Swanstone VS Cast Iron Shower Pan
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Swanstone VS Cast Iron Shower Pan [Get Rid Of Your Confusion]

You are confused. Maybe searched in forums over and over. But look, no one could satisfy your thirst. Am I right?

Just buckle up and read this swanstone vs cast iron shower pan post. It will get rid of all your confusion once and for all.

So, what do you need to breathe from the hesitation? Three major things. The first one is some specified points. These will give you a thorough idea of each shower pan material.

Second, editorial recommendation; it will talk about an example. Three; questions: you read some common questions. Let’s start each of them.

Clear up:

People get puzzled when they see the terms “swanstone vs cast iron” Stop! Don’t get confused. The battle is between the solid surface and cast iron. It’s not among brands. I hope this makes sense.    

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Swanstone vs Cast Iron Shower Pan Comparison Table:

Major Features
Swanstone Shower Pan
Cast Iron Shower Pan
Lasts at least 15 years
Lasts minimum 10 years
Unique design
Average design
Numerous color choice
Limited color choice.
Less than the solid surface


Wait! My previous statement needs a little overview. Here is that: Swanstone uses solid surfaces for their shower pans. This specialized material benefits in numerous ways. Following ways are the major:

  • Durable: solid surface has amazing durability. It can resist impacts through hard resistance.
  • Easy to clean: non-porous materials keep it stain and bacteria-free.
  • Repairable: solid surface is easy to repair
  • Fits with all surfaces: plumbers can easily fit it with all surfaces. Means less plumbing cost. 

To boost power, Swanstone injected Veritek technology in their product. It protects mold and mildew. That’s the basic you need for the rest.

Since it’s a comparison, I will explain more relevant areas to make it comprehensive. Before that, one more thing about solid surfaces. It has three ingredients: epoxy or polyester resins, acrylic, and pigments.

Swanstone shower pan drain:

Swanstone drains are pretty good. Their plastic strainer is durable; it has a balanced hole. Yes! Debris and hair won’t clog your shower pan. The strainer automatically stores up the grime. So, it needs extra care

Swanstone shower pan colors:

Very precious. Yap! You heard me right. Swanstone has a precise color variation. Each of the pans has almost 25+ color options. The fascinating thing is their combination. This brand made sure to have a unique color option for each product.

Swanstone Shower pan installation instructions:

It offers a PDF file with detailed instructions. The total 2000 words manual describes the installation in different sections. Each of the sections is grade 4 level English. You can install it if you have previous experience. One amazing feature is the safety feature.

Swanstone shower pan sizes:

Among a variety of sizes, Swasnstone has some common shower sizes. The sizes are as follows

  • 32″ X 60″ X 4 1/2″ (single threshold design)
  • 36″ X 36″ X 4 1/2″ ( Neo-angle)
  • 30″ X 60″ X 1 3/8″ ( universal design)
  • 32″ X 32″ X 4 1/2″ (single threshold design)

Swanstone shower pan pros and cons:

This brand has taken the solid surface to the next level. Many users have mixed opinions on it. Based on that, here are the pros and cons:

  • Elegant and stylish design.
  • Patented design
  • Easy to install.
  • Less money for the installation.
  • A bit bulky

Editorial recommendation:

You have got a comprehensive idea of Swanstone shower pans. To make the detail even better, I planned to give a product review. It will help you to make the comparison well. You will read about two products as for the recommendation.

Swanstone FF03454MD.010:

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Every model comes with unique features. The FF02 series is not beyond that; it has an amazing floor texture, which is slip resistance. Your shower gel won’t risk your leg or waist. Another tremendous feature is its strainer; it is sloppy enough to drain out the residual water. Plumbers and homeowners are happy with this. They mentioned one more thing; the cleaning facility. It’s really easy. No extra hassle; you can clean it within 3.5 minutes. It is even easy to install. As far as I learned from some users, your 50% plumbing cost will be saved

 Swanstone SR-3260L-168:

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Better than the previous series. To measure this, I considered three major features. One is the pebbled floor: it ensures top-notch slip resistance. Second is the dark grey color; you can feel the acrylic one – looks lavish.

The third is strainer and size. Both are specific; you don’t have to clean the strainer regularly. Or even have to compromise the size. It will fit with your countertop.

Cast iron :

I already said; the battle is between “solid surface and cast iron” So, why are people talking so much about cast iron? Why are they comparing it with Swanstone? Here are the answers:

Cast Iron has 2 to 4 % carbon, silicon (varying amounts), manganese, sulfur, and phosphorus. These combinations make it better than regular iron; it results in the following benefits.

  • Durable: it does not break, leak, dent, and scratch: it lasts longer.
  • Heat resistance: Cast iron has a better heat resistance than solid surface.
  • Glossy looks: the design is glossy: enhances the beauty.
  • Affordable: cast iron is affordable

I am sure, after reading the previous benefits, you are saying “head to head contest.” TRUE! But the best part is reserved. I will reveal it in the last section. It will answer all the confusion. For that, give me 3 more minutes.

Cast iron shower pan pros and cons:

I am starting with the positives and negatives of cast iron shower pans.

  • They have rust resistance.
  • Enamel coating protects from leakage.
  • Trip hazard protected.
  • You can integrate it with a different install system.
  • The non-slip texture decays over time.

Cast iron shower pan drain:

Since the shower pan is made of advanced iron material, it does not have a regular strainer. The manufacturer tends to use a brass made strainer. It’s easy to install and avoid clogging. The drainage procedure is very smooth.

Cast iron shower pan installation:

Cast iron installation is easier than a solid surface. It takes only 20 minutes for an expert. The total procedure is written in a page- grade 4 readability. So, just read and install it.

Cast iron shower pan sizes:

As a solid surface, Cast iron offers a variety of sizes. Some common sizes are as follows; these are widely sold.

  • 34 x 60
  • 36x 48
  • 32.5- x 62.44

Editorial Recommendation:

I will write about two cast iron products. And these are the final ones before the answer. So don’t miss it. Maybe you can win a big deal for that. Who knows!


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Kohler has been in the cast iron shower pan for 135 years. Through these years, they developed their product numerous times. People believe their product for safety; it includes financial and physical. And K9025 is the true example. Many reviewers named this model as “king for durability. It lasts” more than the expectation.

KOHLER K-8659-0

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It comes with better facilities. I call it better than the earlier one. Why? The water elimination is fast; there is no chance to slip. The next one is the size: you will enjoy your shower even better for the ample space.  

Answer: get rid of your confusion.

Compared with the solid surface and cast iron. I think both are compatible with the budget. Still, people get confused. It’s because of a vague goal. So, decide what you want first? If it is your budget issue, then cast iron is good. Otherwise, a solid surface is better.


What is the best material for a shower pan?

There are four kings in the shower pan-industry: Acrylic, Tile, Mold Stone, and Fiberglass. These are widely used as shower pan materials. Among them, it’s tough to fix on. But people prefer Acrylic and Tile as their regular choice.

How do you clean a Swanstone shower pan?

Cleaning a Swanstone shower pan is easy. I prefer to follow the solid surface cleaning guide. Here are some of them
● You can use a regular house cleaner and water.
● For stubborn stains, it is preferable to use abrasive materials. ( follow the guideline before)
● Use sandpaper to clean the advanced grime. 220 grit sandpaper is enough
● Don’t use sealers, penetrants, and waxes.

Which is a better shower pan or tile?

I prefer the shower pan. It is safer than tile. Nearly 25000 people are injured per year in the shower; it’s because of the slippery tile. Not only for health concerns but also other facilities, I think shower pan is good. Here are the standard facilities:
● Easy installation
● Quick customization option.
● The maintenance option is fast.

How long do shower pans last?

It depends on the brand. On average, a shower pan lasts at least 10 years more.
What is the difference between the shower pan and the shower base?
The answer is pretty complex. For now, let clear the idea in short. A shower base lies underneath the shower pan. The pillar which holds the total pan. That’s the basic difference between the shower pan and the base.

 Final Words:

No more confusion. I explained each and every section. Now it’s your turn to take a consideration. Of course, you should not rely on me. I would request you to look upon swanstone vs. cast iron shower pan reviews. Ultimately, your judgment will make you the winner. I am just a good assistant. See you!

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