What Is The Best Shower Splash Guards? [60% Of American Don’t Know This]

Maybe you are thinking, “is it a clickbait or what?” To be honest, We are here to guide you toward the right product.

Let’s move on to the topic. We have noticed that 60% of Americans spend nearly $300 to renovate their shower room.

According to Plumbers, people spend their money fixing the water damage from the tub splash or shower splash. 

They also said a shower curtain could not sometimes stop the water dripping. You will need a robust structure to stop that.

A shower splash guard can help you to stop that water damage. Installing this can save your yearly $200. 

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Now the question is: can you use any product to stop the splash? No, because all of the products are not balanced.

Some products have amazing plastic, but their self-adhesive decays over time. How do you know if the product has a slight flaw? Our reviews can help you to find the details. Readout to meet your criteria. 

Buying Guide:

We believe you might have a common question: how do I know if the product is good? Sometimes our reviews are not enough for some consumers. For the picky consumers, here are the checklists you can consider.


We consider the major ingredients first. So plastic is our main focus. ABS plastics are so far the strongest plastic. They have the highest heat and chemical resistance. Plus, you can easily install it with glue. These do not react with silicone caulk.


Is it easy to install? Find the answer in the product description. Remember, all products do not suit the regular adhesive. Some splash guards need extra caulk to fix. So, clear this up before buying the product.

Technical Details:

We can’t say it’s mandatory, but it will be wise if you can consider this. For example, our team analyzed the caulk reaction. 

They asked over and over to the provider the following question: does this plastic react with the silicone caulk? Because this reaction can continue the water damage once again. 

10 Best Shower Splash Guard Review:

1. Tub Topper bathtub splash guard Play Shelf Area – Best For Kids

So far, this one is the kid-friendly splash guard. We tested a Magic product, but this one sounds more appropriate for all parents.

The 10 suction cups hook the guard strongly. The sticky gum of the suction cups is solid. These are water-resistant. 

Test proof one more thing between MAGIC and Tub Topper. That is the sealer. Magic sealer seems stronger than the suction cups gum.

However, Tub Topper plays competitive games with the size. They extended this guard to 3 feet long, including basic toys.

Complete water protection for toddlers and kids. One more thing is the quality of plastic. It seems ABS plastic. But the grade is not the same as the MAGIC. 


  • Quality toys for kids.
  • Easy to install.
  • Complete waterproof.
  • Strong suction cups.
  • Hit absorbance.
  • Enough space for toys.
  • Only blue color available.

2. Magic White Splash Guards

Small size, strong plastic quality, and easy to install. These are the basic features for the Magic splash guard. So, what is the quality of this guard?

We cannot say very well, but, you know! This one is perfect within your budget. The plastic quality is good. It does not react with chemicals.

The best part is the size; it can fit with any bathtub or shower area. Our official shower room is not accurately positioned 90-degree. But it fits well.

The sealer seems strong, yet we had to apply some extra caulk to fix it properly. We noticed a drawback after using it for a month. 

The self-adhesive loses its strength. If you use caulk during the installation, it will stick for a while.

Overall quality sounds good, but not nearly to the TIGA. TIGA used viscose fiber to keep the guard mark-proof. This feature could make this splash guard better because the price range of MAGIC and TIGA are nearly the same. 


  • Strong self-adhesive.
  • Fits with all bathroom curtains.
  • Comes with all instructions.
  • Lightweight.
  • 90-degree angle
  • Strong plastic.
  • It needs a solid seal to fix

3. Tidee Tubb Splash Guards Ultra Clear – Best For Plastic

TIDEE and MAGIC are doing a head-to-head competition in plastic. Both of them use solid plastic to handle the splash.

We found MAGIC plastic is strider than Tide. This feature is not a dealbreaker because Tidee places their splash guard better in installation.

Their self-adhesive sounds perfect. We compared this with even BOMBA. BoomBA used solid adhesive to meet the balance with EPA plastic. But Tide used a better caulk which can last more than 7 months. 

There are two more plus points in this brand. The size Tidee recorded is .5 inches larger than MAGIC, TIGA, and BoomBa. 

This means your wall gets .5 inches of splash guard more. One thing we did not like was the guard edges. It is sharp. Yet, the curve is a winner; we did not notice that in MAGIC. These curves help to drip the water. 


  • .5 inches thick plastic
  • Curvy guard for dropping the drips
  • Self-adhesive is good.
  • Quick installation
  • No need for an extra sealer to fix.
  • It can be used for multi-purposes.
  • Sharp edges make the installation a bit complex.

4. Shower Curtain Windproof Splash Guard

Sometimes shower curtains are not enough to block the water splash. The minimum gap of a curtain can let the waterfall over the floor. 

A curtain clip can help you to stop that minimum gap. FETCH designed 4 shower clips to stop splashes. It is made of ABS plastic.

The plastic quality is good: chemical and solvent resistance have made this one step ahead of the competitors. 

We tested EONMIR plastic grade. Their plastic grade decays over time. But FETCH does not. The crocodile teeth of this brand are super sticky.

 It can grab any wall. We also liked the 3m sticker for quick installation. One thing we did not like was the curved surface.


  • Crocodile teeth
  • 3m sticker
  • Sturdy plastic.
  • Fits will open all curtain
  • No installation tool needed
  • Lasts longer
  • The curvy surface gets slippery

5. Spraymaid Large Plastics Splash Guard

Double O Plastic has made something very special. Why are we saying that? Well, MAGIC TIDEE had a complaint about the size. 

This one has resolved that problem. It is thinner than our mentioned competitors. You can fit with any tub or shower corner. 

The plastic quality is average. We did not get any exact information about the material, but the feeling was like ABS plastic. 

Self-sealing adhesive sticks perfectly without using a huge caulk. We had to apply a slight caulk to fill up gaps.  

The height and length seem not perfect for every curtain because the downside area is shorter than our average competitors. Still, you can keep that one on the list for the price and durability. 


  • Thin-layer.
  • Sturdy materials.
  • Balanced length
  • Fits with complex area
  • The self-adhesive is super strong.
  • affordable
  • The plastic seems average to us.

6. White Bathtub Splash Guard

Size matters to protect the splash. Qualihome realized that. Maybe that’s the reason for thickening their splash guard. 

They also channeled the downside of the guard directly to the tub. Yes! We are talking about the curve. Splashed drip will straightly flow to the tub. 

This curve is well designed. There is no sharp edge like our mentioned product earlier. Ultimate splash protector overall.

 One more reason to claim is the size. Quailhome thickens the guard .6 inches more than the average competitors.

They concentrated over the little gaps. This is the winning card for them. But their guard does not come with an adhesive to fix.

We had to use caulk to fix it. All caulk does not suit it. That is the major complaint about us. Other than that. It was good.


  • White color
  • Thick size
  • Curvy channel to flow the drips.
  • Hides every inch
  • Fits with the master and powder room.
  • Plastics are good.
  • We did not like the caulk.

7. Keeney Tidee Tubb Plastic Bathtub and Shower Splash Guard Kit

Siblings of Tide. We liked this model better than the previous one. The reason is the curve: it has no sharp edge. 

KEENY has architectured the curve with precaution. They used a patented 16-degree angle to channel the drips. 

Not only that but also there are two thin lines at a 90-degree angle. These lines are designed to slow down the splash.

Brilliant idea! The plastic of this product seems average to us. We compared it with ABS plastic. It seems far from what we used to feel. 

The brand also provides silicone adhesive to fix the guard. This sealant can endure high temperatures. This means, you can rely on durability. 


  • Plastic guard
  • Silicone caulk
  • Full installation kit
  • Stop floor damage.
  • Heat resistance
  • 60 seconds installation
  • The plastic grade seems average

8. Tub And Shower Splash Guard

Design, curve, and overall installation are satisfying. Plumb Pak is trying hard to beat the competitors.

Their product line so far has built an affordable splash guard. The guard can be used both in the tub and sink. 

It is made of plastic. They did not mention the exact plastic. So far, we assume this is a regular hard plastic.

Installation of this plastic-made guard is easy. We used the provided sealant – no mold-free caulk. We cannot say you can rely on their silicone caulk. It depends on your shower wall. 


  • 100% plastic
  • Mold-free silicone caulk.
  • Two pairs.
  • Thick guard for ultimate splashproof.
  • Curvy channel directly lined with the tub.
  • Transparent plastic
  • We expected ABS plastic.

9. 59 Inch Collapsible Bathroom Water Stopper

The next two guards are different from all the previous brands. 

These are not only splash guards but also water stoppers. 

So the first water stopper is from GenericBrand. It is made from silicon rubber. The same ingredients are seen in Duzzy.

The difference between these two brands is flexibility. GenericBrand takes time to get back its shape after walking over it. But Dizzy revives instantly.

Both brands offer quick installation. Just peel off the sticker and install it over the floor. The sticking adhesive seems better than.

We compared that based on the severity. Dizzy needs pressure to sit. But this brand is different. 


  • 4 different sizes.
  • Keeps the external floor dry.
  • Compatible with all floors.
  • Good insulation.
  • It can endure high temperatures.
  • Sound insulation.
  • It does not bend flexibility.

10. 67 Inch Collapsible Shower Water Dam Shower Stopper

We gave you a bit of a hint regarding the Duzzy collapsible water dam. So, here is the detailed experience of duzzy.

First is the installation. We needed a utility knife to cut the stopper. This signs strong durability. Our team did not notice that in our previous brand. GenericBrand can be cut with a regular knife.

The build quality is also satisfying. They claimed about 100% silicone rubber. We don’t think so; the rubber quality feels average. Still, the insulation and temperature endurance is satisfying.

The best part is. We could fix the stopper with silica gel. This is not mentioned in our earlier brand.  

So overall quality is satisfying but not up to the mark. 


  • Complete insulation.
  • Three sizes for all bathrooms.
  • Dry and wet separation feature.
  • Flexible to bend
  • Quality adhesive for fixing.
  • Soft rubber.
  • A Specialized knife is required.


How to install a shower splash guard?

Installing a shower splash guard is easier than you think. Here are the simple steps.
– Clean the installing area with cleaning spray.
– Next, peel off the sticker
– Fix the splash guard by squeezing slightly.
– Use white paper to check the gap between the wall and the guard.
– Apply extra silicone caulk. (mold-free silicone guard is preferable.)
РLeave it for 24 hours. 

Why is Silicone caulk better than Acrylic for installing a splash guard?

Silicone caulk stays longer than Acrylic because of its rubberized construction. This construction has a strong resistance to heat, water, and chemicals. It is also flexible to avoid moisture. That’s why silicone caulk is better than Acrylic.

Final words:

See! We shared the cash-saving idea that nobody shared with you. Our reviewed products are all wired to save your bathroom floor and surroundings. This means you can save $200 every year. So, don’t be late. Some products are offering a black Friday deal. Some products have regular deals to save your tiny budget. Don’t forget to share this best shower splash guard with every peer of you.

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