10 Best Silicone Toilet Brush In 2024 [Only 10% Knows]

Many of us are now shifting our regular toilet brushes. They are choosing a silicone brush as a better alternative. 

Do you know why? Only 10% knows the real fact. We will cover it in the next step. Before that, let us explain why the regular brush is hazardous for health?

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Regular brush keeps germs even after washing over and over. As a result, the chances of bacterial ingestion are high.

This bacteria can enter your body through breathing or skin. It will later lead to urinary infection, upset stomach, and more.

Silicone toilet brushes can save you from this disease. Read out our best silicone toilet brush reviews.

10 Best Silicone Toilet Brush Review:

1. Flexible silicone toilet brush with Holder Set 

Sellemere is now a talk of the forum. The reasons are its functionalities. We compared this silicon brush with ASOBEAGE. 

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The bristle gaps and alignment of Sellemere looked balanced. It reaches every inch of a toilet. The grip is also good enough to handle the bent.

We noticed a considerable difference in cleaning the dead corners between Sellmere and Asobeage.

Sellemere cleans more clearly than Asobeage. This is for the bristle alignment. If you look at the bristle in 360-degree form, you will see the left, right, and top areas are not the same. 

This allows you to stop germ ingestion. 

Now let’s move on to the ventilation of both brands. Sellemere ventilation sounds 1 step better. It stops the drips by drying up quickly.

As a result, the chances are less to spoil the brush. This ventilation also saves the brush from foreign object attacks. Means it will last longer.

ASOBEAGE, on the other hand, takes a minute slightly to get dry. Don’t we think it will be a deal-breaker for AsoBeage. why? We will tell you in the next session.

Moving on to explain two more things. The multifunctional usage sounds fine for us for Selelmore. But the bathtub cleaning seems better in ASOBEEAGE for its brush density. Other than this, everything is good. 

Sellmere also offers a rust-resistant feature for the external feature. They used PP silicon to avoid rust to last longer.


  • Polypropylene handles for solid griping
  • Ventilation slots for easy water draining.
  • Hygienic and anti-bacterial.
  • Cleans every detail.
  • Rust resistance.
  • Dry fast
  • Multifunctional features could be better.

2. Silicone Toilet Brushes with No-Slip Long Plastic Handle and Flexible Bristles

ASOBEAGE and SELLEMERE are head-to-head competitors. In our last review, we showed a clear comparison between the two silicon brushes. 

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Here you will read some of the unrevealed areas.ASOBEAGE. The first thing is the ventilation. ASOBEAGE does not show significant ventilation slots for dripped water. It signals a hygiene problem for toilets.

Sellemere on the other hand has. A nice ventilation slot to store the dripping water. This slot can easily be cleaned. 

Don’t turn back now! ASOBEAGE might not have pretty good ventilation slots. But the scratch-proof feature is like a saver.

It does not leave any scratch even in the dead corner. We did not notice this feature in our previous bush. 

There are two more things we like: the soft 40 cm bristle. It allows you to reach every corner without the assistance of an extra tool. You can even save tons of energy. How? The brush bends easily to clean up the dirt. A slight twist can clear 60% of germs.

Second is the durability. ASOBEAGE secures more durability than SELLEMERE. The handle is made of TPE materials that are eco-friendly and easy to dispose of. 


  • Quick drying holder
  • Scratch-proof brush
  • Large handle helps you to reach every corner.
  • 40 cm long
  • Eco-friendly materials.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Assembling is complex.

3. BOOMJOY Silicone Toilet Brush with Holder

BoomJoy, Sellemere, ASOBEAGE are the same product. Their build quality is also the same. So, what makes a difference for BOOMJOY? The tweezer. 

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It allows you to remove hair and rarely seen debris. We also liked the brush. It is not a triangle like the Sellemere and ASOBEAGE.

The benefit of this round-shaped toilet brush is smooth cleaning. It reaches even in the deep flexibly. 

This is not seen in the previous two. One more thing is the brush holder. It wipes out all the dirt in the base. There is no chance of water leakage. This means the surrounding areas of toilets are clean. 

BOOMJOY dries up slowly. It’s for the brush density. Sellemere and BOOMJOY have huge differences in brush density. 

Sellemere bristles look like triangles, but this one is rounded. A rounded bristle cleans better than a triangle ( though it depends on the hand). 

Above everything, BOOMJOY grabbed the attention for the grip. It does not slip when you are cleaning dead corners. Sellemere after 5 minutes.


  • Tpr materials
  • Concealed tweezers
  • No spill brush holder.
  • Balanced bristle density.
  • Round base to avoid drips.
  • Soft and durable bristle.
  • The brush pole steel seems not sturdy enough.

4. Flexible Sellemer Toilet Brush

Siblings of Sellemere are pretty much the same. They differ in functionality. We got the proof in this product. 

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The handle looked sturdy. We twisted the handles 4 times with all possible pressure. Nope! There was no sound of cracking. 

The handle is also leakage-proof. No chance to reach the water. We wish they could highlight this feature in all their products.

Anyway! The triangle bristol has less density. It probably takes time to clean. Our elbow hurt while cleaning -to be honest.

Slow cleaning will not be a problem if it cleans the germs even from the dead corners. Moving to the brush holder slot. 

It seems stronger than BOOMJOY. The bottom materials are made of quality PP silicons, which are completely waterproof and eco-friendly. Plus, it has a rust-resistant layer to protect from early decay. 

Sellemere applied competitive advantage too. We noticed the hair-tingle cleaning technology in this brush. 

The same feature was seen in our BOOMJOY. If we want to give an honest review, then BOOMJOY has the best hair cleaning options. 


  • Single color
  • Easy cleaning dead corners.
  • Waterproof pp silicone.
  • Rose gold color
  • Sticks with the wall.
  • It does not drip.
  • Elbow hurts after 5 to 6 minutes of gripping.

5. Hygienic By Sanimaid Silicone Toilet Brush

Ergonomic handle, Cleaning grooves, Dripless design, everything has made this brush unique. Still, it is incomparable with Sellemere and BOOMJOY.

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Why? The handle of SO-Mine is longer than similar competitors. As a result, you can reach deeper to clean the stubborn grime. 

We compared the grooves with silicon brushes. Silicon brush sounds good for us. There is a firm reason for saying it.

First is the detailed cleaning. SO-Mine could not hit the accurate cleaning expectation like our previous competitor. 

This silicon cleaner takes time to clean the dead corner. But our mentioned cleaner can clean easily.

Don’t take it as negative feedback. We are saying it based on overall toilet design. If your toilet rim is easy to clean, then this one works fine. 

Next is the drip resistance. So-Mine has the least drip resistance for its design. It does not have a brush, so the residual water dries up fast. 

The last thing we liked was the handle. It cannot compete with the Sellemere ASOBEAGE and BOOMJOY. This is because of the build. Competitors used rust-resistant stainless steel. But So-Mine used hard plastic. 


  • Strong grip 
  • Curvy grooves for speed cleaning
  • Dries up fast
  • Long handle
  • Three cleaning grooves.
  • No drips
  • The surface cannot bend properly

6. Silicon Toilet Bowl Cleaning Brush Set

Treeline competes directly with OXO and Similar brands. We noticed that in their overall build quality.

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Our first experiment was in our primary toilet. It took 4 minutes to clean. One of the best parts of the cleaning is the folded feature.

We could fold the right-side brush to clean the rim corners. Second is the silicon density. It is higher than Sellemere and ASOBEAGE. 

This means cleaning becomes faster. The size of each silicon rubber is balanced.. Teelan designed it equally to clean a slight rub.

Handles is also a winner in comparison with the siblings. The rubber grip seems soft. You can hold it without pressurizing over the elbow.

Same experience we are expecting from Boomjoy, but their rubber seems thin. Treeline equipped a thick rubber to get a competitive advantage.

This cleaner has non-skid and scratch-proof features. This is pretty unusual for the same competitors. The manufacturer highlighted it as the selling point. 

True! The claim is. We tried the brush in a rough mood. No scratch at all


  • Non-scratch rubber
  • Rubber bristle brush
  • Comfortable grip
  • Foldable rim cleaner.
  • Non-skid
  • scratch-proof.
  • It takes time to dry.

7. Wall Mounted Silicone Toilet Brush

Perfect for the master bathroom. You can clean: bathtub, toilet and sink with it. The silicone bristles are sturdy enough to clean the dead grimes. 

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Bristols feel soft and flexible. The edges of these bristols are even: thick and thin layers. Proper balance.

We did not notice this in our previous BOOMJOY brush. The needle-like bristol is good for cleaning dead-end. 

The handle is also good. The rubber grip is layered more than 3 inches long, which is good for better gripping. 

At the end of the rubber layer, the stainless steel area starts. This is brilliant because this specific area catches enough water. Rust resistance stainless steel can handle that part. 

Now you might have questions like: are Sellemere, and BOOMJOY used the same steel? We don’t think so. Sellemere feels sturdier than BOOMJOY to us. The tweezer behind the grip is an extra addition. It collects hair easily. 

The tweezer spring seems not good for the built quality. It loses its grip after 7 months. We recommend you make sure of the grip. 

We also liked the brush holder. It has a natural volatilization feature. This means the dripped water will dry up faster. 


  • Soft toilet cleaners
  • 360-degree cleaning.
  • White round brush holder.
  • Thick rubber layer.
  • Ergonomic design
  • Sticky mounting feature
  • The brush takes time to reach under the rim.

8. Antibacterial Silicone Toilet Brush

People want hygienic toilet brushes. Height ensures that through their product. Their toilet brushes are solid.

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We witnessed it while cleaning. The thick bristles reach every corner to wipe out all the germs.

It doesn’t leave any marks after cleaning because of the soft edge. The handle is also good to grip.

Height used thermoplastic rubber which slips less. You can adjust your pressure without hurting your elbows.

Concealed tweezers are an extra benefit. You can clean up hair and other debris. The tweezers have a better grip than Boomjoy. The plastic seems 2x sturdier. 


  • Hidden tweezers for cleaning hair
  • Long handle reaches the dead end.
  • TPR material
  • Conceal tweezers
  • Ergonomic design
  • Fast dry
  • The holder takes time to dry the water.

9. Anti-Stick Effect Bristle Toilet Bowl Silicone Brush

Every new brand comes with new ideas. Tyroler Bright Tools are not beyond that. Their toilet brushes have the same build as our mentioned brand.

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Two major differences have put it number 9. The first one is the anti-stick effect: it allows any dirt to build in between the head and bristles.

We did not see that in Sellemere, BOOMJOY, and ASOBEAGE. Some other competitors have used the same technology, though. 

The Anti-Stick effect is so far the best one. The handle grip is also good. It does not have thermoplastic rubber. So far, it seems like a thin-lined rubber. 

We expected a thick one like BOOMJOY. However, the handle weighs lighter than competitors because of the plastic alloy. That’s why the durability seems compromised. 

Sellemere, ASOBEAGE, on the other hand, did not compromise in handling grip. They used the best stainless steel because the handle plays a vital role in cleaning the stubborn grime. 


  • Waterproof bristle
  • Strong grip.
  • Dense silicone bristle.
  • Anti-stick effect
  • Silicon ribs to keep the canister balanced.
  • No space to build dirt
  • The handle feels plastic.

10. Silicon Toilet Bowl Cleaning Brush Set

You have read the Treeline toilet brush review earlier. This is almost the same product. So what makes it different? 

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We will explain here only. The bristle is dense in this product. It can clean more details than the previous one. 

Our test shows that the bristle rubber has an anti-scratch feature. It does not leave a mark even after hard cleaning. 

The most amazing thing is the water-resistance option. While cleaning, there is no chance to enter the water. Inside areas are air-tight. So, the drips of residual water are less.


  • Two-sided rim cleaning
  • Non-scratch rubber.
  • Cleans dead grimes.
  • Thick rubber grip.
  • Folded rim cleaner.
  • Dense bristle
  • Brush holders could be better built.

Buying Guide: What To Look? 

Time to share the secret sauce of picking the right toilet brush. We will share some suggestions: you can use it to make a better decision.


First look at the brush quality. You can understand that by measuring the following things: 

  • Is it soft?
  • Is it solid?
  • How flexible is it? 

Check the mentioned areas by pulling the bristles and bending them. Look at the waterproof feature inside the brush. Some brushes absorb water which may lead to bacterial ingestion. So inspect this wisely.  


Some handles have thermoplastic rubber grips; others have Polypropylene. People often chase the difference between these two elements. To be honest, Both are good. It depends on the user preference. We feel comfortable with rubber grips. Yet, the experts believe in Polypropylene.  


Having tweezers in the toilet brush is an extra benefit. You can easily remove the hair from the toilet. Unfortunately, all silicone toilet brushes do not have this feature. We recommend you prioritize this.


Polypropylene, Stainless Steel, and Plastic – Which one is the best? Stainless steel so far is the best for durability. Polypropylene is not bad because this new technology tends to last similar to stainless steel. The major benefit of using this handle is; rust cannot catch it.

Do silicone toilet brushes work?

Of course! Silicone toilet brushes work fine. It is better than regular brushes. Here are the 4 reasons.

  • Less dripping:  It drips less. It does not catch water like a regular brush.
  • Detail Cleaning: This  brush cleans detail. Regular brush breaks out while cleaning rims and dead ends. But silicone can reach out in more detail and clean the germs.
  • Easy to clean: This type of  toilet brushes are easy to clean. You can clean it with bleaching powder.
  • Dries up fast: regular brush takes hours to get dry, but this one takes less time to dry. The holder absorbs the residual water.
  • Multipurpose usage: you can use silicone brushes to clean the bathtub, sink, and bathroom floor. It does not catch hair. This toilet brush has concealed tweezers to clean up the hair. 


How to clean a silicone toilet brush?

You clean a silicone toilet brush by following these steps:
– Fill a bucket with hot water
– Add 3 spoons of bleach
– Leave the brush into the bleach for an hour.
– Don’t put it till it soaks properly.
– Wash the brush 
– Keep it safe

Can you clean the Toto toilet with a silicone brush?

Yes, you can clean the Toto toilet with a silicone brush. It will do the same job as if it does for the regular toilet. 

Silicone Toilet Brush vs. Regular vs. Bristle – which one is good?

Silicone brush works better than any other brush. The reason for overlapping this brush is its durability and hygiene. Regular brush watches grimes and bacteria even after a thorough cleaning. Silicone toilet brushes are far beyond that. It does not catch bacteria. 

Final Words:

Only 10% of people know the hidden benefits; our effort is to show the benefits to you. Pretty sure this will help you to pick the best silicone toilet brush. Some brushes have exotic deals. Don’t be late. Hurry up!

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