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Best Universal Toilet Handle Reviews [Ultimate Buying Guides]

Choosing the right universal toilet handle can make your bathroom experience much more convenient and comfortable. With so many options on the market, it can be tricky finding the perfect one for your needs and budget. This article will guide you through everything you need to know, from what makes a handle “universal” to breaking down the top 5 universal toilet handle options.

Quick Comperision Table For The Best Universal Toilet Handles

MoenAmerican Standard ChampionDelta FaucetKohler Canister SystemFluidmaster PerforMAX
MaterialZincAntimicrobial PlasticZincn/aZinc Alloy
Finishes AvailableChromeChromeChrome, Bronze, Stainless, BlackBiscuit, Almond, Dune, Sandbar, Ice Grey, WhiteChrome, Black, White, Bone
AdjustabilityAdjustable Arm & Pivot RodAdjustable ArmAdjustable Slide Mountn/aVertical & Sideways Adjustability
Flush PerformanceStrong Flush with FlushLock SealRectangular Seal Enables Strong Flushn/aImproves Existing FlushCompatible with Standard Flappers
Ease of InstallationPivoting Lock NutLock Nutn/aDesigned for Kohler ToiletsIncluded Hardware
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

What is a Universal Toilet Handle?

A universal toilet handle is designed to fit most tank models from major toilet manufacturers like Kohler, American Standard, and Delta. They easily replace your existing tank lever with little effort or special tools required. The handle itself connects via a pivoting arm to the toilet’s flapper, allowing you to flush the toilet with an easy push or pull motion.

The best universal toilet handles have an adjustable design, allowing you to fine tune the fit for your specific tank setup. They come in a range of styles and finishes to match most bathroom decors seamlessly.

Why Choose a Universal Toilet Handle?

There are several benefits to installing a universal toilet handle in your bathroom:

  • Increased Flushing Power: Many universal handles provide stronger leverage and a tighter seal on the flapper, significantly improving flushing capability, especially on older toilets.
  • ** ADA Compliance:** For accessibility needs, an elongated handle can make flushing easier compared to a standard smaller lever.
  • Easier to Use: Extending the lever arm creates less strain and is more ergonomic when flushing a toilet. This helps anyone who struggles with mobility or strength issues.
  • Stylish Update: Replacing an old, rusted lever adds a nice decorative touch to freshen up your bathroom’s look.
  • Fixes Problems: If your current handle is loose, broken, or not correctly opening the flapper, a new universal lever can provide a welcome fix.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Toilet Handle

With many types of universal toilet handles now available, keep the following factors in mind when selecting the right one:


The handle shape and mounting need to fit your toilet tank model. Measure the back of your tank first to ensure proper sizing. Also check what hardware is included for attaching the handle.


An adjustable arm and pivot rod allow tailoring the lever to your toilet’s flapper chain and tank water level. Non-adjustable options likely won’t seal the flapper as tightly.

Flush Performance

Look for customer reviews confirming the handle provides sufficient flushing power. Too loose of a fit can reduce water flow.


Common toilet handle materials include plastic, metal, and antimicrobial copper. Copper options inhibit bacteria growth.


Choose a finish and style harmonizing with your bathroom’s existing decor, like classic chrome or brushed nickel.

Keeping these key considerations in mind will help you select a high quality, long-lasting universal toilet handle improving both form and function in your bathroom.

The Best Universal Toilet Handles Reviews

Now that you know what defines a universal toilet handle and factors to evaluate, here are 5 top-rated options to consider installing in your bathroom:

1. Moen Universal Toilet Handle

Boasting a sleek style made from durable zinc, Moen’s universal handle is a great basic choice with all the key features you need.


  • Fits 2″ flush valve toilets
  • Zinc cast handle with chrome plated finish
  • Elongated handle provides leverage for stronger flush
  • Adjustable arm & pivot rod customizes to your toilet
  • Easy installation with handy pivoting lock nut
  • Includes spare seal kit

Pros and Cons

  • Pros: Very affordable, customizable fit, utilizes FlushLock seal for full flapper closure
  • Cons: Plastic nuts/washers feel a bit flimsy

With a trusted brand name like Moen, this handle offers exceptional value for money given its adjustability and sturdy zinc construction. The elongated design also supplies sufficient torque for a powerful flush.

2. American Standard Champion Universal Toilet Handle

As a highly rated option made by a major plumbing brand, American Standard’s Champion universal lever is a great choice for replacing most existing hardware.


  • Designed to fit majority of toilet models
  • Antimicrobial plastic handle with chrome finish
  • ADA compliant elongated design
  • Adjustable arm with corrosion resistant hardware
  • Lock nut provides simple installation
  • Includes rectangular seal for flapper

Pros and Cons

  • Pros: Antimicrobial material inhibits bacteria, rectangular seal gives complete flapper closure for strong flush
  • Cons: Plastic handle may feel less sturdy than metal options

With its adjustability, antimicrobial properties, and reliable flushing performance, the American Standard Champion handle makes an excellent universal toilet handle for most bathrooms. The included rectangular seal gives added assurance of a watertight flapper closure for maximum flush power.

3. Delta Faucet Universal Toilet Handle

If you want a higher end metal handle in multiple finishes, Delta Faucet’s universal lever is an attractive pick.


  • Designed for all 2″ flush valve toilets
  • Available in 4 finishes – Chrome, Venetian Bronze, Brilliance Stainless & Matte Black
  • Sturdy zinc handle construction
  • Elongated shape for leverage to maximize flush power
  • Corrosion resistant metal pivot rod
  • Adjustable slide mount customizes fit
  • Includes rectangular seal

Pros and Cons

  • Pros: High quality zinc handle, multiple finishes, rectangular seal aids watertight flapper closure
  • Cons: More expensive than basic options

With its durable construction and variety metal finishes, the Delta Faucet handle allows coordinating with nearly any bathroom decor. The branded quality offers confidence in long-term durability and performance as well.

4. Kohler Canister Flushing System Toilet Handle

If you have a Kohler class five canister flush toilet, this handle replacement kit is designed specifically to match.


  • Made for Kohler canister flush toilets
  • Kit contains handle, left & right arm, pivot rod & seals
  • Available in 6 finishes – Biscuit, Almond, Dune, Sandbar, Ice Grey & White
  • ADA compliant design
  • Installs opposite tank side for more space

Pros and Cons

  • Pros: Integrates flushing mechanism into ceramic tank for seamless appearance & easy cleaning
  • Cons: Only fits Kohler canister system toilets

For a uniquely modern look, the Kohler canister system hides inner workings inside the tank. The coordinated handle kit then effortlessly updates the exterior style and improves flush power all in one.

5. Fluidmaster PerforMAX Universal 2 Toilet Handle

Offering versatility for many installations, Fluidmaster’s PerforMAX universal handle is a great value option.


  • Fits majority of tank models up to 8” wide
  • Sturdy zinc alloy handle construction
  • Choose chrome, black, white or bone finish
  • Includes 2 interchangeable buttons
  • Corrosion resistant metal side mount
  • Adjusts vertically & pivot rod slides sideways for custom fit
  • Compatible with standard flappers

Pros and Cons

  • Pros: Zinc handle has nice brushed nickel finish, customizable fit, packaged with extra seals/washers
  • Cons: Mounting nut/rod feel lower grade compared to handle

With coated zinc construction, interchangeable decorative buttons and adjustable mount, the Fluidmaster PerforMAX handle offers lots of customization during installation. The affordable price paired with brushed metal finish remains appealing for a basic universal option.

Choosing the Right One for You

With so many highly rated universal toilet handles to choose from, selecting the right option comes down to a few key factors:

universal toilet handle
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Ease of Installation

Look for a handle that includes clear instructions and all necessary mounting hardware for attaching to your toilet tank. Adjustable pivot rods that slide to customize the fit are also essential.


Double check sizing to ensure the handle arm and base plate fit your tank measurements. Also confirm what flapper seal style is included, either round or rectangular.


Match the handle finish to your existing bathroom hardware for a cohesive look. Most universal levers come in popular finishes like classic chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze or matte black.

Flushing Power

Reviews indicating a strong, consistent flush are essential to prevent performance issues down the road. Be sure the handle fully seals the flapper valve.


Universal toilet handles range widely in price from $10 into the $50+ range. In general, spend more for durable metal construction versus flimsier plastic models.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all universal toilet handles fit every toilet?

No. While called “universal,” the handles still need proper measurements to ensure compatibility with your existing tank. Always check dimensions and hardware requirements before purchasing.

Can I adjust the handle if my flapper chain is a different length?

Yes, quality universal handles have slide mounts and adjustable metal pivot rods allowing you to alter the handle position to sync perfectly with your flapper chain.

How complicated is it to install a universal toilet handle?

Replacing your toilet handle is generally straightforward with minimal tools required. First shut off the water supply, flush out remaining water, disconnect existing handle, then re-mount the new universal handle. Adjust to your tank measurements and flapper to ensure smooth operation.

Why might I still have flushing problems after installing a new handle?

An improper seal between the flapper and flush valve can reduce power. Make sure to attach any included rectangular or round seals for maximum flush performance. Adjusting the handle pivot rod so the flapper lifts fully can help as well.

How do I know if I need a round or rectangular seal?

Check your existing flush valve seat shape that seals with the flapper. Match this same shape when choosing replacement seal options. Rectangular seals tend to provide the best watertight closure.


Installing a new universal toilet handle provides multiple upgrades for your bathroom. The extended, easier to grab shape makes flushing more convenient. Adjustable designs properly fit your tank size while updating aesthetic appeal. And the improved leverage supplies more flushing muscle when you need it.

Carefully consider important factors like installation method, included hardware, and decor coordination when selecting your handle. This ensures both visual appeal and reliable performance improving your overall bathroom experience over the long run.

With quality universal handles now more affordable than ever, replacing a worn out or inefficient lever is one of the simplest bathroom upgrades you can make. Just match the handle measurements properly to your tank, customize the fit with the sliding mounts, attach the complementary seals, and enjoy consistent flushing power for years to come.

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