Taking a bath can be contemplated as one of the greatest pursuits after a long tiring day. Some even like to start their important days with a refreshing shower. To have the most reviving experience during this time, people often search for the best handheld shower head with an on/off switch.

Best handheld switch with on off switch

It is not long ago when people were more acquainted with using wall-mounted showerheads. But since the fixed shower heads would not provide as much flexibility as their preference, they had to revolve. Now we have not only handheld showerheads but also various tools and designs integrated into them.

Now, there are numerous things to consider before getting the ultimate one for yourself. To reach that goal smoothly.

Things to consider before buying:

Handheld showerheads are essential components both for a household and especially for individuals. Nobody wants to replace such machinery stuff around the house now and then. If you do not want to go without taking a shower even for a single day, follow this guideline before buying the best handheld showerhead with an on/off push button.


Different handheld showerheads are made of different materials. It is better to buy one made of stainless steel rather than cheap plastics. Because these showerheads have ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) in their structure, these are necessary to make it corrosive resistant and rust-free.

Rarely, you can find showerheads made of wood or metal. But those are not long sustainable if you are living in saltwater lands. So, going with the stainless ones is the best option out there.

Length of hose:

Most of the shower heads have hose length ranging from 5-6.5 feet. However, this choice entirely depends on a variety of reasons. For instance, if you are short in height, you will want to go with a shorter length hose.

If you have kids or the elderly at home, then you will need a more flexible one. Extra-long hoses provide you with that type of accommodation. You can get a shower sitting, standing, or however you like.

If you are choosing handheld showerheads mostly on the longer side, make sure it also stays tangle-free.

Spray settings:

Variation in shower spray has become a favorite for most people. No one wants to settle with the same boring waterfall shower heads nowadays. Before buying one, make sure to check out how many spray settings it has and how many you prefer.

There are single individual spray settings, and there are combinations. Price may vary according to the number of spray settings in the showerhead.

Thermal issues:

It is an important feature you need to check if you are from a country that has winter as her main season. You will be using hot water for most of your shower time. So, obviously, your handheld shower head has to be constructed in a way it can tolerate both the temperature and shock.

Dual combo:

Some of the handheld shower heads come with an overhead shower as well. But some are two in one. That means it will be decorated with options so you can use it as both overhead and handheld.

Buying the later one is a smarter option. It is not only more affordable but also lightweight and easy to install.

Flow rate:

The older showerheads that were used had an eight to nine GPM as their flow rate. It is detrimental to health over a long period of time. According to Water Sense, water flow should be less than 2GPM. Nowadays, most of the handheld showers come with a 2-2.5GPM flow rate, which is pretty decent.

Make your product comes with a removable restrictor in the nozzle. That way, when the water flow seems to decrease, you can simply remove it to enjoy a higher pressure.


If you do not want to install an extra shower filter in your shower head, some products come with inbuilt filters. They are amazing at reducing impurities. Some even have a disposable cartridge to save some extra hassle.

Reviews of Top 10 handheld shower head with on/off lever:

1. HotelSpa Ultra-Luxury 3 Way Rainfall Showerhead:

If you are looking for an all-in-one handheld showerhead, this product from HotelSpa should top the list. It is a wall-mounted shower head with handheld combo. The variety of shower settings it offers is what makes it an absolute favorite for consumers.

It is a 6″/4″ rainfall shower head/handheld shower. That means the wall fixed shower head is six inches, whereas the handheld one is four inches. Both of the hoses are made of stainless steel with five to seven feet in length. This material can act as a great corrosive resistance.

The dual shower head combo consists of a six-settings rainfall showerhead and a seven settings handheld shower head. Each of them has drenching rainfall, economy rain, rain/mist, pulsating massage, power rain, stay-warm mist as their shower settings. The handheld unit comes with an extra pause setting due to the presence of an on/off switch.

You can use these showerheads separately and both together. You can get access to thirty different combinations while using them at a time. The angle-adjustable feature in the overhead shower helps you shower standing or lying in the tub; however, you like it.

The main showerhead also has a lever dial that lets you control water pressure. The anti-swivel lock nut is a lifesaver in case of water leakage. The pause and economy rain settings are a plus if you want to save water while shampooing or rubbing soap.

  • Flexible handheld shower head
  • Flow rate 2.5GPM
  • Help in saving water with on-off switch
  • High-pressure water jet.
  • Diversified settings for both water pressure and flow type
  • User-friendly installation process
  • It Prevents water leakage by a lock nut.
  • Easy to give kids and pets a bath.
  • Rust protective hose structure
  • Slightly unfavorable for shorter people.

2. HotelSpa 3 Way Rainfall Shower Combo:

This one is a baby version of the previous one because it comes with almost all the previous HotelSpa showerhead’s features but at a lower price. So, if you are on a budget with a longing for a versatile showerhead, then this one is it.

This showerhead duo comes with a five feet hose, which has been engineered with stainless steel. That way, you can enjoy a salt-free shower. It will not only protect the shower itself but also your washroom tile and tub.

The dual white and chrome finishing design will act as a beauty enhancer in your bathroom. The handheld shower head shut off valve functions in favor of saving water when needed. Both of the showerheads have six and seven water flow settings, respectively.

The lock nut system and an extra slot for the handheld shower have made it way easier to install. So, you will not need a plumber to mount it. It comes with an integrated restrictor and a 3-zone lever dial that helps control the water speed.

The angle-adjustable overhead bracket is an extra for getting a better water reach. You can clean different body parts and hair individually with the handheld showerhead unit.

  • Corrosive resistant hose pipe
  • Eye-catching design
  • Large shower head for full-body coverage
  • It has three water diverters with six settings each.
  • Thirty individual combinations while used in sequence.
  • Quick installation process
  • Presence of water-saving mode
  • Overhead angle-adjustable bracket.
  • Anti-swivel lock nut and inbuilt restrictor
  • The length of the hose is user-friendly for shorter people.
  • In rare instances, the off switch may not completely stop the water flow.
  • The main unit may leak while using the handheld one if the lock nut not used properly.

3. PowerSpa by HotelSpa High-Pressure Shower Head Combo:

It’s not a while ago when people had to go to a spa or massage parlors individually for relaxation. But now you can set it up all in your own house with this PowerSpa by HotelSpa showerheads. It has the best handheld shower head if you want to double the number of water spray combinations.

Previously we only reviewed products that only came with thirty different combinations due to the limitation in their pattern settings. But this one comes with sixty-three combinations consisting of eight settings in the handheld unit and seven settings in the overhead shower. The on-off valve leads to an extra pause pattern to save water.

With an angle-adjustable overhead bracket, you can get all the water patterns (rain, economy, mist, combination mode) sprayed in your preferred directions. The other features, such as stainless-steel hose, multifunctional spa with a three-way diverter, the good installation process, is all the same, just like the other HotelSpa showerheads have to offer.

You can use the handheld unit separately to drench a particular body part and keep the rest dry. It is also applicable for old or injured individuals. The five feet tall hose is also a plus point for shorter adults.

The overhead shower unit is a bit smaller (4inches) than the previous ones (six inches). But it still covers the whole body with perfection. This high-power shower tool with all these facilities is brought to you by HotelSpa at a very budget-friendly price.

  • Water flow rate 2.5GPM
  • Five feet hose made of corrosive protective material.
  • Sixty-three different combination pattern
  • Easy installment mechanism
  • Flexible due to three-way diverted and angle adjustment
  • Water-saving capability due to the on-off switch
  • Anti-clog jet that keeps both hose and water clean
  • Very rarely, the water flow decreases while using a combo.
  • Overhead and handheld, both the units are the same sizes (four inches)

4. HotelSpa Handheld Shower with Patented ON/OFF valve and Shower Filter with Disposable Cartridge: 

This shower device from HotelSpa will not only satisfy your shower experience, but it will also filter the delivered water. It comes with an inbuilt two-stage KDF/CAG shower filter media and disposable cartridge. These are certified water filter media that clear out 99% of impurities.

The media mentioned helps in clearing out all types of contaminants, including Chlorine, active carbon dust, and timescales. So, you will not have to go through the extra hassle to set a separate shower filter. Even though it does not come with an overhead shower unit, the handheld shower itself is all you need.

The luxury seven settings showerhead has pause mode and economy mode as well. These are called water-saving mode. It is all possible for the on-off switch it comes with.

The hose it is attached to is made of stainless steel, which is super flexible and tangle-free. The replacement process for the disposable filtering cartridge is as easy as the entire tool’s installment process.

The angle adjustment option gives you enough freedom to choose which direction you want the water coming from. Buying this product will not only give you a reviving shower, but also your skin and hair will be thankful too.

  • It has a Universal high-performance shower filter with a disposable cartridge.
  • Highly flexible and durable hose with stainless steel.
  • The water-saving mode is just one switch away.
  • Seven versatile water spray settings.
  • Flow rate 2.5GPM
  • High-quality material with a lower price
  • High-pressure water control system with three lever dials
  • Adjustable angle to control water direction.
  • The cartridge may slow down the pressure than expected.
  • Cartridge replacement may be a little costly.

5. HotelSpa AquaCare Series Spiral Handheld Shower Head with Pause Switch PLUS Extra Low-Reach Bracket:

Very often we have elderly, disabled or little children in our house. It may get harder for them to shower in a wall-mounted hose that is out of their reach. To lower that burden from their shoulder HotelSpa has introduced the best shower heads.

This handheld shower unit has an extra-long hose with a low reach bracket. It has a patented silicon adhesive holder included with the product. It allows not only taking a shower in hands reach but also giving it to the little ones.

It can also be used as a cleaning unit for the window and wall of the bathroom. You will not have to bend every time to fetch a water mug to rinse the soap from these structures. So, it will be acting as an all-in-one shower head system.

This high-pressure luxury shower comes with seven integrated settings. The control of water direction and pressure will be at your fingertip by the blessings of angle adjuster and on-off button, respectively.

Although the off switch does not fully stop the water motion, it only slows the flow down. Yet it is a great water saving feature during shampooing and rubbing soap. It has dual conical brass nuts that ensure a leak-free shower.

  • Extra-low reach bracket with adhesive holder.
  • Seven different water settings, including two mixed modes.
  • Corrosive resistant, durable hose structure.
  • High-pressure water with inbuilt restrictor
  • 2.5GPM water flow rate
  • Extra-long hose for flexible reach
  • Water save friendly with on/off lever
  • Easy installment
  • In rare cases, the restrictor cannot be removed, so the water pressure feels low.
  • Water leakage may occur if the ballpoint is not fixed tightly.

6. Hotel Spa High-Pressure 7-Setting Handheld Shower Head:

This economical product is dedicated to all the single buddies out there who are much complaint-free in detail. If an overhead/handheld combo is too much for you, then this product is a must-have to furnish your bathroom with. This product can be supreme material to furnish your bathroom today.

You can use this four-inch width showerhead as an overhead unit. Again, it has its handheld use when the angle-adjustable bracket is removed. It is one of the best high-pressure handheld shower heads that come with a five feet tall stainless-steel hose.

The seven-settings water mode is an absolute privilege when you are looking for everything in one shower. You can get a wake-up call or a full body massage. You can expect a misty refreshment or target body parts that are hard to reach. So, you are getting all the luxury even at an affordable cost.

The installment tools are all included. So, it is as easy as the rest of the HotelSpa products. This product is the ultimate definition of simple yet luxurious. Although it does not come with many intricate details, it still gets the job done with flying colors.

If you are looking for the best quality in a device like this, it has to be the go-to product. With excellent service, you can now be tension-free while buying such a technical tool.

  • Corrosive resistant hose.
  • It can be used as both overhead and handheld.
  • High quality at an affordable price.
  • Simple and plain installment.
  • Flexible and tangle-free hose.
  • Seven different water flow settings.
  • Scarcely, the pause button stops working.

7. HauSun Shower Head with On/Off Switch:

If you are tired of hearing HotelSpa and go for something new, this product can be the most suitable. This showerhead is fit for all age groups- kids, adults, and the elderly. You can include pets as well, and let me explain to you how.

It has a 6.5-inch extra-long hose. It is the highest length you can get in case of a handheld showerhead. You can take a shower, both sitting and standing with it. It is preferable for both kids and pets since they need extra work. For the elderly, it is a very flexible and tangle-free structure.

It has five water spray patterns: Massaging spray, saturation spray, bubble spray, saturation, bubble mixed, massaging, and bubble mixed. So, taking a shower with it is not only relaxing but also fun. An extra overhead shower unit will not be needed to provide you with the combined experience since it’s already inbuilt.

It is the best handheld shower head with an on-off switch. The universal adapter holder lets you mount the showerhead anywhere on the bathroom wall. It also fits any standard plumbing structure. 

Even though it comes with a bathroom faucet kit, the installation process is as easy as the name. Once you get this product, it will be the end of a hassle for you and the people with special needs around the house.

  • Jet nozzle engineered for multiple spray patterns.
  • Best for the elderly and kids.
  • Easy wall mounting system.
  • Extra-long hose with high flexibility.
  • It is made of stainless steel for a rust-free experience.
  • The water save mode is reliable.
  • Water flow rate 2.5GPM.
  • Water pressure may vary due to the extra-long hose.
  • The pause button is hard to use with soapy hands.

8. HotelSpa 10.5-in Rain Shower Head/Handheld Combo

In some rare incidents, the lever dial that controls the water pressure gets to loosen up. This occurrence brings water leakage and low-pressure water flow. No one wants that type of negativity when a shower is supposed to be all fun and to calm, right?

To get away from such problems, HotelSpa has brought overhead/handheld duo with the push-button flow. Now you can control water flow with just a single button press. It can also be used as an on/off button to prevent water waste.

This luxurious showerhead has a chrome finish with the biggest overhead shower diameter. Generally, most showerheads come in round shape, but HotelSpa decided to do something different while producing it. It is square-shaped with a 10.5inch diameter, and the handheld unit is 5 inches. So, you can expect all the body coverage you want from it.

It has an adjustable bracket that will help you mount it just anywhere in the bathroom. So, you can use it not only cleaning yourself but also the surroundings. The low reach bracket is flexible for anyone from adults to the elderly.

Even though this showerhead is a bit pricier than the others, it comes with the best return policies and warranty. So, no need to worry about throwing away your money in the air because they value your complaints.

  • Super flexible hose made with stainless steel.
  • Overhead and handheld combo with the largest diameter.
  • Low reach bracket suitable for shorter people.
  • Water saver with the push-button mechanism.
  • Angle adjustable for controlling water direction.
  • Numerous massage jets present.
  • Rarely, the pause button jams down.

9. Aimshine High-Pressure Handheld Shower with ON/OFF Pause Switch

If you are looking for high-pressure shower heads, then Aim shine can be considered as the master in it. This high-pressure handheld shower they have brought in the market has been dominating both in quality and service.

This 5-foot-tall hose length handheld shower has six separate water spray settings in it. You can now enjoy the feel of massage and spa, both while sitting (or lying) in your bathtub. Its massage spray option is an amazing one if you want to target sore muscles.

This product has a thermostatic feature as its built-in structure. So, it gives protection against hot water. The showerhead is made in a way that it can tolerate stress while changing direction and high pressure.

The double-layered hose is also protected against stainless steel. It has an inbuilt rotating capability. It is a shower head with shut off valve. It has a dial around the head to control water pressure, which is easy to handle even in a soapy hand.

This product is a good deal if you are looking for something simple yet comfortable. It translates everything it claims in reality. It is an ideal product for bathing, cleaning children and pets.

  • Thermostatic hose.
  • Five-foot extra-long structure.
  • Water-saving option present.
  • Six versatile spray settings.
  • Massage options are more accurate.
  • High-pressure water flow.
  • Does not come with a flexible bracket.

10. AquaSpa High-Pressure Luxury 3-way Combo – Dual Rain & Handheld Shower Head

Last but not least, this product from Aquaspa is a bullseye for its age-old quality maintaining reputation. This handheld showerhead does not come alone. Rather brings on a rainfall overhead shower to give your shower completeness.

Each showerhead has sex separate settings. While using in combination, you can get up to 48 modes. This high-pressure water device has an anticlog nozzle that will save you from cleaning now and then.

While showering, it is hard to change the showerhead position with soapy or shampooed hands. Most brands come with either wall brackets or overhead ones. But this one has both to avoid such a problem. With the adjustable angle option, you can change the direction of water according to your likes.

The six feet extra-long hose is made of stainless steel. It gives protection against saltwater and saves the machine from corrosion. You can mount it anywhere that is suitable with the included adhesive holder.

The 4.2-inch diameter showerhead has an easy installment process. The on/off switch and economy spray prevent waste of water. It is a good shower option and a very well designed one that will give your bathroom a modern look.

  • Six settings with 48 modes for versatility.
  • High-pressure water flow.
  • Extra-long hose with much flexibility and tangle-free
  • Corrosive resistant stainless steel made.
  • Three-way multifunctional showerhead with a water direction controller.
  • Water-saving mode present
  • Flow rate 2.5GPM
  • Both overhead and low reach bracket to make it handy.
  • Anticlog nozzle.
  • Extra Teflon tape to prevent leakage.
  • The connector is rarely leaky.
  • A bit on the pricey side

comparison table of 5 Top-rated handheld shower head with on/off valve

HotelSpa 1730

PowerSpa 1463


HotelSpa 1538

HotelSpa 1450

Size: 2.5 GPM

Size: 2.5 GPM

Size: 2.5GPM

Size: 2.5GPM

Size: 2.5 GPM


6 x 9 x 5 inches

6 x 4 x 10 inches

5 x 3.6 x 9.6 inches

5 x 4 x 9 inches

9 x 6 x 3 inches

Color: Chrome

Color: Chrome

Color: Chrome

Color: Chrome

Color: Chrome


Chrome Plated Premium ABS, Stainless Steel Hose.

Chrome Plated Premium ABS, Stainless Steel Hose.

Brass, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene.

Chrome Plated Premium ABS, Stainless Steel Hose

Chrome Plated Premium ABS, Stainless Steel Hose


1.7 pounds

1.75 pounds

1.3 pounds

1.8 pounds

1 pounds

Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty

Warranty: Manufacturers

Warranty: Manufacturers

Warranty: Manufacturers

Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty

Frequent inquiries:

1. Does the on/off switch completely shut down the water flow?

It is supposed to do so, but in most cases, it does not. It simply slows down the water flow, not fully shut down. There will still be a water drip. Yet it saves loads of water.

2. How can the restrictor be removed from the showerhead?

A lot of people complain about having a low flow due to restrictor. Here is how to remove it-
a. At first, unscrew the showerhead from its arm.
b. Detach the shower screen and the gasket, respectively
c. Inside that, you will see the restrictor. Remove it as well.
d. Attach the gasket and screen back, respectively.
e. Fix the showerhead back to its arm.

3. Can a handheld showerhead be added to an existing one?

It can if the existing shower head has extra slot on it for a handheld one. Sometimes there are pipes coming out from the overhead units to accumulate an extra. You can fit it there too.
But in such occasions, it is better to buy an overhead/handheld combo.

4. Why does the shower head drip after shutting it off?

The showerhead might be older. Or you may have over tightened the lock nut. It is better to buy a handheld shower head with an anti-swivel lock nut to avoid such problems. 

5. How to unclog a handheld showerhead?

Many times, people experience low water pressure even after removing the restrictor. That is mostly due to an unclogged shower head. Although there are brands that provide the anticlog system in showerheads, you can easily do it yourself if you do not have any. Here is the process-
– Unscrew the showerhead from the hose Mix vinegar with water to use as a cleanser. Baking soda is also a good option at a cheaper cost.
– Mix it with water as well, until it makes a paste.
– Use a brush to apply and rub it on the surface.
– There are many jets on the nozzle. Use a toothpick or dental pick to put through each jet to unclog them.
– Wash it with water and put the head back with the hose.

Final note:

When you are looking for something for your house, I am sure you want to get the best among the best. Be it the centerpiece or a bathroom material. 

Nowadays, our busy life schedule does not allow us to waste time researching and repair every product before buying. Getting the best handheld shower head with an on/off switch can be a very daunting journey if you are not aware of the Knick-knacks. 

This article will favor you to know about the current popular brands in the market with their best standing products. All these to make your journey a little easier.