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What Is The Best Toilet Lid Covers [In 2024]

Toilet lid covers, also sometimes called toilet risers or toilet seats. are important but often overlooked bathroom accessories. As their name suggests, toilet lid covers sit on top of the toilet bowl, covering the seat when not in use.

Quick comparison Table For Best Toilet Lid Covers Reviews

ProductMaterialPriceKey FeaturesRating
Simplehuman Toilet Brush and Lid Cover ComboStainless steelCheck Price– Space saving storage tower
– Antimicrobial brush bristles
– Easy press buttons
Mayfair NextStep Toilet Lid CoverMolded plasticCheck Price– Thick padding
– Molded grip handle
– Affordable pricing
Bemis Round Closed Front Toilet SeatMolded wood pulpCheck Price– Real wood finish – Padded seat
– Integrated night light
Ginsey Soft Seat Toilet Seat CoverVinyl surface over foam cushionCheck Price– Luxury padding
– Antimicrobial
– Fun patterns/colors
Brondell LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Toilet SeatPlastic with heatingCheck Price– Adjustable heating
– Blue nightlight – Quiet close lid

Best Toilet Lid Covers Reviews

1. Simplehuman Toilet Brush and Lid Cover Combo

The sleekly designed Simplehuman toilet brush system features an integrated lid cover and toilet cleaning brush holder combo. The fingerprint-proof stainless steel construction resists messy mineral buildup while remaining rust-proof.  Customizable shut sliding doors enable fully concealed storage of both brush and lid cover when not in use for a clutter-free bathroom aesthetic.

Key Features:

  • Lid cover material: Stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 7.1 x 19.2 x 7.1 inches
  • Storage tower design
  • 10 year warranty


  • Space saving and streamlined storage
  • Easy press buttons for lifting lid up and down
  • Drip tray catches mess when brush is inserted back into holder
  • Antimicrobial brush bristles


  • No ability to just lift lid cover itself up – whole unit raises each time
  • High price point around $50-60

If your priority is a fuss-free toilet brush system with clean modern lines, the simplicity of the Simplehuman all-in-one toilet lid cover and brush combo allows quick access and storage of both items in one compact tower.

2. Mayfair NextStep Toilet Lid Cover

This cushioned toilet lid cover is a customer favorite for good reason – the Mayfair NextStep model focuses on comfort and convenience. Made from durable high impact ABS plastic available in round or elongated size options, the sturdy one-piece durable construction supports up to 400 pounds.

Key Features:

  • Lid cover material: Molded plastic
  • Dimensions: 1 x 15 x 15 inches
  • Molded grip handhold
  • Slow close lid


  • Molded grip handhold makes lifting on and off easy
  • Extra thick padding for comfort
  • Molded clips snap tightly onto seat
  • Affordable pricing around $20-25


  • Plain white color only
  • Some users report issues with sliding backward or needing adjustment

For those wanting a basic, affordable, easy to mount and sturdy toilet lid cover option, Mayfair’s NextStep offers great quality and comfortable padding at a reasonable price point.

3. Bemis Round Closed Front Toilet Seat

For superior hygiene and heavy duty durability, the Bemis Round Closed Front Toilet Seat provides full coverage support up to 400 pounds. Custom designed gap-free hinges prevent pinched fingers plus facilitate easy lifting on and off. Made in the USA, this closed front model offers a higher end look with its polished wood finish and stainless steel post hinge construction.

Key Features:

  • Lid Material: Molded wood pulp
  • Dimensions: 16.8 x 14.5 x 3.2 inches
  • Weight capacity 400 lbs
  • 5 year warranty


  • Real wood look provides upscale finish
  • Padded seat for comfort
  • Closed front design plus stabilizing bumpers
  • Easy lift off hinges
  • WarmEssentials® tank and bowl night-light


  • Installation takes some time
  • Higher price – around $90-100

For full circumferential coverage cradling the entire bottom half of your body, this cushioned and sturdy all wood Bemis toilet seat feels like a warm hug for your hindquarters while providing assurance of cleanliness and hygiene with every use. The integrated night light offers extra visibility and safety for midnight bathroom visits.

4. Ginsey Soft Seat Toilet Seat Cover

If seeking a decorative and ultra-plush toilet seat cover, the Soft Seat model from Ginsey drives comfort to the max. Made from high density foam offering cloud-like cushioning, the seat includes dual side bumpers preventing sideways sliding or shifting. An anti-microbial vinyl surface protects from bacteria, stains, and odors while remaining easy to wipe down after use. Choose from 16 colors and patterns, including modern geometric prints, faux leather textures, or sparkling crystals to customize your throne.

Key Features:

  • Material: Vinyl surface over high density foam cushion
  • Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 3 inches
  • Colors/Patterns: 16 unique design options
  • Carrying handles for portability


  • Luxuriously padded 2 inch cushioning
  • Antimicrobial and stain resistant surface
  • Fun designs suit kids’ and teens’ bathrooms
  • Handles let you transport the seat elsewhere easily


  • Surface can feel slippery for some users
  • Lacks full circumferential closed front design
  • Higher price range around $50-70

For those desiring a flushable throne fit for royalty, the Ginsey Soft Seat offers comfort in the highest degree imaginable. Let your cheeks rejoice!

5. Brondell L60-EW LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Toilet Seat

Seeking the most luxurious cutting edge toilet seat technology around? The L60-EW LumaWarm model from Brondell delivers instant warmth right where you want it most. Custom configurable temperature settings ensure personalized coziness for users of any age, while dual zone heating targets the seat and rear differently for focused comfort. Nightlight illumination and quiet close hinges make late night trips a breeze.

Key Features:

  • Seat material: Plastic with LumaWarmTM heating
  • Dimensions: 18.9 x 15 x 3.3 inches
  • Adjustable heat zones
  • LED blue nightlight


  • Personalized warmth on demand
  • Instant heating with no residual heat afterward
  • Glows blue without turning whole bathroom bright at night
  • Fits most standard toilets with easy DIY installation


  • High price point around $199 Requires electrical outlet nearby to plug in

If you dream of a heated throne cushioned in two temperature-controlled zones of warmth all year round, the Brondell LumaWarm toilet seat makes this luxurious concept an affordable at-home reality.

Toilet lid covers serve a number of useful purposes:

Improved Hygiene and Cleanliness

Toilet lid covers add a protective layer between your body and the porcelain toilet, acting as a shield against germs and bacteria that may be present from previous users. Lid covers are much easier to clean, sanitize, and replace as needed versus cleaning the actual toilet seat itself. Their smooth non-porous surfaces leave nowhere for dirt, urine, and germs to hide.

toilet lid covers
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Odor Control

Toilet lid covers prevent odors and smells from being released into the air when the toilet is not in use. Some toilet lid cover models contain antimicrobial properties to actively fight odors and bacterial growth.

Aesthetic Appeal

Available in a wide range of colors, styles, and designs, toilet lid covers can be chosen to match your bathroom’s décor. Textured lids, customized monograms, and even some glitter and “bling” additions exist for those wanting to dress up their throne.

There are two main categories of toilet lid covers:

Round open-front lids – These have an open u-shaped front and attach to the top of the toilet seat; when lifted up, these allow usage of just the seat itself directly.

Closed-front lids – Also known as toilet risers, these cover the entire seat and have padded cutouts or openings when lifted up. These provide an added layer between the user’s skin and the porcelain bowl itself.

When choosing new toilet lid covers, there are several key factors and features to take into consideration depending on your needs and bathroom setup.

Features to Consider When Choosing Toilet Lid Covers

Type of Material

Toilet lid covers come in a range of materials, each with their own advantages and disadvantages regarding aspects like durability, ease of cleaning, comfort, and style. Common materials include wood, plastic, acrylic, microfiber, vinyl and polyurethane. Wood offers a classic, elegant look but requires careful maintenance to prevent warping, cracking or rotting when exposed to repeated moisture over time. Plastics like acrylic, vinyl and polyurethane are waterproof and resistant to all manner of spills and messes. Some higher end models even have antimicrobial properties built into the materials themselves to fight germs and odors. Microfiber covers provide extra softness for sensitive skin but may be more difficult to fully sanitize.

Ease of Cleaning

Given their proximity to the toilet, lid covers get dirty easily so they must be a breeze to clean. Plastic and acrylic lids generally wipe down easily with soap and water, spray disinfectants, or bathroom cleaning wipes. Microfiber covers may require careful laundering to remove all residue and prevent staining. Wood covers usually advise using mild cleaners and immediately drying with a soft cloth to prevent warping or water damage over time.

Fit and Adjustability

The toilet lid cover you select must properly fit your existing toilet bowl setup. Measure to ensure a proper fit – both round and elongated bowl options usually exist for most models. Hinged open-front covers in particular need to align correctly to stay in the proper raised position when lifted upright. Adjustability features allow customization and tightening over time as needed – look for slide clips, adjustable bumpers, or multiple attachment points.

Style and Design

Available in numerous colors like classic white or ivory to match existing porcelain fixtures, toilet lid covers also come in more stylish or decorative options like pastels, patterns, artwork, and even sparkling crystals or faux fur. Kids and those young at heart may enjoy whimsical designs or sports team logos upon their personal thrones. Monogrammed and customized engraving is also popular for upscale bathroom suites. Match any existing color schemes or hardware finishes to tie the whole bathroom decor together.


Budget toilet lid covers made of lightweight plastic can usually be found for $15-30, while wood or luxury models run from $50 up to $200+ for top end brands boasting advanced antimicrobial filters, soft close hinges, and high end finishes. Set a realistic budget and look for sales on higher priced options or inexpensive but attractive and functional basic covers if money is tight.

Now, let’s review some of the highest rated and most recommended toilet lid cover products on the market to help you make the best choice for your bathroom and needs.

Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Toilet Lid Covers

Toilet lid covers see a lot of, well, you know what! Keeping them clean is paramount for health and hygiene. Follow these tips for keeping your toilet lid covers fresh, stain-free, and ready for duty.

Weekly Cleaning

Make wiping down your toilet lid covers part of your normal bathroom cleaning routine. Using bathroom cleaning wipes or a soft cloth with warm soapy water, gently scrub the entire surface of covers once per week. Pay special attention to edges, undersides, and crevices where germs may lurk. Rinse any soap residue and allow to fully air dry before replacing.

For more thorough disinfecting, use a 50/50 vinegar and water solution or diluted bleach – test small hidden areas first when using strong chemicals, especially on wood covers.

Spot Cleaning

Don’t wait for your weekly scrub if you notice mysterious splatters or obvious spills on lid covers in between cleanings. Febreze fabric spray can neutralize odors between washes for fabric toilet seat covers. Magic eraser cleaning pads lift stains from hard nonporous plastic and acrylic lids. Baking soda or borax soaks pull out stubborn yellowing.

Always drain excess water and dry thoroughly after spot cleaning toilet lids before replacement to prevent warping, cracks, or mold.

Long Term Care

Take steps to prolong the life of your toilet lid covers beyond just cleaning. Avoid slamming lids shut or plopping down carelessly to prevent chips, dents, or breakage over time. Tighten loose hinge screws or snaps periodically to maintain a secure germ-proof seal.

Use rubber bumpers or plastic slide clips to keep the position of the lid cover firmly in place and prevent back and forth rocking or shifting out of alignment.

Rotate use of multiple decorative covers to spread out wear and tear rather than using the same one every day.

Check any custom fit measurements yearly allowing for adjustments needed if small bathroom children grow bigger for instance.


Are toilet lid covers necessary?

While not an absolute necessity, toilet lid covers provide enough handy benefits to make them well worth considering for most bathrooms. Extra shielding between one’s skin and the porcelain seat itself reduces contact with germs from previous users. Toilet covers also prevent dirty water splashes when flushing with the lid closed, contain odors when not in use, and add decorative flair matching your space’s style.

How do you keep toilet lid covers clean?

Frequent wipe downs with bathroom cleaning wipes, warm water mixed with a small amount of gentle soap, vinegar solutions, or diluted bleach will eliminate most messes and stains without damaging the lid cover surface when done gently. Rinse away any chemical residue completely and allow to fully dry before replacing on the toilet to prevent mold or warping.

Why choose closed front toilet lid covers?

Closed front toilet lid covers offer full coverage of the entire toilet opening surrounding one’s bottom when sitting down. This provides an added layer of protection from germy porcelain surfaces which may harbor urine or fecal bacteria traces even after flushing. Closed fronts feel more secure and stable, preventing sideways slipping or rocking while seated. They also contain smells better when lowered after use. The tradeoff may be slightly more difficult cleaning of the underside front cavity and cutout areas.


Toilet lid covers might seem insignificant compared to more glamorous bath accessories but they serve important hygienic and practical roles. Toilet covers boost cleanliness, health, comfort and even style in the place we visit multiple times per day. With options ranging from basic economy bulk packs to luxury heated seats, attractive colors to custom monogramming, everyone can find the ideal toilet lid cover to meet their needs and budget.

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