Why Do Women Like Hot Showers
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Why Do Women Like Hot Showers? [6 Reasons That Nobody Told You!]

Each time Sarah gets off the Shower, Ryan shouts. Why! Let me paraphrase his words. “Sarah, you turn up the temperature again!”

“I am burned for my wife.” This is their regular sweet-sour relation. I witness the following sweetness in every married couple. 

It’s not only happening in the Shower; even in the thermostat control. Do you know, 9 out 10 women secretly turn up the thermostat? Yes. 

Why? The reason why women love hot showers. Are you curious to know the reasons? Let me explain the 6 reasons that nobody told you.

At the end of this article, you will know why women like hot showers. It will ultimately convince you to not yell over her!   By the way, Don’t miss the FAQ section.  You might save a lot of money by reading this.   

6 Reasons That Nobody Told You

Here I will explain why women always feel cold first. Lastly, you will find the relation of this is taking a hot shower.

6. Colder extremities 

I am sure you noticed this several times; your wife or colleague might be rubbing her hands to keep her warm.

This is because of cold extremities. At this time, women’s major organs need heat to stay awake. The blood vessel pumps up blood to keep the major organs alive.

.As a result, their hands pay off the price. Hot showers relieve them from cold extremities, especially in winter…

5. Metabolism 

Women have 23% less metabolism than men. It means their body produces less heat. Hot showers increase the metabolism rate. 

This is why women tend to like hot showers. Now, what is metabolism? Metabolism burns calories and produces fuel to run our bodies.  

4. Fat to muscle ratio 

Fat and muscle are two things that can affect how to generate heat. Men have less fat but more muscle. On the other hand, a woman has less muscle and more fat. 

This might produce a question: since women have more fat, why do they get cold? Well, Popular science found an interesting fact regarding this.

It was like, fat can produce warmth, but it traps under the skin. As a result, women feel cold. How hot showers help them to relive? 

A warm Shower relaxes the muscle fatigue. It results in smooth blood circulation and loosens up the fat. This total procedure generates heat to a woman’s body. 

3. Smaller size 

Present internet has a trend “size does not matter.” Women prove that wrong here at least :p They are generally smaller than men. 

The small size means a woman takes lots of surfaces to adjust the heat ratio. It means as fast their body produces heat, it loses that way.  So it’s natural to like a warm shower to balance the heat, especially in the winter. 

2. Menstruation 

Women face temperature fluctuation during their menstruation. It’s because of their hormonal level-ups and downs. 

This situation largely depends on the time. So, during this time, a warm shower can help them to relieve the menstrual cramp. One more information regarding this.

A study found that when women take contraceptive pills, they tend to have temperature fluctuations. This is a side effect of the pills. Sometimes they might feel cold or hot. 

1. Different perception

Our body temperature is the same. But the reaction is not the same. For example, When women’s blood vessels produce heat, they feel cold. Their hands and feet show the result. 

But men do not face the same problem because our body can balance the heat until a certain level. This means we cannot tolerate heat like a woman. 


What is the difference between men’s and women’s skin?

The basic difference is the testosterone hormone. For this reason, men’s and women’s temperature matters. Usually, men have more testosterone than women.

Does shower head matter for skincare? 

Yes, Shower heads matter for skincare. Here is the example: showerheads have lime and mineral build-up. This can harm the skin tone. 

You might have noticed itchy skin; this is for bacterial infection. When the showerhead has germ build-up, it naturally creates harmful viruses for the skin. 

To avoid this situation, it’s better to clean up the showerhead twice a month. If it is not possible, the experts recommend using a stone shower head. Stone shower heads remove the lime, bacteria, and viruses through the filter process. These are safe. 

Do prolonged hot showers harm the skin? 

Dermatologists revealed a shocking fact about prolonged hot showers. They said that sebum oil can be destroyed for the prolonged hot Shower. 

Now, what is sebum oil? Your body produces this oil to keep your skin fit. It coats and moisturizes your skin to avoid aging.

Long time hot showers can strip this oil. As a result, you look older than your age. That’s not the end. Eczema can occur for this long Shower.  

Does that mean you should avoid hot showers? No! Lukewarm water is good enough. How do you know if your water is lukewarm or not? 

If the mirror gets steamy, it means the water is too hot to avoid. Lower the temperature and enjoy the Shower. 

Why Stone shower head good for women’s skin? 

Stone shower heads have different types of stones. These stones tend to filter the germ, bacteria, and viruses. Since women’s skins are sensitive, these stones save them from potential skin damages. 

Final Words:

Why do women like hot showers? This is one of the burning questions in Quora and Reddit. Trust me! Nobody could answer it properly.

I finally dare to do the job. It’s not like I am the pioneer; I am just a bridge. How? When I searched for a solution regarding this, I asked a basic question: why do women feel cold?

This query directed me to find the right answer. So, instead of quarreling with your wife, it’s better to go deep and find the solution. 

 I am sure you will have a sweet relationship after reading this article. Share this piece with your wife. Show her how much you love her instead of pissing them off. 

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