How To Remove A Shower Head That Is Glued On
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How To Remove A Shower Head That Is Glued On-7 Easiest Steps

You have done all the possible solutions to remove the glued shower head. But it does not work. Maybe a slight push can cost you $500 

Would you do that? You are smart! This is why you are scrolling this solution. Let me guide you. I will share how to remove a shower head that is glued on with a 7 steps solution. 

Every step will guide you to save $500 costs. There is also another way to save this expense. Check the methven shower head review.

Did you like the solution? Well.. read and apply this bullet-proof solution. Before reading this, meet the checklist


  • Wrench
  • Rubbing cloth
  • Acetone remover
  • Hot water and Lemon juice
  • Rubbing brush
  • Rubber band
  • Plastic bag
  • Tape 

7 Easiest Steps:

7. Lose the head

Your first step is to loosen up the showerhead. Most of them can be decompressed with a slight twist. This situation is different in glued showerheads.

These are so stubborn that a slight push could damage. So, it’s wise to go slow, be consistent. For that, you will first wrap the area you are going to twist with tape.

Shade a thin cloth over that. Then put your wrench in and start to loosen it up. By this time, you are supposed to decrypt the lock. 

6. Make a Glue dissolve

If it worked, that’s good! If it does not. Here is another solution. Make a DIY glue dissolve. This is very easy.

Take a slice of lemon and ½ liter of hot water. You can add salt. Mix three of them evenly. Then pour some of them into a plastic bag.

Soak the glued shower head in it. You can use a rubber band to attach it with the shower arm. Keep that attached for 20 minutes. 

Then you will see the glue is dissolving. Done! A slight twist can now remove the head from the arm.

Now you might have a question: does the lime juice react with the showerhead? Wait for the faq section. I will explain it there.

5. Soak the showerhead

Confused right? Let me clear it. You applied the mentioned mixture on the showerhead that is attached to the shower arm.

You can also use the same thing on the removed head. This will loosen up the dirt and save the risk of clogged heads. So, for removing that glue, soak the showerhead for 20 minutes. Done.  

4. Hot water treatment

I am sure, at this stage, you have removed the showerhead from the shear head pipe. Now it’s time to treat it with hot water. 

The treatment will remove the residual dirt. You will see this dirt after applying the DIY remover. ( the lemon juice treatment) 

Now, there is another benefit of hot water; It kills germ and viruses. Means your family and pet are safe from the infectious virus. We tried the solution in a rozin shower head.  

3. Apply Acetone treatment

What is acetone? I will write about it in the FAQ section. Give me 3 more minutes to complete the steps. 

The acetone treatment you should apply when the lime treatment is not enough. This is used to remove the stubborn glue.

To apply this, you need a rubbing brush and acetone nail polish remover or glue remover. The next step is to spray the acetone remover.

Wait for 2 minutes. Use the rubbing brush to clear up the rest of the dirt. This time, the showerhead is fully out of glue.

2. Use an adjustable wrench

You have removed the glue. The coming steps are now finishing up. Adjust the showerhead with the wall-mounted arm. Twist it with your hand. Then put a thin cloth on the head and use the wrench to tighten up the head.  

1. Clean up the area

Now clean up the area with hot water. Do it in detail. There is a high chance to build minerals for glue. So this sort of extra care can enhance the showerhead lifetime.  


Dinner served! You have got bullet-proof glue removing steps. Apply this even for the handheld showerhead. A stuck shower head will not be a pain for the rest of the time. 

I hope now you are relieved. Let me make you more comfortable with the FAQ section. I hooked you on some of the essential questions. Can you remember? 

What is the best glue for a showerhead?

Silicone caulk is the best glue for showerheads. It has moisture to cure. You can even be peeled it off whenever you want. This will reduce your glue removing hassle up to 80%. It will even enhance the showerhead life. 

Can I use Gorilla Glue in the shower?

It is not preferable to use gorilla glue on plastic and metal. It ultimately reduces the lifetime of the showerhead. 

Can I use plumbers putty on the showerhead?

Experts prefer to avoid plumber putty. It eventually reacts with the plastics. For example, the flow restrictor is always made of plastics. Shower putty may build lime and dirt inside it. As a result, the head will clog up. You can seek direct help from a plumber to clear up the idea.

Why are suction cups used in the showerhead? 

Suction cups are used to hold the area tight. Some showerheads use this to glue up the shower arms. This ultimately reduces the pressure on the wall. It results in less maintenance. 

Does the lime juice react with the showerhead? 

Lemon contains citric acid. This means there is a chance to catch up with corrosion and rust. Don’t worry about my lime juice mixture. I added a hot water treatment with a rubbing brush, remember? This will reduce the chances of lime juice reaction. 

Which remover is good for brass and nickel? 

Acetone is the perfect remover for brass and nickel. What is it? It is a colorless compound to remove stubborn glue and polish. Nail polish brands are using this to create remover. 
One of the best benefits of this remover is; it does not react on metal. This is why plumbers prefer this to remove the glue.

Final Words:

Most of the competitors covered the same steps. It’s up to you which one to choose; try to find which detail you need.   

For example, I covered some deep research on the lime juice reaction, acetone benefits, and more. 

All these are added to keep your showerhead on the safe side. I am pretty sure you can save up to $500 by utilizing the steps. 

By the way, don’t forget to share your opinion. I know there are some steps you want to share for other benefits. Write up the short benefits as a caption before sharing how to remove a shower head that is glued on. 

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