Culligan VS Aquasana (water filtration)
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Culligan VS Aquasana-water filtration [A Much Needed Comparison]

Water is an essential ingredient we consume in a day to day life. From drinking to showering to cooking, there is no way you can use a substitute for it. But no benefit in drinking if the water which should be a thirst-quenching component is filled with impurities.

To steer clear of such a nuisance, a water filtration system is a must-have for your house. You can prefer a whole house filtration system or just under the sink ones. If you are looking into it, I am sure you have already come across the age-old debate- Culligan vs. Aquasana (water filtration).

This article is all about clarifying these brands’ argument and assisting you in furnishing your house with the most suitable water filtration system.

Culligan water filtration system – To cover the whole house at an affordable cost:

A whole house water filtration system is generally a pricey project to install in the house. But Culligan has brought this to your doorstep with a very budget-friendly approach. You can now experience foul odor and salt taste-free water at your heart’s content.

Once you are done placing it, you can enjoy freshwater all over the house. Be it tap water, shower, or toilet water, Culligan purifies it all for your convenience. Their system is the perfect one to talk about for people who can smell Chlorine even from a thousand miles.

Although it takes a plumber to fit it with the water pipes, good things always come with difficulties. It is nothing compared to the money the helps you save with their extraordinary customer-friendly service.

With their special bypass valve in the water filter system, this NSF certified brand has already started to dominate the market. So, let’s not wait to jump to the best product they have to offer in this regard.

Editorial recommendation:

The Culligan WH-HD200-C Whole House Heavy Duty Water Filtration System matches all the criteria that I have been announcing about their brand so far. These also happen to be all the features you need for a whole house water filter.

It has saved so much agony for house owners over the year that I could give it as a personal recommendation as well. This product reduces the contaminants of the water and makes it filthy odor and bad taste-free.

I could go on all day about the products Culligan has to offer for such endeavors. But this one has effortlessly topped that list due to its allrounder abilities to filter water. So, here is some detailed enlightenment about the product.

Culligan WH-HD200-C Whole House Heavy Duty Water Filtration System- For rust free water:

If you want to filter water for your entire house with a single system, you should care for your health and the sustainability of the machines using the same filtered water. That includes kitchenware, washing machines, and even bathroom tiles.

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I have seen people using this type of system double the money, yet their water pipes would clog with rusts. This product has come as a lifesaver for such hassles. The one-inch stainless steel will filter out all the salts in natural water, which may harm both you and your crockeries around the house.

Their bypass shut off valve will save you some extra load of work while repairing. It is a battery-operated device that comes with a battery. It has an indicator that will let you know when to replace the filter. That way, you will not have to worry every minute about a sudden shutdown in the system.

More often, the bypass valves cause a drop in the pressure of water flow. But it is not a matter in the case of Culligan. The 4gal/min water rate is perfect for supplying the entire house without any recess.

It will take care of your purse and translate the advantages it claims to have into reality. It reduces all types of sediment that are a minimum of 0.35mm in size. That includes sands, small rocks, limescale, Chlorine. Your water will also get protection against UV-light.

It has been engineered to be corrosive resistant. The stainless steel will work as a tremendous defensive component in this matter. These features will also provide high durability to both the tool and its battery.

Using freshwater free of such contaminants is eventually good for both health and skin. Your skin and hair texture will start to improve after some months of using this.

But like all other good things, this product has its fair share of drawbacks. Although it fulfills all your requirements, it is not plumbing friendly. You will be needing a good plumber to install it. That may cause some extra bucks but should do the job.

Aquasana water filtration system– Best quality with lowest pollutants:

The long-standing water treatment brand Aquasana has been keeping its head high in the water purifying field. While competing successfully with all the other sharks in the market, they have not dropped their quality for once.

When a company’s motto is to ensure the pleasing of customers, it goes over the top. Aquasana has been no exception in this regard. Their outstanding coconut shell in the water filtration system has made a lot of noise in the market for delivering precise and freshwater.

They do come with a bit higher price tag than most well-known brands. But no harm in spending some extra penny why you are being ensured about the best. Aquasana has brought you various products for such matters.

For those who do not want to go through the annoyance of plumbing a whole house water filter, Aquasana has come up with the best under sink water filtration system. Here go some inner descriptions about which product might be the right choice for you.

Editorial recommendation:

The product that has won many hearts as a kitchen water filter system is Aquasana 2-Stage Under Sink Water Filter System with Brushed Nickel Faucet. This NSF certified water purifying device can be the lead in your kitchen for ensuring safe tap water.

Since this is an under sink tool, you will not have to worry about cluttering the kitchen counter. This handy product does not have any inconvenience with the valves and tubing. 

It reduces 99% of the contaminants in the water. I am sure you cannot wait to get your hands on it already. Here are some features and advantages you will be presented with when endorsing the water treatment device.

Aquasana 2-Stage Under Sink Water Filter System with Brushed Nickel Faucet- With extra purification capabilities:

This water treatment device goes under the sink for installment. You do not have to turn off any main pipeline or hose to fix it. This product decontaminates water long before it reaches the tap.

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As the name suggests, it has 2 stage water purifying structure which will give you extra facilities. The NSF certified Claryum technology had been applied in it to guarantee that. It will get rid of all the impurities and keep the healthy minerals back to keep your family hydrated.

This tool may not be used in the entire house, but it does make sure fresh water for cooking and drinking. It can filter out 500 gallons of water with six months of filter life. It is a pretty good criterion for an under sink purifier.

The brushed nickel faucet is an amazing feature for those who are not patient enough to drink water from the glass. You can now open the tap and drink from the faucet directly. It also comes with a lithium battery that has high durability. You will get notified before changing it.

All types of contaminants from Chlorine to limescale, from sand to pesticides can be reduced by it. On top of that, it cleanses the water from salt. So, it is safe to say and it acts as a salt-free water softener as well.

Among all the other under sink water filter systems, this has the most comfortable installation process. That way, the plumber will not be able to charge you some extra bucks. Just follow the installment guide a bit carefully so that the system does not leak out.

Although it has a lower flow rate than usual, that can be considered normal for tap water. As long as it does what it is targeted for, then this much water flow can be justified.

Culligan or Aquasana- Who won the debate

The result for Culligan vs. Aquasana (water filtration) could be announced as a tie because it depends more on personal preference. After knowing about all the brands’ pros and cons with their recommended products, it should be an easy task according to individual choice.

For people who are on a budget, Culligan can be a go to product. Not everyone has the enthusiasm to décor each part of their house with a different water filter system. If you want an all in one product while also taking care of your bank account, Culligan is the name for you.

As the best home water filtration system saves much struggle if it is provided at a lower cost. That way, all you have to do is to pay something extra to the plumber.

But rest is assured, which includes fresh rust-free water and a highly durable machine. Culligan has already assured that.

However, some people have already got washroom filters. For them, whole house the filter is a waste. So, they can choose the under-sink water filtration system offered by Aquasana.

It has a higher price than the Culligan device, but it also has scientific technologies used to fight with microorganisms in water. Adding a cherry on top also saves up the minerals that could get filtered while being heavy duty.

As you can see, it’s all depended on your priorities. Both of these brands are top-notch in this domain. So, picking one from these should be an easy choice according to your housing system and personal preference.


1. Is functioning whole house water filter system easy?

Although it is a bit harder than under sink ones, it does come with proper instruction guidelines. Since it is installed for the entire house, it is easier not to maintain every under sink or shower filters. 
The bypass valve Culligan has in their product mentioned is a fantastic feature to make things easier for such a case.

2. Which one is better-under sink or countertop?

Although they have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages under the sink, it wins the race by a second. Because here it will not clutter the sink or kitchen counter. Also, the water gets decontaminated before reaching the tap.

3. How to repair low pressure in under sink faucet?

Unclog both the aerator and cartridge. Separate each part of it before cleaning and fixing back. There is no need to buy extra aerator and cartridge when such problem arises.
Just follow the instruction guideline and make water pressure faster.

4. Why does the water color change after replacing the carbon filter?

The new carbon filter clarifies the carbon dust that was in the water. Carbon dust makes water look hazier than normal. Once the water is cleared out, it gets back it’s normal color.
This process eventually changes the watercolor back to how it should be. It is for a healthier purpose, so nothing to worry about.

What’s next

As they say, you can go without food, but that is not the case for water. Over the year, too many diseases have started to break out due to unhealthy water. The water systems we install in our house plays a vital role in that matter.

The reasoning between Culligan vs. Aquasana (water filtration) is all done and dusted only to implement the best filtration system for your house. Be it a whole house or under sink water purifier, it has to deliver water that keeps the family disease-free and hydrated.

Buying from unknown brands just for a lower price can be handy over time. To end that delusion, I hope this article will be fruitful for making a better decision.

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