Delta vs Moen Shower valves
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Delta VS Moen Shower Valves – Who Is Ruling The Battlefield?

It’s been 20 years since people are debating between Delta vs. Moen. Why? Obviously, for their authenticity and quality. 

There is no doubt about their product, but still, Reddit, Quora, and forums are flooding every day. People ask their suggestions in those communities: it’s like a never-ending query. Now, what is the most common question in forums? 

“Delta vs Moen shower valves -which one should i buy?” a burning question that has never been solved yet. And I am going to cover this with a detailed explanation.

Delta Shower Valves Features:

I am starting with the Delta Faucet. The company is now operating its business in 50 countries physically; they also have an excellent digital presence reputation. 

Based on their digital and physical presence, I listed five essential features to mention. The plumbers highly praise each of them. What are these? Let’s take a look.


Delta offers a fantastic upgrade experience. Their product does not need plumbing alteration: it’s universal and fits with different functions. Whether it’s single, dual, or thermostat functionality, you can easily upgrade it flexibly.

Meets all the plumbing methods:

Plumbers love to work with an easy method. They prefer this to efficient work. But some plumbers face challenges to apply their method due to the valve. In that case, the plumbing charge shifts the gear. That’s why Delta built its Valves to meet common methods. It ultimately reduces hassle for plumbers and owners.

Universal connecting option:

The inlets are compatible with copper and iron pipes. This means you don’t need to worry about the pipe joint. Delta has consciously worked from the user perspective: users have mainly commercial purposes for using this product. So, they want the availability as their plumbing alternative. 


Delta does not fluff with their warranty. They believe “you will get what you paid for,”: so there is no chance to think about sustainability. One of my buddies has recently got the proof: he attached a valve around ten years ago, then faced a slight heat adjustment issue. Seeing this, he promptly pinged the authority for a warranty. Delta dealt with that politely, even with relevant solutions.


This Masco`subsidiary has a fixed goal so far. The goal is to create a healthy competition ( as far as I have seen). I understood this after comparing it with its competitors. 

Their competitors are Moen, Kohler, and more, and the price of these rivals is slightly high. Compared among the contenders, Delta has an affordable price. Your hard-earned cash will get a proper evaluation. Trust me! The amount is way better than Moen. I am going to share why? In the second section. 

Real-time customer experience:

The overall statement needs a strong pillar. Here is that; there are tons of biased reviews on amazon -I admit that. Still, some people are honest; one of the homeowners has recently switched his brand. 

He altered his MOEN valve to Delta because of precise heat resistance. I am not saying it’s Moen’s fault. Instead, it’s a result of healthy competition. 

Moen Shower Valves Features:

Previously you have got a glimpse about MOEN. Now it’s time to dive in deep. I will take just one minute before getting into features. 

Moen solely focused on some specific home improvement. It’s because of their glorious background.

It all started in 1937 from an accident. Al Moen faced a severe plumbing accident at that time, and then the idea was born. He used the uncompromised strategy and ingredients for the products.

Why am I mentioning the short background? To show you the enthusiasm behind the product. It will assist you in understanding the next segment clearly.


Moen is ruling the design; they have 80 years of experience in this niche. Their product gradually developed through experts. This is why the fancy homeowner prefers this brand for a unique design.


So far, their temperature control is a bit behind Delta. It’s not all a product; some of the MOENs shower valves have amazing temperature control. They are anti-scald, but they are slightly pricey.

Connection type:

The renowned brand offers CC connections; it seems costly in comparison with DELTA. I mentioned the Delta joining type, remember?  They are universal. However, I think this sort of connection can bring some positive vibe, like sustainability. 


No one could beat them in this section. Moen ensures this strongly to their user, and this is their USP. Every consumer gets a lifetime limited warranty; it includes on-time customer support with an expert plumber ( condition may apply) 


The average price of each valve is higher than Delta’s. Many users had a second thought about their price range. But I think that’s fair enough: Moen used premium-quality equipment. Their Iron and Brass are sourced from authentic areas. It’s for avoiding corrosion, rust, and degradation for at least 20 years. And that is the reason for the price. 

Real-time customer experience:

As I earlier said, Moen has an uncompromised scheme in warranty. They proved it once again: one of their users replaced a 15 years old shower valve in 2010. He said, “still it is serving as it was in 2010, no degrade and water pressure issues. Pretty convincing! 

Who Is comparatively the best:

Quite tough to say “who is best” if; you look at the price range, definitely Delta could be the real saver. Their products are balanced: i must say. 

Maybe you will not get the premium quality parts, yet the existing equipment is drop dead gorgeous. You can run flexibly for at least 10 to 15 years. I prefer this for commercial purposes.

On the other hand, MOEN is recommended for lavish homeowners. Your long-dreamed duplex or fancy home needs their attention. Why? Their jaw-dropping look and quality are the main reason. So, the area depends on priority. Still I will recommend DELTA for the budget user. 

Editorial Recommendation:

Let’s move onto the editorial recommendation. Why is it important? Well, I will boldly share some of the names here, including their major features. It will help you to get the gist of this comparison.

Plus, when I will answer “who is ruling the battleground,” you will know; what factors are working behind the decision. 

2 best Delta Shower Valves for 2022:

1. Delta Faucet R10000 Shower Valve

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Delta is always best for its moderate quality, and its R1000 is the real example. The best part of this valve is its anti-scald feature. You won’t freeze or burn; the temperature adjustment is well-tuned, same goes for the water flow. Very balanced.

There is one more thing: the installation. It’s easy to install: I tried it in my (3) ½ Sharkbite Fittings. Worked well. I did not face any hassle to plant it in 2*4 back wall. 

2. Delta Faucet R10000-UNWSHF Shower Valve

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This one is slightly different from the earlier. It has a tremendous facility that is water isolation. You can isolate the cartridge’s water -a better solution instead of shutting the total water system. 

2 best Moen Shower Valves for 2021:

1. Moen 2510 Brass Posi-Temp Shower Valve

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No doubt about their Brass quality. I will mention two amazing features: one is their installation. A novice can install the valve with a little experience. 

The second is the size; my toilet space is narrow. So compared with the other valve, this one is small and fits easily. The pressure and heat control is satisfying with the price.

2. Moen 8371HD Commercial Shower Valve

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Moen came back with this commercial valve. People complained about the temperature, remember, I mentioned? Yes, 8371 is a perfect result so far. It has amazing temperature control. Plus, the construction is solid, though there is slight trouble during installation. The overall experience is good. 

Your answer:

I explained each of the brand features, including an editorial recommendation. You have already read. Now it’s time to answer who is ruling the battleground. Of course, It is delta.

They merged the money and material in parallel.  This means for commercial or personal usage; you can rely on Delta. They are ruling the battleground. 


 Does Delta ensure rust-resistant?

Yes, Delta uses solid irons. All these materials are rust-resistant. 

Why are MOEN shower valves pricey?

Moen charges for their design and uncompromised materials; They have their industry to repurpose the iron for adapting the environment.

What is the average warranty for Moen and Delta? 

They said, “Its lifetime,” but many users explained that both brands have 15 to 20 years of warranty.


So, I explained the most arguable queries in a precise way. The total experience is unbiased. I have written what I have seen over the last 12 years in my showers. And I am sure it makes sense to you.  This entire segment will later help you to make a comparative decision soon. Let me know what I missed. 

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