7 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Shower Valve Hole Size -[Free Tips]

It’s been a year since the Covid-19 strikes. We are now in new-normal. The lockdown is leaving us lessons every single day. 

Learn new skills. Apply that and solve the problem. This is how the pandemic is making us productive. Why am I writing it to you? 

To reveal some secrets to the owners. Homeowners want to be updated. They need accurate information to perform DIY.

 It can be about installing a shower head, shower valve, and more. You know the search query is vast. I picked only one crucial topic: shower valve hole size.    

People ask a lot regarding this. I will answer all those by revealing some secret information. So get prepared to know 7 secrets and later there is a reward for you. One more thing, this article will save your time and plumbing costs. So buckle up!  

shower valve hole size
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7. What is a shower valve hole? 

Simply; it’s a center for hot and cold pipe meetings. This valve controls the water flow and temperature. Now, what is the secret: it is the drilling process of the right hole. And this hole is called a shower valve hole. 

6. Standard size hole for shower valve:

As I said, the drilling process is the main factor. So, the truth is, there is no standard shower valve hole size. It depends on the shower valve measurement. You will get a more clear idea in my Free tip.

5. Moen shower valve hole size:

Moen offers a variety of shower valves. Their products are as follows: Digital shower valves, commercial mixing valves. 

Each of them needs a different hole to install.  For example, the digital valve needs CC connection, with ¾ inches connection size. But commercial mixing valves are contrary. So, the hole size depends.

4. Delta shower valve hole size:

Same answer will be for the delta. Their Kerdi Mixing valve needs a 4 ½ round hole. This measurement is not the same for other valves. Yet, some experts prefer to do 3 inches. This will keep you on the safe side.   

3. What size hole in the tile for the showerhead?

Tile drilling is different from others. So, the size depends on the shower head size. Here are some checklists.

Based on California faucet experts, 1 1/4 inch is the ideal hole size.

Moderate shower wall needs 4 to 15 inches. 

2. What size hole saw for a shower head?

Shower head drilling is flexible with 1-⅜ inches hole saw. There are many hole saws in the market. Focus on the following factors before choosing a hole saw.

Is it generating less dust?

How fast can it cut?

Can it cut granite, ceramic, porcelain, Marble? 

1. Are all shower valves the same?

No! All shower valves are not the same. There is a difference in shower valves:

  • Mixing Valves
  • Pressure balanced valves.
  • Thermostatic valves.
  • Diverter valves
  • Transfer valve

Mixing Valves:

Old school shower valve. You will find it in the old houses. The basic work is to bring water from hot and cold pipes. It does not have temperature control. So, skin scald chances are high.

Pressure Balance Valve:

People call it an anti-scald valve. It balances the temperature to avoid skin damage. To do this, it has a piston-made mechanism. The process dilutes the excessively hot water. So your skin is safe.

Thermostatic Valve:

Thermostatic valves work two-ways: it controls the water pressure and temperature. It does not suddenly change the temperature and pressure. You can set the rate previously. Though it’s a bit expensive, it is the best choice for kids.

Diverter Valves:

It’s a multi-purpose valve. This means it can control flow, temperature and direct the channel to the tub. Confused? Let me clear it. A Diverter gives you total control over the shower head and tub. You can balance the temperature and flow rate.

Transfer Valve:

You can do multi-tasks with it. The transfer valve allows you to use the tub, shower heads together. It does not stop when you turn on any component.  Present valves have anti-scald facilities. Just set the flow rate and temperature. You are done! 

What is in these 7 secrets? 

Basically, there is no secret. I bring all the information that is buried under the people’s comments. Those opinions are the major secret to know about shower valve hole size. And this organized outcome will help you to get an idea regarding the shower valve before you buy. 

Free Tips: 

How to cut the shower valve hole? Beginners guide

 Time to keep the promise. You have all the essential knowledge on shower valve and hole sizes. But you don’t know how to cut the exact size. 

This guide will show you the easiest steps to cut. It will save your time and property. Check the harmless cutting procedure.

Step One:

Decide what type of your wall. Is it tile, porcelain, fiberglass, or else? Ensuring this will make your tool choosing easier.

Step Two:

Choose the right tools. I am writing about hole saws. The following lists can help you to choose the right hole saw.

Carbon Steel Hole Saw: It is used for general purposes. Preferable for DIY projects. It works great in plasterboard, wood, and non-laminated plastics.

Variable Pitch Bi-Metallic Hole Saws: experts recommend this for a 30mm deep cut. Works well in wood and metal. 

Variable Pitch Bi-Metallic Hole Saws (Deep Cut): not the same as earlier. It is perfect for deep cutting. Highly preferable for metal and hardwood. It can cut around 43.5mm.

Carbide Grit Hole Saws: you can use it for multi-purpose; fiberglass, tile, cement board, Marble, and more.

Diamond-Edged Hole Saws: a perfect hole saw for ceramic drilling. 

Step Three:

You have got the right tool suggestion. Now measure the area first. Then draw the marks. Check the mark with your shower valve. If it meets the measure, you are ready to go.

Step Four:

Wrap the area with tape. Drill it down. Done! You have created a proper shower valve hole.  


How much space should be between shower valve studs?

Framing your space is essential. So when you start to measure from the center area, keep 12 inches of space between the shower valve studs. 

Final Words:

Now you know the secrets and have the free tips. It’s time to share the shower valve hole size secrets with your friends. It will help you to know the details about the shower valve. This will later help them to get a proper idea of the shower valve hole. 

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