Best Moen Magnetix Shower Head Reviews
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What Is The Best Moen Magnetix Shower Head In 2024 [Cut 30% Water Bill]

6 months ago, I read shocking news about water bills in the US. It was like, from 2010 to 2022, the US citizens paid almost 80% more water bills. It’s a huge hit!

It literally made some underprivileged people homeless. Oh, My God! Can you imagine?. Governments were even puzzled to solve the problem. 

They dedicated an authority for a survey with Bluefield Research regarding the matter. The team later revealed that the US loses $6bn just for water leakage per year.   

Can you imagine how much we are losing every month? 50 million. We can save this leakage in many ways. Replacing or repairing our showerhead could be a solution. This can save 30% of annual savings. How?

I will answer the question throughout the article. Here you will find the best moen magnetix shower head reviews, buying guide, How the products can cut 30% water bills, and FAQ. 

Quick Summary:

7. Moen MAGNETIX 26013 COMBO – Best Spray System

The six unique spray systems will make your shower more relaxed. Each drop will keep your muscles stress-free. 

6. 26100EP Engage – Best Eco-Friendly Showerhead

Eco-friendly showerheads are real money savers. It saves a monthly water bill without reducing the water performance. 

5. 26008 Magnetix Handheld/Rain – Best Rain Showerhead

When you take a shower after a hectic day, every drop counts. Your muscles relax that time. Having a rain shower head can make your time more relaxing.

4. 26009 Engage 2.5 GPM Handheld/Rain – Best Kink-free Shower Head.

Kink-free showerheads are less prone to leak. It will stop the bacteria from entering the pipe. 

3. Moen 26009SRN Engage Magnetix – Best Multi-function Shower Head

Maybe your furry pet needs a relaxing bath. Moen offers that option through this multi-functioned shower head.

2. 3662EPORB Engage Magnetix Six-Function – Best For Design

People consider the design after the performance. This showerhead fulfills the needs. Your shower place will glow better.

1. 26100SRN Engage 3.5-Inch Six-Function – Best Shower experience

Comfort can beat everything. Moen introduces the idea in this series. The showerhead can spin 360-degrees; you can spray wherever you want without hesitation. 

Moen Magnetix Shower Head Reviews:

I will write here about the benefits and the negative side of each product. So stick till the end; each product has its own glow.

7. Moen MAGNETIX 26013 COMBO – Best Spray System


The 26013 Series offers ultimate water bill savings. It has 6 unique spray systems for desired water pressure. Means, “”your shower head your choice””. The three nozzle styles, in fact, enhance the slogan better. These are installed in three different angles for equal coverage.   

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Moen Magnetix architectured their biggest benefit with a magnetic touch. This innovation easily secures the showerhead after use. 

For example, you can snap back the showerhead even with closed eyes. Moen can feel your sense! 

It also offers momentum pause: you can get On/Off with one tap. This one saves a lot of water wastage and bills.  

Saving bills will not only satisfy the clients. People need comfort. For that, Moen magnetic offers a wide range of sprayers. It covers the whole body, and even the water reaches every inch.

  • Powerful magnetic technology
  • Six unique function
  • Needs 2.5 GPM water
  • Combo package.
  • The chrome color coating could be better.

6. 26100EP EngageBest Eco-Friendly Showerhead


The eco-friendly series comes in several features. It has flow restrictors and other standard features. Except for the regular features, the Eco showerhead saves water wastage and utility bills.

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Moen EP series is a breakthrough for their line-up. The special addition serves enough water within limited water pressure. 

This will save your monthly water and electric bills. You might be thinking, if the water pressure is low, will it serve your desire? 

Absolutely, this model is designed to cover your full body with its dedicated nozzles. You can customize the water pressure as long as you want.

This is just their primary offer. Their secondary offer is hidden; let me reveal it to you. The material is leakage proof and sturdy. I especially liked the hose pipe; it is not too long or short -moderate. 

  • Chrome finish
  • Massage setting
  • Lifetime warranty
  • The water flow seems average.

5. 26008 Magnetix Handheld/Rain – Best Rain Showerhead


Do you know, MOEN has ADA( American disability act) certified? All of their Magnetix are recognized. This is so far the best achievement. And 26008 is a real example. It offers a combo pack with a two-way solution. Let’s jump onto the benefits to know more about that.

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Starting with the ADA certification. Moen introduces the magnetix feature, especially for disabled persons. This amazing addition works better for visually disabled people; they can easily relocate the hose pipe with the magnetic sense. 

That’s for them. For the fit people, Moen covers some extensive benefits. I would start with the combo; it has a handheld and rain shower head. Owner can use any of them with full flow control. 

Surprised! The three-way diverter has a dedicated water flow control. You can set the pressure with it. This will save your water wastage. 

It also saves plumbing costs. How? The showerhead is compatible with all fittings; no need for extra tools. You can install it. 

  • Rust resistant
  • Metal hose pipe
  • Wall-mounted installation.
  • The plastic ring inside the showerhead could be better.

4. 26009 Engage 2.5 GPM Handheld/Rain -Best Kink-free Shower Head.


Most complete shower head. Yes! Moen cared about every inch of their product. Materials, spray nozzles, and everything is top-notch. I already talked about some of them in the past. Let’s see what is next?

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I will start with the hose. It is kink-free; there is no water restriction while flowing. You will get optimum pressure. 

To get the uninterrupted pressure, you might need extensive arm space. It could be 8 cm long for the hose. Still, you will get what you paid for.

Trust me! This extra-large distance will help you to reach the stubborn body area. You don’t even need to rub your body. The spray will do the job… 

  • Chrome finish
  • Handheld and rain head package.
  • Long hose pipe
  • Key parts could be better; it’s plastic.

3. Moen 26009SRN Engage Magnetix – best Multi-Function Shower Head 


Moen more or less offers the same facilities to their magnetix shower head. This one is not beyond that. But two essential things made it better. Take a look at the benefits section to reveal the two things.

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First is the brushed nickel. This touch makes sure better durability than chrome; it is comparatively low-price.

Moreover, the finish will hide the spots and keep the shower head glowing. This will ultimately save your yearly maintenance cost.

The second is the shower settings. You can set up your desired flow with one tap. It will save you time and water wastage. 

  • ADA certified
  • Luxurious design
  • Comes with a combo package.
  • I did not like the water restrictor.

2. 3662EPORB Engage Magnetix Six-Function Best For Design


The magnetix series is best known for its money-saving guarantee. Moen ensures it through innovation and deep research. This EPORB series is one of them. Here are the benefits of these products.

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MOEN focuses on energy efficiency, which means less water. Their EP(eco-performance series) is designed to save 30% water usage without sacrificing the performance. 

You will enjoy the relaxing shower and can save monthly water bills simultaneously. That’s the power of the EP series. 

Not only that, but Moen also focused on the design. They used oil rubbed bronze finish on this model; this addition beautified the look and durability – an elegant shower room! 

  • 5 inch long hose
  • WaterSense certified.
  • Eco-performance series.
  • The nozzles seem narrow

1. 26100SRN Engage 3.5-Inch Six-FunctionBest Shower experience


Just stand and enjoy the shower. I uttered this when I experienced the showerhead. It has a 360-degree feature. What is that? See the next section.

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The rain shower head has a flexible front part; you can spin it to set the direction. It will spray over the targeted area. You don’t need to spin like a barbie doll. 

A relaxing shower in the end. That’s not the end. Moen offers all the necessary features with this product. I mentioned each of them in the past. One thing left. That is their shower settings.

They offer unique settings for each shower head. This SRN is not beyond that; it has six functional ways. This means you will set the nozzle pressure without wasting water.

  • Brushed nickel finish
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Durable magnetic attraction.
  • The hosepipe looks smaller

How can these products cut 30% of water bills?

I already said America is facing the highest water bill. And it’s true you cannot escape this. You need to fix this. It will all start from a small step. Just fix the leakage; this will save $6bn a year. Moen Magnetix offers a leakage-proof showerhead. The brand also provides Watersense certification; it will reduce your monthly water bill by 30% less consumption. All these are combined, cut your 30% of water bills. 

What is the difference between this showerhead and another showerhead?

Two significant benefits stand out from this showerhead. Here are the following benefits 

Magnetix reduces water wastage: 

The single tap facility ensures fast “ On/Off” opportunities. This will save 1-gallon water every day from wastage.

Enhances the showerhead lifetime:

Imagine your eyes are burning for soap splash. Then you are fumbling to get the showerhead to clean. 

Unfortunately, the showerhead fell with a slight touch push and torn apart. Can you imagine the result? 

This is a regular incident in our life. We lost a lot of showerhead for this reason. Magnetix can avoid the accident. It keeps the showerhead tight to avoid this accident. 

Buying Guide: 6 Bulletproof Tips

To save your water bills in the future, you need to know some points. I will share all of them in this section.


Eco-performance reduces 30% of water. How? This technology injects air in the water, which keeps the performance on-line. But it reduces water consumption. This ultimately lessens the utility bills.  

WaterSense Certification:

It’s a label of water-efficient products. If a product can reduce 20% of water consumption without sacrificing the performance, they will get the certificate. 

Leakage Proof:

One of the major considerations. Check the hose pipe, shower head plastics, and other materials. If there is any hidden leak, it’s tough to reduce the water bill then. So, evaluate the leakage proof with warranty. 

Shower Head Performance:

Finally, evaluate the overall showerhead performance. You can do it by considering the following area.

  • Spray performance : check the ratio and direction of the nozzle. 
  • Functions : spray functions should be considered. It saves a lot of wastage.
  • Installation : Check the installation procedure. Most of the Magnetix can be installed without plumber help.  

Magnetic Power:

This is the main attraction of magnetix showerheads. So, check the magnetic power before handing over your cash. Check the durability and touch. This will assist you to figure out the later usage.

Kink-free Hose:

Kink hose is a curse. I faced the problem several times. Moen relaxed me from that. Not all their hose pipes are kink-free. They advise the users to see the details. So, check the feature if you need it. Here is the thing: Moens hose pipes are so far the best kink-free hose. I got the proof even in the reviews.

Moen magnetix attract vs. engage -Which one is the best? 

I prefer to go to Engage. The difference between engage and attract is their flow rate. Engage has 2.5 GPM, Attract has 1.7 GPM. That’s it. If you want efficient water flow for a relaxing shower experience, Engage can be your real savor.  

FAQ: 5 Essential Questions

Is Moen a good shower head?

MOEN is a complete competitor for the leading brands. In fact, this brand is now competing with the leaders. Since major areas like Water Sense, ADA (American disability act) certifies them. Definitely, they are a worthy brand to consider. Plus, the reviews of the user signals a satisfying response. Based on these considerations, MOEN is a good shower head.

How do you clean a Moen magnetix shower head?

Cleaning Moen magnetix shower heads is easy. You can apply the conventional cleaning process. Here is this:
● Detach the showerhead first
● Then pour vinegar into hot water.
● Soak them for 30 minutes
● Then scrub it with a toothbrush
● Then clean it with warm water
● Fix it
● Do the same process for plastic material.
● Just keep the water heat lower than previous
● Soak the plastic for 15 minutes.

How do you remove a flow restrictor from a Moen showerhead?

It’s a super easy process. Just open the showerhead; you will see a green-colored rubber ring. This is the flow restrictor. Use your finger, or pliers, then pull it up. Done! You just have removed the flow restrictor.

What is the name of Moen magnetix shower head parts?

Moen offers a PDF file where they illustrate the shower head parts. Here is the quick look for rain head showerheads.
● Vacuum breaker
● Showerhead
● Shower arm & Flange
● Drop EII
● Clamp
● Wall Bracket
Handheld Showerhead:
● Handheld shower wand
● Metal hose
● Functional key.

Final Words:

Cutting 30% of water bills will not make you rich. But it will be the first step to get wealthy. The economic condition after Covid-19 will be worse. I think the rise in the water bill could be a signal. So, start to reduce your bills by installing efficient showerheads. It will keep your yearly bills in control. Tell me which shower head you picked to cut your water bills? Don’t forget to share the best Moen magnetix shower head reviews with your friend. Sharing is caring. Let’s help each other to grow better for a memorable story. It will nourish the future.

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