Moen VS Delta Shower Heads
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Moen VS Delta Shower Heads [Who Is Ruling The Market?]

Every year 25 million showerheads are sold in the United States. It means 2 million per month and around 70 thousand per day! 

Wooh! That’s huge. Wait! There is information you should know. Not all brands are selling this amount – Only the leading brands are. 

Moen, Delta, Kohler, and others are in this game. These brands are again competing with each other to stay on top.  

Their healthy competition confuses the buyer. Everyone asks, which brands are ruling the market? Reddit, Quora name it- everywhere floating this question.

People share their experience on those threads then. Based on the people’s experience, Moen and Delta became the head-to-head competitor.   

Now the big question is: Moen VS Delta -who is ruling the market? You will get the answer here. I will answer it through some major factors. This will help you to make better decisions. So stick till the end.  



Moen is an Ohio based home improvement manufacturing company. It started the journey with innovation back in 1947. 

From that day, it is consistently improving user experiences. This is why each year Moen hits billions of annual revenue. 

In terms of Robert Kibb (CEO), the brand generated $1.3bn per year. This is possible for uncompromising quality. Many homeowners said, “we don’t see the price when MOEN comes.”


MOEN believes in real oaths rather than documented promises. They provide 5 years of warranty from the day of purchase (this is documented).

Trust me! Their products last longer than the promise. Let me show you an example: some of the Moen products have spot resistance. Your showerhead will look new even after 2 to 3 years! 

Shower Experience:

Your shower experience will glow like durability. Moen nozzles are detailed; they have different functional spray. You can set the desired flow with one tap. 

Not only that, the water flow restrictor serves evenly without sacrificing performance. This will cut 30% of water bills. This means, when you have less stress, your brain is relaxed. This is called the best shower experience.    


As you know, moen started its journey through innovation. No doubt, their bag is full of invention. Here I will show three of the best technologies that made the showerhead great.

  • Magnetix: They developed it basically for disabled persons. Especially for the visually disabled. When they get in the shower, they used to fumble and struggle hard to relocate the head. This magnetix reduces the hassle. some of the top moen magnetix shower head available on the market, you can try to picks.
  • HydroRoller Massaging: this technology relaxes your muscle through the warm water flow. A medically proven technology.   
  • Flo: Moen owned this subsidiary for its efficiency. The technology can detect water damage and leaks. Not only that, it will even inform you through the app 24/7 about the status.

Installation and replacement:

Since Moen complies with the standard installation guide, it takes less time to install. The cost of installation does not exceed the limit. It is around $150. But the replacement cost is less than the new fixing cost. I call it a budget-friendly package.

Editorial Recommendation:

1. Best for Rain shower head: Moen S6320BN Velocity

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The velocity model offers an exceptional shower experience. This is possible for immersion technology. The innovation offers automated water pressure during the shower. It will change the pressure based on your body part. For example, some areas need huge water pressure to clean. Again some areas need mild pressure. The model will adjust the pressure automatically. 

  • Brushed nickel finish
  • Wide range coverage.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • The nozzles could be improved.

2. Best Brushed Nickel showerhead: Moen – S112BN Waterhill

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Two amazing features made this S series great. The durability and water flow. Moen ensured corrosion and rust resistance in this single function showerhead. It means you don’t need to replace it twice a year. 

Another essential feature is 2.5 GPM water flow. You know! Most of the showerhead does not have the same water flow. This one is just precise. You can clean up yourself within a short time. It even can sense the need for water pressure.

  • Single functioned.
  • Spray is wide
  • Brushed finish
  • People complain about the price mostly.



One of the strongest Moen competitors. It started the journey back in 1954 with a single faucet valve invention. This invention later turned them into a billion $ company. 

Last year it generated around $570 million with the lead of Robert Ken. I cannot give full credit to the leader. The 2000 skilled employees also deserve this. Their continuous skill development and application made this possible.


The company has a very specified warranty condition. Whatever their conditions are, you will get 5 to 10 years of warranty. Delta is also following the Moens footmark.

 It offers the best materials at an affordable price. For example, their chrome finish increases the product lifetime and look. Each of the product materials is corrosion and rust-resistant.

Shower Experience:

Delta offers a competitive shower experience. Their 3-way diverter gives full control to set your water flow. You can adjust the optimum water pressure with it. Not only that, it also offers 6 different shower functions. All these will rinse your body totally with wide coverage.    


Moen and Delta are competing with each other on technologies. And here, both of them want to stay standout. Delta ensures this through the following technologies.

  • H2Okinetic: this technology intensifies the water pressure. You will feel the relaxing touch in each drop. That’s not the end! This innovation can clean you up; you don’t need to use your hand to rinse the dirt.
  • In2ition: it offers two showerhead combinations to boost the shower experience better. You can simultaneously clean up yourself and your cute pet.

Installation and replacement:

Delta parts are comparatively cheaper than Moen. That is why the replacement cost is low. Like this, Delta has a balanced installation cost. You can install the showerhead if you have prior experience. Otherwise, it will cost between $150 to $200

Editorial Recommendation:

1. Best Dual Handheld Shower Head: Delta Faucet 5-Spray H2Okinetic In2ition

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This showerhead has the previously said technologies. It will intensify your entire shower experience. The wide range nozzle will also cover your body with self-cleaning facilities. Means cleaning up yourself with less time.

Your shower time will also be boosted up with 5 spray functions. These are literally down to earth; you can optimize the spray as it says in the guide. 

  • Magnetic touch for study grip.
  • Chromium color for a luxurious look.
  • Enough water pressure.
  • The ABs plastic seems not leakage proof.

2. Overall Best: Delta Faucet 4-Spray

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The 4-spray used In2ition technology. Now, what makes it different from the previous? The spray mood. It has 4 functions. Massage jet is the one that makes it stand out. It relieves you from muscle pain and tired muscles. Other than this, everything is closely connected with the previous one.

  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Chrome finish
  • The hose pipe is long enough to cover your body.
  • The nozzles seem narrow.

Who Is Ruling The Market?

Now it’s time to reveal the answer. Here it is. For the price, Delta is ruling the market. People tend to choose Delta, especially for the limited budget home. But except for this, Moen won everyone’s heart. Why? Their technology, durability, and amazing customer support. If you look closely at the yearly revenue, you will see Moen has the most. So, in that case, it’s evident that Moen is the market ruler compared to Delta. 

FAQ: 6 Unsolved Queries

Who should buy a handheld showerhead?

Everyone should have a handheld showerhead. It will help you to reach the body part in detail. 

Are there shower heads that increase water pressure?

You can use a high-pressure showerhead to increase the shower pressure. But this will increase the bills. So, it’s better to remove the water restrictor.

What to Look for When Buying the Best High-Pressure Shower Head?

I would recommend you to check the 5 major things. 
Installation cost and process.
Water flow
Customer support

How high should a shower head (or holder) be?

On average, 80 inches is the proper height. Although there are no regulations, it depends on your bathroom size.

How do high-pressure showerheads work?

The high-pressure showerheads work in two ways: pressure chamber or adjustable spray. Both settings balance the water and air pressure for optimum water coverage.  

How do we test shower heads?

Testing the shower heads is our first work before writing. For that, we segment our products first. Then we go for the trial. Each trial is measured on the pros and cons. Analyzing the positives and negatives. We later filter out the odds and then write up about the selected ones.

Final Words:

Now you know about my team’s testing process. It’s time to wrap the boring session. I answered the most debating question with facts and product reviews. I hope this will help you to find the right product. This effort will be successful when you get your desired product. So let me know which brand you choose? It will help me to make better content for you. 

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