Best Methven Shower Head Reviews
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6 Best Methven Shower Head Reviews -10x Better Shower Experience!

Methven is one of the leading Australian brands. It has a glorious history in the showerhead business. For the last 135 years, this brand has been satisfying millions of users.

The reflection of peace -we have noticed in various review platforms. People opined the brand’s features with full excitement.  

They talked about water pressure, the installation process, and money-savings. Overall contribution signals 10x better shower experience.

To get hands-on experience on this showerhead, we took a groundbreaking decision. You got that! We are going to write the 5 best Methven shower head reviews. What will you know from the reviews? The reason for 10x better experiences. Stick with us; we will reveal some unknown facts about Methven, including an FAQ section.

6 Best Methven Shower Head Reviews:

Each product will focus on the benefits and drawbacks. Don’t think it’s absolute. We are explaining what we found. That’s it. Sorry for being straightforward.  

6. Methven Maku Satinjet Handset with Chrome Finish

Methven comes with one idea: a better shower experience. It all started with replacing the conventional shower spray. 

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The stream shape is even better; you can feel it from each droplet. Water drops do not hurt; it instead cleans you without the touch of a hand. 

It is possible for proper water pressure. 9 liter per minute! Perfect for the low water pressure areas. This rate is good enough to save your monthly water bills.

Whatsmore? The rubber nozzles keep the water flow moderate; we call this the saver. It shapes the stream suitable for your skin -anti-scald. Totally safe!

Wait. More benefits are coming. Let us start with the installation and replacements. The installing process is simple. You change it if you have a lightbulb changing experience. 

Next to the replacement, this is so far the best shower head alternative. It fits with all connectors -hassle-free. No matter how good it is, people still complain about the cost. We don’t think it would be a dealbreaker because the look is always amazing.


  • 9L water flow experience per minute.
  • Replaceable handheld showerhead.
  • Complete shower experience for the nozzle shapes.
  • Twin jet technology for 30,000 droplet non-stop spa experiences.
  • Stylish design.
  • Gentle shower spray.
  • Chrome finish.
  • Rust resistant.
  • Perfect for low-pressure areas.
  • The cost seems high.

5. Methven Kiri Shower Head

Better shower experience relies on mental satisfaction. Kiri ensures that with some proven promises. 

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It saves 55% of water bills with 1.5 GPM water flow. Don’t you believe it? Here is the proof; the old showerhead has 5 to 6 GPM, which costs 50 to 60 gallons per 10 minutes. 

But Kiri uses a maximum of 10 to 15 gallons per 10 minutes. This means you can perform better than previous.

This model does not only do the job; it can keep the water hot for one hour. What else do you need? Two more things.

Kiri ensures directional spray with this head; you can clean yourself better than previous. The next one is an easy installation. No tools or plumber needed. 

Including the mentioned benefits, there is another unique feature that is noiseless. Conventional shower heads have slight noise. This one silently calms down. However, the flow restrictor could be better.


  • 40% water-saving opportunity.
  • Exceptionally low-flow showerhead.
  • The water flow is 1.5 gallons per minute.
  • Swivel joint technology for a powerful spray.
  • No leaks.
  • Anti-scald
  • Directional spray.
  • Chrome finished body.
  • Flow restrictor could be better.

4. Methven Aio Handheld Shower Head 

People talked much about it for the last three years. We went to cross-check it. Here is what we found.

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Most of the users praised their experience. It was like; Methven Aio is a warm water blanket. The shower evenly spreads on the body, though the water pressure is low. 

Yet you can feel the giant monsoon over your body. That’s not the end. The most controversial part is the material.

Some users said it’s cheap, but we cannot agree with them. The head is made of plastic, and the rest of the parts are metal. They are rust resistant. 

One of the reasons for using plastic heads is to avoid lime build-up( we guess). To give strong proof regarding the materials, we tested the product. We dropped it several times. No scratch! Still, it’s better to check. One more thing; Aio has a simple switch to change the stream. This one saves water wastage.


  • Chrome touch will give your shower a classy look.
  • Adjustable shower arm for the metal ring.
  • 25% extra powerful spray from traditional water.
  • Quick-fit connector for easy installation.
  • lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.
  • 20% better spray force.
  • Wide coverage.
  • Water efficient shower head.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • The water pressure is a bit low.

3. Methven Rua Shower Head 

Same as the previous one. Only three unique points make it better. Let’s start with water efficiency.

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Methven used their patented Aurajet technology. This one ensures 28% water safety with wide-body coverage.

So, how did they make sure? Let us define Aurajet technology; the shower head has three layers. Two of them are rubber; another one is plastic. 

Each of these layers has hidden nozzles. When the water drop comes out, the rubber nozzle softens the pressure. 

Next, the final layer; has a fan to spread the water equally by normalizing the heat. As a result, you enjoy a warm water blanket.

This warm blanket even meets the California energy commission guide. Relax! We have more things to come, starting with the installation. 

Experts call it hassle-free installation; just plug and play. They also talked about the design; Methven put an aesthetic look on this model. Your bathroom will reflect your personality. Above everything else, we did not like the center shower stream. It seems clumsy. Not a dealbreaker at all!


  • It comes with a complete installation package.
  • Compatible with California energy commission guidelines.
  • The showerhead has 1.8 gallons of water supply per minute.
  • Limescale-resistant technology is equipped in this showerhead.
  • 60-inch smooth shower hose.
  • Fast installation.
  • Saves 28% water bill.
  • Meets the California energy commission requirement
  • The center shower stream could be better.

2. Methven Kiri MKII Low Flow Wall Shower Head

We considered two major factors to make it first. The Satinjet technology; is so far the best invention. 

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What does it ensure? A luxurious shower experience with twin-jet technology. This technology combines water sizes and pressure equally.

Thus it results in a 300,0000 smooth droplet with minimum GPM. Your body will feel the warmth; no need to use hands to clean dirt. The water will do the job.

Now you might have questions about efficiency? That’s the second point. Methven reduces 50% electric bill by 50%. This means you don’t have to run the switch for hot water. 

Does it mean less water pressure? No! You can enjoy the best shower experience with 1.5 GPM. This pressure may be adjusted to a low water pressure area. Very good deal! Wait! Some people complained about the mist -it’s heavy. But we enjoyed it.


  • Fixed showerhead for the master bathroom.
  • It has 1.5 gallons per minute of water flow.
  • Soft spray settings for sensitive skins.
  • The showerhead reduces 55% electricity bills.
  • Saves the water bill.
  • Luxury shower experience.
  • Aesthetic design.
  • We don’t prefer it in low water pressure areas.

1. Methven Aio Wall Mount Short Adjustable Arm Shower Head

One of the major challenges for the showerhead manufacturer was: reducing the water bill without compromising the water pressure. 

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Methven has almost solved the puzzle. They are offering 2.5 gpm water with this showerhead. It does not increase the monthly bill.

The average bill percentage is only 3% high. We don’t think this ratio is a burden for this fixed gallon per minute.  

Why? Just look at the benefits. Your shower experience will be 25% better: because this wall mount showerhead sprays 25% faster than any other showerhead. 

Other than this, Methven offers all the regular features with this showerhead. Here is the detail in the feature.


  • Quick-fit connector for easy installation.
  • Widebody coverage.
  • Limescale resistance to avoid severe plumbing costs.
  • Spa mood is amazing for relaxing muscles.
  • Fewer water bills
  • Complete spa experience.
  • Easy to install.
  • Their waterproof seal could be better.

Buying Guide: 5 Proven Hacks

Thanks for your patience. You invested your time to read our reviews. Now it’s time to share some proven buying hacks. Following these may bring your home smile. Let’s start

Water pressure:

Better shower experience ensures through the water pressure. This should be around 1.5 to 2.5 GPM -preferable for conventional showerheads. 

For Methven, 1.5 to 1.8 GPM is good enough. You can cover your body with a warm water blanket. The shower nozzles are evenly placed for that. 

Health guide:

We mean skin protection. This is crucial; some showerheads are sensitive. In that case, there is a high chance of burning.

But Methven has no chance of skin damage. Their patented technology balances the heat for all ages. That is why people call it a “water blanket.” So, checking the health measure can help you to avoid risks.

Cost efficiency:

Some of the US states have water tax. It depends on your water consumption. For example, last year, California proposed a $140 million water tax. So, minimizing consumption can help the state to utilize in other sectors. 

Does it mean you should sacrifice your shower experience? Nope, Methven can provide your desired experience. Their products consume minimum water; even these are electric efficient.  


Methven products are made of high graded plastics and metals. Some of these materials are not satisfying; maybe it’s for the production fault. So, checking this will save you from a negative experience. 


An average showerhead replacement costs $75 to $150. This can be varied; during this covid-19, we are sure this can be a slight burden. But over everything, proper installation is essential.

Anyone can do it with Methven. Their shower head installation is like replacing a light bulb. So, check the fitting procedure.

Why Does Methven Have 10x Better Shower Experience?

We pointed out some major factors for that. Here are the factors:

  • Cost efficient: most of their shower head claims cost efficiency. They cut electric and water bills. Means a mental relief.
  • Shower nozzles: Methven is unlike conventional shower nozzles. These are evenly placed for proper flow. This is why it can cover the body.
  • Technologies: Satinjet, Aurajet, and Vjet are their patented technologies. These modern inventions ensure better spray transition; it also balances the water heat and pressure for your skin. 

These are the reasons for 10x better shower experience. We scrutinized customer experience before picking these. Wow! People are now conscious of many factors. Maybe this is why the world is seeing a healthy competition.  

Methvin Achievements:

We already said for how long Methven is ruling. Through this journey, they invented unique technologies. This work finally paid off. Here the last twelve years of achievements.

2008 to 2020:

Best product design word in New Zealand

2015 to 2016:

Methven won around 10 awards in the national and international arena. The UK, US, Germany, and Australia have awarded them for customer satisfaction, design, and more.

Same as 2016 and 2015, Methven ruled the world with their design and product quality in previous. And this list of achievements will go on. We just wanted to show credibility.  


Are there shower heads that increase water pressure?

There are shower heads to increase water pressure. A high-pressure showerhead can do this job. This can also be done by installing a compression chamber.

Are Handheld Shower Heads Interchangeable?

You can replace the handheld shower heads. There are tons of products that come with replacement guides. Just follow the instructions.

What are Handheld Shower Heads?

Handheld showerheads work two-ways. You can stand underneath the shower or grab that and use it for specific water therapy. 

What to look for when buying the best high-pressure shower head?

Experts suggest looking at the following things before buying the best high-pressure shower head.
Product materials.
Flow rate.
The pattern of spray.
Cost and energy efficiency.
Certificates form authority.

How do high-pressure showerheads work?

A high-pressure showerhead works either with adjustable settings or a pressure chamber. An adjustable chamber condenses the spray for the strongest shower. But the pressure chamber is different, it combines air and water pressure together for optimum water consumption.

How do we test shower heads?

We analyze reviews from real-time users. Then cross-check their experiences through our perspective. This way, we can filter the biased and unbiased reviews. Finally, we share our experiences with you. The total analysis takes a week to organize. Before that, we have to rely on real-time user reviews.

Which Methven model is the best?

Kiri is so far the best shower head model. Other models are also good. The reason for preferring this is for low water pressure areas. There is also another consideration for this model; Methven’s technology. Their patented technologies ensure wide-body spray with minimum water consumption.

Methven Shower Heads Comparison Table:


Methven Rua

Methven Aio

Methven Kiri

Methven Maku

Style: Fixed Shower Head Low Flow MKII

Style: Modern

Style:Handhed Shower Head

Style: Fixed Shower Head Low Flow

Style: Modern

Included Components:
Kiri MKII shower head

Included Components:
Shower head, metal hose, Adjustable Arm Mount

Included Components:
Head shower, Metal hose, Adjustable Shower Arm Mount

Included Components:
Shower head

Included Components:
Shower head

4.3 x 4.3 x 2.3 inches

9 x 6 x 3 inches

10 x 5 x 3 inches

6 x 2 x 5 inches

11.57 x 7.48 x 3.23 inches

Final words:

You have read our reviews, you have got your answer. Now it’s time to take your decision. Will you still rely on your conventional shower head? Don’t you want to save cash? Let us know which one you fixed from our best Methven shower head reviews. We are eagerly waiting for your valuable responses. Leave your best comment down below. Don’t forget to share this article with your friend. We will grow when we share the value with the closest one. Let’s grow together. Stay safe and maintain the covid-19 guideline before buying. 

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