader product catalog, American Standard provides more toilet bowl and tank variations to customize style and function. Mansfield offers a focused range of classic, versatile designs. So American Standard edges out Mansfield when it comes to the number of configuration options.


When weighing American Standard vs Mansfield toilets, homeowners need to balance factors like reputation, performance, style, water efficiency, pricing, and warranties.

For those wanting the brand prestige, wider range of contemporary designer looks, and excellent flushing systems of American Standard, the extra investment pays dividends. Budget-focused buyers wanting attractive, reliable toilets at reasonable prices get great quality for value from Mansfield.

Regardless of which brand you choose, you can expect years of sturdy performance from toilets produced by either of these two reputable American companies. Carefully identifying your needs and bathroom goals makes it easier to pick between American Standard and Mansfield. Both deliver durable toilets built to handle years of frequent use.

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