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What Is The Best Anti Slip Shower Stickers [In 2024]

Slipping and falling in the shower can happen easily with wet and soapy conditions. However, there’s an easy, affordable way to help prevent this. Anti slip shower stickers are transparent grip tape stickers that you can apply to the floor of your tub or shower to create traction and improve safety.

Unlike bulky bath mats, anti slip stickers stick right onto the existing surface. They provide grip while maintaining a low profile that won’t get in the way. With strong adhesive, they are designed to bond securely even when wet.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about choosing the best anti slip stickers for showers and tubs. We’ll discuss the top brands, pros and cons of various products, and provide tips for application. With the right information, you can find shower floor stickers perfect for your needs.

Quick Comparison Table For Best Anti Slip Shower Stickers

ProductGorilla Grip OriginalSlipX Solutions Safe StepStepStone Anti-Slip Stone StickersSafety TreadSlipDoctors Clear StripsYimobra Bath Tub & Shower
MaterialVinylAcrylic PolymerVinyl PolymerVinylAcrylic PolymerTPE Silicone Rubber
Size11.8 x 4.5 in, 7 x 5 in5 x 4 in4 x 4 in11 x 4.5 in4 in x 18 ft4 in diameter
ShapeRectangle, SquareCirclesSquare “stones”Rectangular stripsClear stripsCircles
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
Ease of Use⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Overall Rating4.4/54.6/53.4/53.8/54.2/53.2/5

Top Anti Slip Stickers Reviews

With a crowded market full of products to sort through, here’s a look at some best selling options with key pros, cons and details to simplify your buying decision.

1. Gorilla Grip Original Bath and Shower Treads

Over 16,000 Amazon reviews and a #1 best seller status make Gorilla Grip a fan favorite. Here’s an overview:

  • Material – Vinyl
  • Sizes – 11.8 x 4.5 inches, 7 x 5 inches
  • Shapes – Rectangular, Square


  • Textured secure-grip pattern
  • Transparent matte finish
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Easily trimmed to fit
  • Can be reused multiple times


  • Durability issues reported after 2 years average
  • Stickers lifting around edges over time

With superior bonding power on their adhesive, safe wet and dry traction and a bargain price point, Gorilla Grip makes an excellent choice. Just be aware they may not last beyond a couple years with continual use.

2. SlipX Solutions Safe Step Tub & Shower Treads

As seen on Shark Tank, SlipX treads feature an aggressive skid-x pattern for anti slip floor application.

  • Material – Acrylic polymer plastic
  • Size – 5 x 4 inches
  • Shape – Circular disk design


  • Impressive adhesive strength
  • Easy to arrange spacing
  • Sticks on textured surfaces
  • 5 year replacement warranty


  • Expensive per unit price
  • Takes careful positioning once placed

For superior bonding power that sticks securely for years, SlipX is an ideal option to provide lasting traction. The innovative non-stick application allows repositioning. Just expect to pay more per piece than standard vinyl designs.

3. StepStone Anti-Slip Shower Floor Mat Stickers

StepStone options feature a unique design with stone-like texture in transparent matte or gloss.

  • Material – Vinyl polymer
  • Size – 4 x 4 inches square
  • Shape – Stone square tiles


  • Realistic decorative stone visual
  • Heat and frost resistant
  • Mold/mildew/germ resistant
  • Textured top for traction


  • Limited size and shape options
  • Durability varies greatly

For a shower floor solution that looks like tile or stone, StepStone brings nice aesthetics. Just be diligent with surface prep and application for the best bond.

4. Safety Tread Clear Bathtub & Shower Treads

With over 500 reviews, Safety Tread provides transparent traction with either a wave or diamond plate pattern.

  • Material – Vinyl
  • Size – 11 x 4.5 inches
  • Shape – Rectangular strips


  • Heavy duty adhesive
    *Textured grip pattern
  • Customizable sizing
  • Easy application


  • Not as transparent as claimed
  • Durability varies greatly
  • Pricey for what you get

For a heavy duty grip solution, Safety Tread features robust adhesive and tread patterns to choose from. Just be prepared to trim strips down to fit your space.

5. SlipDoctors Clear Strips Anti-Slip Strips

With a 4 inch width and super strong adhesive, SlipDoctors tractions strips conform smoothly to surfaces.

  • Material – Acrylic polymer plastic
  • Size – 4 inch x 18 feet roll
  • Shape – Roll of clear strip


  • Discreet clear design
  • Adheres to textured surfaces
  • Sticks with 50 lbs adhesive power
  • Provides excellent traction


  • Gets dirty easily
  • Peels up around tub curves
  • Leaves residue with removal

For maximum adhesive strength, SlipDoctors Clear Strips bond securely while maintaining transparency. Just take care applying on curved surfaces.

6. Yimobra Bath Tub & Shower Anti Slip Stickers

Boasting over 7000 global sales, Yimobra features cute dot patterned traction.

  • Material – TPE silicone rubber
  • Size – 4 inch diameter circles
  • Shape – White polka dot circles


  • Cute decorative dots
  • Heat/Cold resistant
  • Easy peel and stick
  • Affordable price


  • Not fully transparent
  • Adhesive loses stick over time
  • Limited sizing

If you want a playful accent for traction, Yimobra dots add whimsical

Causes of Slippery Shower Floors

There are a few common reasons shower and tub floors can become dangerously slippery:

anti slip shower stickers
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Soap Scum Buildup

The number one cause of a hazardous shower floor is soap scum residue. Body wash, shampoo, and bar soap all leave behind a filmy, slimy residue when not rinsed properly. Over time, this builds up and coats the entire surface, creating very slippery conditions.

Hard Water Deposits

Hard water contains high amounts of minerals like calcium and magnesium. As water evaporates, it leaves these minerals behind, creating scale and deposits on shower floors. These formations reduce traction significantly when wet.

Mold and Mildew

Standing water, leaks, humidity, and poor ventilation leads to mold and mildew growth in bathrooms. This slimy film thrives on wet surfaces like tile and fiberglass tub floors, acting as a lubricant and causing slippery conditions.

Regular cleaning helps prevent buildup and growth of these slippery substances. However, over time, a slippery tub floor can still occur. Anti slip stickers help create grip on these problem surfaces for improved safety.

Dangers of Slippery Shower Floors

It’s easy to see how a slippery tub or shower floor could create hazardous situations. soap, shampoo, water all reduce traction significantly. And since bathing requires standing for extended periods on wet bare feet, the chances of slipping increase drastically.

Falls and Injuries

The obvious danger is falling inside your tub or shower. Tubs have hard surfaces and vulnerable body parts like heads, elbows, hips and tailbones are at risk of serious injury. Falling while stepping in or out of the shower can also result in injury if landing on a hard bathroom floor.

Difficulty Standing Safely

For older adults and those with mobility challenges, a slippery shower floor makes bathing very difficult. Standing for grooming and hair washing may induce fear or uncertainty about stability. This can discourage independence with bathing at home.

Choosing safety products like anti slip stickers helps reduce hazards and makes standing in showers and tubs easier. The next section highlights the many benefits they provide.

Benefits of Anti Slip Stickers

There are many advantages to using anti slip stickers in showers and tubs:

Improved Traction and Grip

The textured surface and grip patterns on anti slip stickers are designed specifically to create friction even when completely saturated. By covering slippery areas prone to buildup, they transform floors into a high traction surface for stable footing.

Easy to Apply and Remove

Unlike bulky bath mats or grip strips, anti slip stickers come on a backing sheet for simple peel and stick application. Just clean the surface thoroughly, peel off the sticker and smooth it on. Removal is just as easy by grabbing an edge and peeling it off slowly.

Affordable Solution

A set of anti slip tub and shower stickers provides an affordable way to resurface dangerous areas and improve traction. Compared to reglazing tiles or fiberglass, it’s a budget-friendly option that can be done without professional installation.

Now that we’ve covered the key benefits, let’s go over what features to evaluate when shopping.

What to Look for When Buying

With many anti slip tub and shower products available, keep these factors in mind while selecting the best choice for your needs:

Size and Shape

Consider the size of surface area you need to cover. Measure to determine how many stickers are required. Also look at shape options like rectangular strips versus squares or circles to properly arrange on floors or walls.

Adhesive Strength

The entire point of these stickers is sticking safely to wet surfaces. So the adhesive material and bonding technology is crucial. Water resistance also ensures adhesion won’t be compromised with moisture over time.


The type of material affects the texture, durability and look. Popular options are silicone, acrylic and vinyl. Consider see-through versus solid colors. Textured vinyl provides good transparency with slip resistance.

Keep these factors in mind as we review a few top-rated anti slip tub and shower stickers.

style. Just don’t expect long-term durability.

Application Tips and Tricks

To achieve the best results from your anti slip stickers, follow these professional tips:

Cleaning the Surface

Thoroughly cleaning the area where stickers will adhere is imperative. Use a multi-surface cleaner or dish soap, hot water and scrub brushes to remove residue buildup, soap scum and minerals. Going over it a few times ensures previous grime won’t compromise adhesion.

Letting Stickers Set

After applying stickers on a 100% clean and dry surface, refrain from wetting the area for 12-24 hours. This allows the adhesive to fully cure and bond correctly to maximize traction and sticking power. Be patient even though it’s tempting to test them out.

Smoothing Out Air Bubbles

Carefully press from the center outward with a soft cloth to remove any air pockets after initial application. Ensure complete contact with the surface to prevent moisture seeping underneath, which can loosen glue over time.

Stick to these tips for hassle-free application and the best performance long-term. Maintain traction by keeping surfaces clean and replace stickers as needed.


Are anti slip stickers reusable?

It depends on the brand and adhesive quality. In most cases, yes – anti slip stickers can be removed slowly and reapplied successfully if done carefully without tearing. Less durable options won’t reform a solid bond though after multiple lifts.

How long do they last?

Quality stickers well-adhered to cleaned surfaces can last 1-5 years depending on usage levels and cleaning maintenance. Areas with hard water must be vigilantly kept free of buildup. Lifespans average 2 years with proper application and care.

Can you put them over existing stickers?

It’s not advisable to layer stickers, or adhere new ones over old anti slip stickers. They must bond to clean bare surfaces to work effectively. Any residue underneath will impede full adhesive contact. Remove old stickers first even if labor intensive for safety.


Adding anti slip stickers transforms hazardous tub and shower floors into safer, high-traction zones. Just be sure to assess causes of slipperiness first and address cleaning needs. Measure properly and select durable stickers suited for daily usage.

With the right stickers like Gorilla Grip or SlipX properly prepared and applied, you can stand, walk and shower with greatly improved peace of mind. Give one of these top-rated products a try and prevent dangerous bathing accidents this year.

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