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Best Magnetic Shower Curtains Reviews

Quick Comperision Table For The Best 5 Magnetic Shower Curtains

BrandRatingsKey Features
LiBa Mildew Resistant⭐⭐⭐⭐✰– Toxin-free polyester
– Ultra-powerful magnets
– Antimicrobial protection
AmazerBath Premium Anti-Odor⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐– Decorative patterns
– Nanotechnology coating
– Leak-proof construction
Epica Strongest Magnet⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐– Record-breaking magnets
– Heat resistant
– Water repellent
Zenith Home Fashion⭐⭐⭐✰✰– Attractive stripes
– Mildew resistant
– Reasonably priced
InterDesign Orchid Water Repellent⭐⭐⭐⭐✰– Elegant floral pattern
– Machine washable
– Matching accessories

Top Magnetic Shower Curtains Reviews

After extensive evaluation of numerous models available, the below magnetic shower curtains are highly recommended:

LiBa Mildew Resistant Antibacterial

The LiBa mildew resistant curtain has gained immense popularity owing to its safe, eco-friendly and durable construction.


  • Made of 100% toxin-free polyester
  • PVC and phthalates free construction
  • Effective antimicrobial and anti-odor treatment
  • Ultra-powerful nickel-plated neodymium magnets
  • Hidden in double-sealed hem with Velcro closure
  • Includes corrosion resistant metal strips with adhesive


  • Plain design lacks aesthetic appeal for some buyers

AmazerBath Premium Anti-Odor

This is one of the best-rated and top-selling magnetic shower curtains for its smart decorative styling and robust fabrication.


  • High-end decorative appearance
  • Available in multiple colors with stripe, leaf or floral prints
  • Uses advanced nanotechnology for antimicrobial protection
  • Reinforced leak-proof double-stitched hems
  • Easy twist-and-lock rust resistant metal strips


  • Relatively more expensive option

Epica Strongest Magnet

True to its name, the Epica magnetic shower curtain offers exceptional strength and durability for flawless performance year after year.


  • Record-breaking 30 pounds pull force magnets
  • Heat and corrosion resistant metal strips
  • Durable fade-resistant polyester fabric
  • Features rust inhibitors and water repellents
  • Includes strong grabber stick for easy detaching


  • Plain white vinyl look not very decorative

Zenith Home Fashion

This reasonably priced polyester curtain provides superior functionality combined with transitional styling featuring a striped pattern.


  • Smart looking horizontal stripes design
  • Available in gray, blue and brown color schemes
  • Polyester fabric is mildew and stain resistant
  • Double-stitched hems securely enclose magnets
  • Easy installation with self-adhesive metal strips


  • Magnets could have been stronger

InterDesign Orchid Water Repellent

If you want a fabric shower curtain with the convenience of magnetic technology, the InterDesign orchid curtain offers a perfect mix of utility and beauty.


  • Elegant orchid medallion pattern design
  • Fabric made using water repellent polyester
  • Features rust-proof nickel plated magnets
  • Mold and soap scum resistant properties
  • Machine washable for easy maintenance
  • Matching fabric hooks, tiebacks included


  • Fabric absorbs some water over time

This covers the best magnetic shower curtains currently available and why they stand out from the rest. Each has unique advantages so consider your needs and bathroom décor when selecting one.

What is a Magnetic Shower Curtain?

A magnetic shower curtain is a unique type of shower curtain that uses magnets instead of metal grommets or hooks to secure the curtain to the shower rod. The top hem of the curtain contains a series of strong neodymium magnets that are attracted to a magnetized metal strip installed along the shower curtain rod.

This creates a tight, secure seal between the shower curtain and the rod, preventing water splashes, drafts and billowing of the curtain while you shower. The powerful embedded magnets ensure the curtain stays perfectly in place without any gaps.

How Magnetic Shower Curtains Work

The key to understanding how magnetic shower curtains work lies in the use of strong neodymium magnets. These are a type of rare-earth magnet made from neodymium alloy, iron and boron. This special composition allows them to create an exceptionally powerful magnetic field.

The top section of a magnetic shower curtain contains a series of these small circular neodymium magnets neatly sewn into the hem at regular intervals.

At the same time, a long magnetic strip is affixed to the shower rod – this is made of a ferrous metal that is easily attracted to magnets. So when the shower curtain hem comes into close contact with the magnetic strip, the neodymium magnets get instantly drawn towards the metal strip, creating a continuous seal.

This magnetic attraction is strong enough to keep the entire weight of the curtain firmly clinging to the rod without any openings or movement. So water splashes are prevented, heat and steam are locked in, and there’s no billowing inwards of the shower curtain during your shower.

The curtain easily detaches when you need to access the shower since the magnetic pull is only active at very close distances. Pulling the hem just 1-2 inches away from the strip releases the magnetic attraction.

Benefits of Magnetic Shower Curtains

Magnetic shower curtains provide many useful advantages over regular shower curtains:

No More Annoying Billowing Inwards – The strong magnetic bond prevents any billowing inwards no matter how strong the water pressure or airflow, keeping you comfortable.

Stays in Place – There is no need for constantly readjusting the curtain. Once set up, it stays securely fixed in position.

Quick & Easy Access – Despite the powerful hold, the curtain detaches easily when you need to get in or out of the tub.

Maintains Heat & Steam – The tight seal contains all the heat and steam within the shower stall, creating a pleasant sauna-like effect.

No Splashing Outside – Water splashing beyond the curtain is eliminated even with kids and pets running around. This also keeps the floor drier.

Stylish Appearance – Magnetic shower curtains are available in various colors and patterns to match your bathroom’s décor. The tailored look adds to the visual appeal.

Greater Durability – There are no grommets, hooks or liners to deteriorate over time. The embedded magnets last for years of reliable use.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Magnetic Shower Curtain

Keep the following factors in mind when selecting a magnetic shower curtain for your needs:


Magnetic shower curtains come in many standard tub and shower sizes. Measure across the tub from wall to wall to determine the right width. The length should be 2-3 inches more than the height from your tub rim to the ceiling. This provides sufficient overlap.


Most magnetic shower curtains use water-repellent polyester as the base fabric. Make sure the material has antimicrobial properties and includes mold/mildew inhibitors to prevent soap scum buildup and bacterial growth in the humid environment.

Design and Appearance

Consider the existing décor of your bathroom – choose colors, patterns and prints that offer an appealing coordinated look. Make sure any prints or dyes use non-toxic eco-friendly inks.


While more affordably priced magnetic shower curtains are available, it’s advisable to select high quality ones for durability and performance. Be willing to spend more for thicker heavyweight construction, rust-resistant metals, stronger magnetism, well-sealed hems, reinforced seams and antique silver finished strips.


Check that the curtain fabric is durable, quick-drying, wrinkle and stain-resistant besides being water-repellent. Only buy brands using solid seam construction that fully encase the magnets for water-tight reliability. The metal strip should have a protective powder coating.

Tips for Installing and Caring for Your Magnetic Shower Curtain

Properly installing your new magnetic shower curtain helps optimize its functioning. Follow these tips:

Installation Tips

  • Measure the shower stall width accurately and use a curtain at least 2 inches wider for sufficient overlap on both sides.
  • Ensure the provided magnetic strip is a few inches longer than the width of the tub.
  • Thoroughly clean and dry the spot where you’ll adhere the magnetic strip using rubbing alcohol. This enables maximum sticking power.
  • Affix the magnetic strip level using the provided adhesive leaving equal extra length on both ends. Apply firm pressure for 30 seconds at each end and the middle to secure the bond, keeping a paper towel between to avoid smudges.

Care and Maintenance

  • For easiest access, leave an inch-wide gap at one end of the magnetic strip while installing it. Use this sweet spot to easily detach the shower curtain when entering or exiting.
  • Make sure to fully spread out the curtain and press it to affix firmly to the magnetic strip after every use. Any billowing in spots indicates area for improvement.
  • To keep the curtain clean and mildew-free, wash it in cold water using mild soap or detergent once every 2-4 weeks based on usage and water hardness. Line dry it completely before rehanging.
  • Avoid using bleach, fabric softeners or dryer sheets when washing a magnetic shower curtain as they deteriorate water-repellants and fire retardants over time.
  • For soap scum and hard water spots, fill a spray bottle with half white vinegar and half warm water. Lightly spray onto affected area, let sit 5 minutes and wipe clean with a soft damp cloth.
  • Check the adhesive on the metal strip periodically and reapply sticking agent if signs of lifting appear so the bond remains intact.

Following these guidelines optimizes the convenience, ease of use and longevity delivered by your stylish new magnetic shower curtain. It keeps the enclosure appealing and functional for extended periods.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about this innovative shower accessory:

Are magnetic shower curtains better?

Yes, magnetic shower curtains are far superior to regular curtains in preventing inward billowing and outward splashing. The secure seal also helps retain heat and steam better while preventing annoying gaps.

How do you keep a magnetic shower curtain closed?

There are no closures needed. The ultra-strong embedded magnets automatically keep the shower curtain continually sealed to the special metal strip installed along the rod. This closes any gaps without requiring any action.

Can you put magnets on a regular shower curtain?

It is possible but not advisable. Self-adhesive magnets tend to lose their gripping power when continually exposed to moisture. And they fall off easily taking fabric with them. It’s better to buy a purpose-built magnetic shower curtain for reliable adhesion.

How do magnetic shower curtains attach?

They attach via powerful neodymium magnets hidden inside the curtain hem at regular intervals. These magnets get strongly drawn towards the magnetic metal strip affixed to the shower rod, creating a secure clinging effect similar to a zipper.

Are magnetic shower curtains expensive?

While more cost-effective options are now available, typically magnetic shower curtains are pricier than regular vinyl, cloth or plastic curtain models. But the performance and convenience they deliver by preventing interior water splashes makes the additional investment worthwhile for most homeowners.


Magnetic shower curtains provide a convenient and attractive solution to containing water, moisture and heat within your tub or shower enclosure. Unlike regular shower curtains, the embedded magnets ensure no annoying billowing inwards or splashing outwards. This keeps your bathroom floor safer and drier while also enhancing ambiance. 

Although magnetic models typically cost more, the exceptional functionality and durable construction deliver great value for money. Based on extensive testing and customer reviews, the LiBa Mildew Resistant, AmazerBath Premium Anti-Odor, Epica Strongest Magnet, Zenith Home Fashion and InterDesign Orchid curtains featured here are highly recommended options to consider.

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