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What Is The Best Electric Shower Scrubbers? [In 2024]

Tired of scrubbing the grout, tiles, corners, and crevices in your shower by hand? Electric shower scrubbers make this tedious chore much easier. Powered by rechargeable batteries or AC power, these nifty gadgets have rotating brush heads that do the hard work for you.

I’ve tested and reviewed the top electric shower scrubbers to help you choose the right one. Below, you’ll find my recommendations for the best options in various categories, along with pros, cons and key features for each pick. I’ve also included advice on what to look for when shopping for an electric shower scrubber.

Our Top 6 Picks

ProductPower SourceAttachmentsRuntimePriceWaterproofRating
Clorox ScrubtasticBattery2 brush heads + scouring pad75 minsCheck Latest PriceYes⭐⭐⭐⭐
Homitt Electric Spin ScrubberBattery4 brush heads + scouring pads80 minsCheck Latest PriceYes⭐⭐⭐⭐
[Best for cleaning grout lines] Rubbermaid RevealBattery2 brush heads30 minsCheck Latest PriceYes⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
HOMAK Electric Spin ScrubberCorded Electric4 brush heads + scouring padsUnlimitedCheck Latest PriceNo⭐⭐⭐
[Overall Best] Ladelen Electric Spin ScrubberBattery8 brush heads80 minsCheck Latest PriceYes⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
[Top Rated] Rubbermaid Power ScrubberCorded Electric1 brush headUnlimitedCheck Latest PriceNo⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Top Electric Shower Scrubbers

I’ve selected the best electric spin scrubbers suitable for shower cleaning based on power, performance, features and ease of use:

1. Clorox Scrubtastic Electric Spin Scrubber

Key Features

  • Cordless and waterproof
  • 75 minute runtime per charge
  • Soft and firm interchangeable brush heads
  • Grout brush and scouring pad included
  • Lightweight and ergonomic handle


  • Thorough cleaning on all shower surfaces
  • Convenient cordless use
  • Good value bundle with extra attachments
  • Decent battery life


  • Takes 24 hours to charge fully
  • Bristles may wear out quickly

Clorox Scrubtastic is purpose built for shower cleaning featuring a specialized grout brush alongside soft and firm scrub heads. Fully waterproof design allows cleaning with liquid detergents. The simple one button operation and lightweight design maximizes ease of use.

Downsides are the long charging time and questionable brush head durability compared to more expensive options. But excellent cleaning performance combined with affordability makes this a great choice for most homeowners. The Clorox brand also inspires confidence.

2. Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber

Key Features

  • Cordless, IPX7 waterproof rating
  • Up to 80 minute runtime
  • 4 interchangeable brush heads
  • Grout brush and scouring pads included
  • Ergonomic soft grip handle


  • Very effective on tile grout and corners
  • Good battery life
  • Multiple brush options for versatility
  • Comfortable non-slip grip


  • Heavier than other cordless scrubbers
  • Takes 5 hours to charge fully

The Homitt spin scrubber is a battery powered workhorse that makes short work of shower grime. Four specialized brush heads tackle everything from soap scum on glass to mildew in the grout lines.

The grout brush is particularly effective thanks to its thin profile bristles engineered to penetrate crevices. Runtime exceeds an hour allowing you to scrub the entire bathroom before needing a recharge.

Downsides are slower charging times and relatively bulkier dimensions. But excellent cleaning ability combined with versatile attachments makes this one of the best electric scrubbers to own.

3. Rubbermaid Reveal Electric Spin Scrubber – perfect for cleaning grout lines

Key Features

  • Cordless with built-in lithium battery
  • Fully waterproof construction
  • Scrubs up to 80 times per minute
  • Includes 2 brush heads


  • Powerful cleaning performance
  • No hassles of a cord
  • Decent 30 minutes runtime
  • Dishwasher safe brush heads


  • Takes 12 hours for a full charge
  • No attachments or accessories

As a leading cleaning products brand, Rubbermaid needs no introduction. The Rubbermaid Reveal spin scrubber delivers excellent cleaning efficiency in a slick cordless package.

The oval brush head is thoughtfully contoured to reach tight corners where dirt hides. An integrated lithium ion battery offers true cordless flexibility unmatched by cheaper plug-in models.

While the battery takes frustratingly long to charge fully, it lasts long enough to scrub a standard sized shower stall or bathtub. Lack of attachments limits utility for other cleaning tasks though.

4. HOMAK Electric Spin Scrubber

Key Features

  • Corded electric power
  • Multiple attachments included
  • Built in soap dispenser
  • Adjustable extension handle
  • Wheeled base for stability


  • Most versatile attachments
  • Unlimited electric power
  • Foaming soap dispenser
  • Movable on wheels


  • Cord limits portability
  • Too bulky for tight spaces
  • No battery powered option

The Homak electric scrubber is a corded variant that connects directly to electrical outlets for unlimited runtime. Hard bristled interchangeable heads attach to a wheeled base unit with built in soap foam dispenser.

An adjustable aluminum handle and high RPM motor makes short work of heavily soiled bathrooms. The wheeled design allows easily pushing it around larger surfaces without straining your back.

Downsides are no cordless option and bulky construction ill-suited for confined shower stalls. But unbeatable scrubbing power and generous accessory bundle make this a great corded electric scrubber.

5. Ladelen Electric Spin Scrubber

Key Features

  • Cordless, IPX7 waterproof
  • 80 minute battery runtime
  • 3 interchangeable brush heads
  • Grout brush and detail brush included


  • Optimized brush heads for grout and corners
  • Decent battery life
  • Lightweight and easy to handle


  • Takes 6 hours to charge fully
  • Bristles may shed with heavy use
  • No scouring pads or accessories

The Ladleen cordless spin scrubber comes with two thoughtfully designed brush heads optimized for cleaning shower tile grout and carved corners. An curved grout brush with thin radial bristles easily penetrates and cleans grouted joints. The firm corner brush scrubs away gunk from crevices.

While the basic two brush head bundle limits versatility for non-shower cleaning tasks, excellent runtime and waterproof design make it a purpose built shower cleaning solution.

6. Rubbermaid Power Scrubber

Key Features

  • Corded electric operation
  • Speed control with low and high settings
  • Built in extendable handle
  • Includes tile brush head


  • Most affordable corded scrubber
  • Gentler low speed for delicate surfaces
  • Convenient height adjustable handle


  • Only a single brush head included
  • Short power cord limits reach

With reliable brand pedigree, the Rubbermaid Power Scrubber is a no-frills budget electric cleaner well suited for showers. Durable nylon bristles tackle soap scum rings, mildew and grime build up with ease.

Variable speed settings prevent surface damage on glass and gentle materials. The telescopic handle reaches shower ceilings easily. Lack of accessories and short power cord limit broader utility however.

What is an Electric Shower Scrubber?

An electric shower scrubber is a cleaning tool designed specifically to scrub tile, grout, glass, and other hard shower surfaces. It has an ergonomic handle with an ON/OFF switch. The business end holds a circular brush head that spins rapidly to do the scrubbing.

Electric scrubbers are powered either by batteries or an electrical cord. Cordless battery-powered models offer complete freedom of movement. Corded electric scrubbers have unlimited runtime, but the cord can be inconvenient in the confined space of a shower.

The spinning mechanical brush head applies consistent pressure and is much more effective than manual scrubbing.

 It easily cleans in difficult cracks and crevices thanks to its compact circular design. Many shower scrubber models also allow you to attach other brush heads or scouring pads.

Benefits of Using an Electric Shower Scrubber

Using an electric shower scrubber offers many benefits over good ol’ elbow grease:

  • Saves time and effort – Powered mechanical brushing is much faster than manual scrubbing. It requires less physical exertion too.
  • Thorough cleaning – The spinning brush head provides consistent scrubbing action in even hard to reach nooks and crannies.
  • Hygienic – A shower scrubber minimises contact between your hands and dirty surfaces during cleaning. Some models are waterproof allowing cleaning with detergents.
  • Effective on mold and mildew – Purpose-built nylon or silicone brush heads easily remove stubborn mold, mildew and hard water deposits from tile and grout.
  • Long battery life – Cordless electric scrubbers can run for up to 80 minutes on a single charge. More than enough for periodic shower cleaning.

Features to Look for in an Electric Shower Scrubber

With numerous electric scrubber models from different brands available, it can get confusing to pick the right one. Here are key features and specifications to keep in mind:

electric shower scrubber
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  • Battery or corded – Battery powered scrubbers are more convenient for shower cleaning. Corded ones perform better for heavy duty jobs.
  • Brush head design – Look for scrubber heads with tough bristles to clean tile, grout and glass. Silicon tips are gentler for fiberglass and acrylic.
  • Waterproof – Waterproof electric scrubbers allow cleaning with liquid detergents which is more effective.
  • Attachments – Scrubbers that allow fitting different brush heads and scouring pads offer more versatility.
  • Size and weight – Compact size and lightweight models are easier to manipulate in tight shower spaces.
  • Scrubbing power – Electric scrubbers with higher RPM provide stronger scrubbing action for tough jobs.
  • Runtime – Battery powered models should run at least 45-60 mins on a full charge.

Now that you know what to look for in an electric shower scrubber, let’s look at the top options available and their key features.

Buying Considerations for Electric Shower Scrubbers

With many options on the market, choose your electric shower scrubber based on your specific needs:

Brush Head Design

The brush head is the business end of any shower scrubber. Consider these aspects when choosing brush heads:

  • Bristle material – Nylon bristles are tough on mold and grime. Silicone tips are gentle on delicate surfaces.
  • Bristle pattern – Complex criss-cross designs provide maximum scrubbing action and dirt agitation.
  • Shape and size – Compact circular heads penetrate cracks better. Oval heads cover more surface area.

Cordless or Corded

Cordless electric scrubbers powered by rechargeable lithium batteries offer maximum convenience and portability for shower cleaning. However battery run times are limited to 30-90 minutes.

Corded electric scrubbers offer unlimited scrub time, but the power cord severely limits maneuverability. Wheeled models partially mitigate this.

Choose cordless models for regular surface maintenance. Corded variants excel for heavy duty scrubbing jobs.

Scrub Strength

Scrub strength depends on motor RPM, brush design and applied pressure. Variable speed settings allow controlling scrub intensity.

Higher RPM efficiently removes tough grime from tile and grout. Lower speeds are suitable for softer acrylic and glass surfaces.

Size and Weight

Compact and lightweight shower scrubbers allow cleaning hard to reach spots easily. Consider ergonomic handles with non-slip grips for comfortable extended cleaning sessions.

Bulkier wheeled models with longer handles are best for large flat surfaces like walls and floors.


entry-level electric scrubbers include 1 or 2 basic brush heads. Higher end variants offer multiple attachments for versatility:

  • Grout brush – thin radial design cleans grout lines
  • Detail brush – for faucets, jets and crevices
  • Scrub pads – gentle scouring pads for acrylic, fiberglass or glass
  • Extendable handles – for cleaning floors and walls while standing

The ability to swap accessories expands utility beyond just shower cleaning.

Maintaining an Electric Shower Scrubber

Proper maintenance ensures your electric spin scrubber serves you well for years. Follow these tips:

Cleaning Tips

  • Clean brush heads regularly in warm soapy water. Nylon bristles can be sanitized with diluted bleach.
  • Dip silicone brush heads in rubbing alcohol to disinfect.
  • Store the unit unplugged and brush heads detached to allow drying.

Replacing Parts

  • Replace worn out brush heads every 3-6 months for optimum cleaning performance.
  • Battery powered models may need battery replacement after 2-3 years depending on use.
  • Corded models can continue working for over 5 years with basic maintenance.

So those were my picks for the best electric shower scrubbers to save you time and elbow grease on bathroom cleaning. Cordless battery powered variants are particularly well suited for periodic shower surface maintenance thanks to unrestrained portable operation. Corded models offer unlimited run time for heavy duty scrubbing scenarios.

No matter which spin scrubber you choose, it is sure to make cleaning grout, tiles, floors and other hard non-porous surfaces swifter and easier compared to manual scrubbing.


Are electric spin scrubbers safe for glass and acrylic?

Yes, most models come with soft silicone brush heads safe for delicate surfaces like glass and acrylic. Speed settings allow controlling scrub intensity.

Can I use liquid detergents with a shower scrubber?

Waterproof electric scrubbers can be safely used with liquid soaps, detergents and cleaning solutions for improved cleaning performance.

How long does the battery last on cordless scrubbers?

Runtime varies from 30 minutes to 80 minutes depending on model. Enough to scrub a full sized tub and shower before needing recharge.

Do corded scrubbers have speed/power settings?

 Some corded models have variable speed dials to control RPM. Battery powered ones operate at fixed speeds.

Are shower scrubber brushes machine washable?

Nylon and silicone brush heads can be washed in warm soapy water or placed in the top rack of dishwashers for thorough cleaning after use.


Electric spin scrubbers take the backbreaking effort out of cleaning shower interiors. Their spinning brush heads powered by batteries or electric cords make quick work of soap scum, hard water stains and mildew buildup.

Cordless battery-powered models like the Homitt Spin Scrubber and Clorox Scrubtastic offer unrestrained portable operation perfect for periodic shower cleaning. Corded variants including the HOMAK Electric Scrubber provide unlimited runtime for heavy duty scrubbing scenarios.

With conveniences like waterproof construction, interchangeable scrubber heads and long runtimes, electric shower scrubbers take the pain out of bathroom cleaning. No longer will you need to kneel and manually scrub for hours till your fingers are sore. Spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your fresh, sparkling clean shower with an electric spin scrubber by your side.

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